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That quality in her also shined when she was pursuing me. She would be very blunt about it, saying something like, "I think we should go out on a date," after we finished up working on an asment together. At first, I begged off.

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Not that I didn't like her, or that she wasn't pretty. Quite that opposite, I did like her and she was very pretty. At that point, I had just gotten out of a long relationship, and I was not looking to get into another one so quickly. But she insisted. She kept pestering me, needling me, but in a gentle way.

When she'd help me with homework, she'd say, "I think you owe me a drink for that. She eventually wore me down.

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I gave in and took her out on a date, and the rest is history. She still had that persistence. It never went away. In twenty years of marriage, I had gotten used to it.

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And because of that, I could tell when she was fixating on something, not letting it go. And she trusted me enough to know that when I told her that she was getting carried away, she believed me. She was fixating on Buttholing. That much was obvious. She was fixating on the idea that Sabrina was guilty of this indecency, which she was, and she Incest text photos not letting it go. On one hand, this presented a way out. If she asked or demanded an answer from Sabrina about Buttholing, and she gave her the truth, then that could get Sabrina punished.

It might put a stop to her and this wicked game she was playing on me. But, God forbid, if Charlotte got her hands on Sabrina's cell phone, she might see concrete proof that our daughter Buttholed me. I trusted my daughter enough to delete the evidence of this indecency so as to not blow up my spot, but it would be a huge risk nonetheless. So, to protect myself in all this, I had to talk Charlotte down from the ledge.

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I had to convince her that she was fixating on something that wasn't true, even though I now knew it was. Sabrina was a Buttholing minx, but I had to keep her mother from looking around for evidence.

We've built a relationship based on trust. So, if we pester her for more, or break into her phone, that trust is gone. Sabrina's a smart young lady. If we can't trust her, and if we start questioning every little thing, then our relationship erodes. We need to believe in her. Even if she makes her own mistakes, we need to trust that she won't let things get too far.

Like I said, she's smart.

We need to trust her. But knowing what I know now made what I just said a lie. Sabrina was a smart girl, but she was willing to go a LOT farther than either of us could have ever imagined. I didn't know how to solve this problem yet, but getting Charlotte involved was not the answer. If she dug her heels into this, and started prying for answers, she would never let it go. I had to talk her down now, and figure out what to do on my own.

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That was my job. That was a father's job, to see and do things that were of most vital importance to his family, even if those things were very, uh Of course, this solution also kept up the possibility of me getting sent more Buttholing pictures. Charlotte's plan could put an end to it, but it could also blow up everything.

I would just have to keep looking at pictures of these girls' buttholes until I figured out a solution.

That wasn't my intent, honestly. It was the only hope of somehow returning my life to the status quo. I mean, I want to trust her.

But like I said, even smart girls make mistakes. I knew my wife, and I knew this solution was only temporary, but it silenced her objections for now. She turned away from me, putting her reading specs on the bedside table. And not long after, she was snoring.

Unfortunately for me, sleep wasn't coming so easily. All this talk of Buttholing had had its effect on me, making my cock as hard as concrete. All the images I had seen this day were flicking across my mind's eye. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I tried to get some rest, but my hard dick was keeping me bound to the realm of the conscious.

Finally, knowing that I had a long day at work tomorrow, I got up, grabbed my phone, and angrily marched to the ading bathroom, locking the door behind me. Okay, I had to get this whole thing out of my system now. Get all this weird energy out of me, indulge in it just this once and move on.

Take some pleasure in it, and then forget about it. Move on and let things get back to normal. So, trying to be as quiet as possible, I flipped on the light switch, moved towards the toilet, and scooped my swollen cock from my pajama pants.

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Grabbing some lotion and greasing up my pole, I grabbed my phone in my other hand and got to work. I knew this was fucked up, staring at pictures of my daughter's friends' buttholes and jacking off. I needed to get some sleep, and to do that, I needed to clear the sperm from my balls.

These pictures were the impetus of all this, and it would probably get the job done fastest. I had never fantasized about my daughter's friends.

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I was not gonna be that type of father. While I could objectively admit that they were all very attractive, I was not gonna even let myself go down that road in the slightest. So, this was a bit of a new experience, and unfortunately, I guess, due to the forbidden-ness and rawness of what they were putting me through, it felt very, VERY good. Within a minute, my cock had gotten harder than it had ever been, and it was thanks to these wicked girls.

As I flicked through the pictures, I imagined these girls right in front of me, posing in the Incest text photos way, exposing themselves for me, coaxing me into sin. Even if this was all some prank, if these photos were taken objectively, posed like this in front of me, it was clear these girls only wanted one thing.

A rough, thorough fucking, my cock up their ass. Something lustful and raw, something I had never done. An act that only existed in my deepest, darkest fantasies. It was something I never truly expected from any woman, and it was something I'd never ask for.

Charlotte had certainly never expressed anything resembling an interest in something like this.

But these girls did. They wanted it, and they were asking me for it, weren't they? Yeah, they wanted it rough and nasty, and they thought I could get the job done. With the state I was in, I could do them all right now and satisfy this wicked hunger. My mind flashed between them.

Cecilia, Devon, Skye.

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I did my best to avoid thinking about Sabrina during all this, as that felt like a line I wasn't willing to cross. But it came with great difficulty. As I flipped between the Buttholing pictures on my phone, I would accidently scroll past her photo, and it would send a bolt of wicked lust through me, even more than the other girls.

However, I did focus my fantasies on the other three.

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Cecilia, bent over in front me, confidently waiting for me to step up behind her and give her what she needed. Wipe that smirk off her face and make her moan in pleasure. Devon, her luscious body exposed for me, my hands pawing at those big tits of hers while I railed her tight ass.