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Inutaisho and kagome mate


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You didn't have to wait long for such an extra LONG chapter, even longer than the last! Thanks everyone for your reviews. Had it been Sesshoumaru? Or was it…. Kagome sat in their new little clearing, as the yellow and white wild flowers that littered the area gave off a wonderful scent which she inhaled greedily. It seemed to calm her nerves.

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I am looking for a fic set in an alternate universe where Kagome meets and befriend InuYasha in highschool, meets and befriends his family InuTaisho and Sesshomaru and eventually mates all three of them At once. Really smutty.

Anyone remember this one? Misaki Pup. I'm not sure though.

I remember this one but for the life of me can't find the name! In it does she go to each inu's room and leave her scent on their beds then she waits for them in the living room.

When they get home they each find her scent on their beds and run downstairs all having red eyes and notice her on the couch and of course you can figure out the rest from there? I'll keep looking I think I found it: All For One and One For All by TheMadKatter13 Sometimes, when desire is so great that it turns into need, you just have to go all in, and ignore your fear of the consequences of your actions.

Rated M on FF. Yup that's the one I was thinking of Aijo!

Hope this is the one you were looking for FaeHime? That's IT! Thanks Aijo and Mango! Thanks for your help too Misaki! Ya'll ROCK!

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