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Specifically, what position if one is using a hairbrush.

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Anyone here who likes proper punishment, especially on the upper thighs. I remember that in history and in stories there are often scenes are described where the girls get their thighs caned. Unfortunately, it really stings and my girlfriend doesn't like it. Anyone have experiences with that kind of spanking?

I don't really mind if my thighs are made part of the spanking area. Although I do believe that the bottom was created for being spanked When my Dom has me over her knee and whipping me with a belt, she occassionally alternates between whipping my behind and the backs of my thighs. The thighs are much more sensitive and they're not my first choice for being spanked or whipped. At school we had one teacher who use the mercilessly tan our thighs.

Thigh punishment

Like hairbrushuk, we wore shorts and got it on the thighs as well. It was much worse than on the bottom, especially if the strap managed to find the inside of the thighs.

And of course you always got it again at home, just as hairbrushuk described. That was the worst part.

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Good comments all, I agree that anyone who wants to cane their partners thighs need to try it first themselves As oldtimer says a school spanking always meant another at home. Of course, there was plenty of teasing about that on the way home from school. The backs of thighs and the inside thighs are prime areas for a good discipliner. And yes I've endured the thigh caning from the past and understand just how the impact works.

But as I have always preached. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. So use one without the other.

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I think a real satisfying spanking is primarily on the butt, but also includes the upper thighs, just below the butt. A riding crop is very effective used on the upper, inner thigh. Less painful than a cane and doesn't leave heavy marks or welts. I'm a hairbrush on the butt kind of a guy, but a riding crop will do magically delicious things to the upper and inner thighs inner thighs are made for riding crops!

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I can't manage canes, Inner thigh spanking hand, belt, wooden spoons, crop have been used ummmm I can only manage a bare hand on the inside of my thighs. He uses an implement on the inside to make me say red. He knows how I hate to say red smdh. And yes. I typically wear marks. My inner thighs have been spanked with a short strap. I had to count out six on each inner thigh. No brusing, but I remembered it for a long time. Well ive had it done and the upper thighs are extremely sensitive. I never felt anything worse. My body was shaking and I was crying but that's why they call it a sound punishment.

Sometimes it's absolutely necessary. The upper thighs are the 'turn off switch' for my enjoyment. For me, the 'sweet spot' is just at the crease that marks the division between the buttocks and the upper thighs I don't like getting my thighs punished, but I sure do get it though if I've crossed the line. My wife realised a good while ago that no matter how hard she hit my bottom I would at some point get turned on and want more. This was fine for my maintenance spankings, but irritated her to say the least when she wanted to actually punish me.

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When she found out that she could make me howl if she aimed at my thighs, that was it I've been getting it there ever since. The main target zone is the inner thigh, she uses a strap or tawse, and the pain is indescribable when the strokes are laid on hard. The bruises can last for two weeks, so if I earn a punishment in between times and there are Inner thigh spanking marks from last time she switches to either the backs of my thighs, or the front, which pretty much hurt in equal measure, but the after effects linger much longer if she whacks me on the back of my thighs, as the pressure and rubbing when sitting and moving is very uncomfortable.

She keeps telling me that at some point she will use the cane on my inner thighs. I am dreading this, it is bad enough with a broad strap, excruciating with the thin tails of a tawse I'm very interested in giving my wife a thigh spanking.

She's quite use to conventional spanking, paddling and whipping on her ass. Would love to hear suggestions and ideas from those more experienced in dealing with inner thigh spanking though.

My foster mom used to do that when I was a teenager I think it was because it was easier not having to pull my panties down, although she did that plenty of times, too. But with 'switches" she could do the front thigs and even back of the legs, and not only did it hurt like hell, it also left marks which were more evident at the hemline of my skirts sometimes. For any firm discipline especially using the cane or a heavy strap I almost invariably confine my strokes to the buttocks-- though the final stroke of a severe caning may often be applied to that sensitive point where the buttocks begin to curve out from the thighs.

As a recipient the same rule applies-- though I make an exception for the crop-- the sensation on the backs of the thighs is intense guaranteed to elcit a yelp with every stroke but very arousing. And it does leave delicious marks. When I play with my girlfriends and we are using martinets or light soft floggers, then the backs of the thighs and the insides of the thighs are very much on the menu One of my regular subs - a lovely chinese woman - hates having her pussy exposed when being prepped for OTK so tries to cover it - for which she gets her thighs spanked front and back until she Inner thigh spanking.

Equally when OTK she hates having to spread her legs and be so exposed - especially when I check to see if she is getting aroused - so tends to cross her legs. When caning her over a pile of pillows I often cane softly from just above the knee moving gradually up to her bottom - increasing the intensity as I approach the sit spot and finishing with a hard stroke on her bottom. Inner thigh spanking am well aware of how painful thigh caning can be and yet her tolerance obviously increases over time so can result in light bruising from knees up to the more serious stripes on her lovely bottom.

Agree too with crop especially in diaper position where flicks with the leather tip can be very scary yet not cause damage. We love a thigh fry. My wife came up with the idea a decade or so.

She saw a wood batten think long ruler and wondered how it would feel. After some experimentation she decided she liked it on her inner thigh's. She says the tingle goes right to her kitty. She likes about a dozen or so moderate licks. I always give her kitty some light taps which drives her over the top. The red lines remain for several hours. I like it on both front and back of my thigh's. We normally sit on the couch side by side and she smacks my legs. After licks, I stand and bend over for the same treatment on the back of my legs.

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Each lick feels like an electric shock. I love it. I am hot and stinging when it's over.

Then it's time for a paddling. A thigh fry and paddling are like a double session.

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My Mom's method was get me bare legged, hold one arm and let the switch land on whatever part of my legs I twisted myself into. They are heavier than the old wood ones and the thinner ends are good for stinging and the heavier ends are good for a real beating! It's a good idea Inner thigh spanking use sandpaper on the sides so the edges don't cut the skin. When I get paddled I know the best place to land the most effective swats is the lower part of the bottom, so I wouldn't mind for at least one hard swat to be on the lowest part of the bottom and top of the back of the thigh.

Historically, thighs were caned so that the miscreant could keep private parts completely covered. Notwithstanding, the thighs are nearly as sensitive as the bottom, and, in fact, share nerve paths with erogenous zones. Thigh-punishment, particularly when a cane is involved, should be avoided if you don't want others to know you are receiving corporal punishment.

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