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Some of the authors of these stories are on tumblr too, if you want to check them out and send them some love, the users are here:. Oh, and speaking as someone who writes, it would be really cool if you guys leave a review or a comment, if the story is in AO3 in the stories you really liked, especially the unfinished ones.

It really motivates the authors, and receiving a compliment is always a mood lifter. And hey, if you want to recommend me some fics please feel free to do so! I hope this post was useful to you!! I love me some Zeppelin and Unicorns.

Debbiejw — jackie x hyde fanfic masterlist

She is my favorite writer on Ao3 and I adore her positive comments. You should check her out. Hyde is stunned when he finds out Jackie and Eric no longer hate each other, and he finds he hates the idea of her having a soft place to land that is not him. What he hates even more is the idea that Eric is protecting Jackie from him. Hyde spends a hellish 24 hours after Jackie yells Get off My Boyfriend. He is forced to deal with his own feelings, and worse….

As Hyde works to rebuild his relationship with Jackie, he will face several obstacles.

He must deal with the fall out of his decisions and the truth coming out. Kelso and Hyde both wrestle with demons in the middle night.

Both haunted by mistakes that lost them the woman they loved. Okay…… so here is the next unedited section of this in progress story. This is going to be the first story that post in full on Ao3. I usually post as the chapters come to me. I am having a hard time concentrating on Broken Doll and Love. Story because of When Did This Happen? Rough draft. Zero read over…. This is just a glimpse. Whatever you want has to wait.

Jackie is sick, and I need to take care of her, so I need you to go. As soon as Hyde heard migraine, he stepped around Eric, opened the door, and walked into the apartment he had wanted to avoid without hesitation. He strode towards the kitchen, flipped the sink on, and started pulling drawers open as quiet as he could. He found the one with washrags in it.

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He put in under the warm water, soaked the rag, wrung in out, and was heading towards what he pd were the bedrooms, before Eric could react. Eric watched him head to the bedrooms with confidence, it was like he instinctively knew where Jackie was. He was both puzzled and irritated at the same time. Eric had never seen Hyde so motivated about anything and he hated that it had to do with Jackie. Hyde picked the room with the closed door. He pushed it opened to find his Doll, curled up in pain with a pillow press on her head.

He quietly walked to the bed, sat down as gently he could, took the pillow off her head, and immediately put the warm cloth on her neck. In that moment, everything was forgotten.

His chick was hurting and he had to fix it. I know. Have you taken your migraine meds? Eric observed Jackie shake her slightly no. Hyde pulled out the drawer to find her bottle almost full. He wanted to grab her and shake her. She was supposed to take them regularly or she ended up like this.

A wave of guilt overcame. God he was such an asshole. He had driven her to this.

He knew better than anyone that a stressed, tired, and broken hearted Jackie stopped taking care of herself. This is what had happened when her mom left, the nurse, and when they had broken up.

He grabbed the bottle, opened it up, shook out a pill and scooped the glass of water on the nightstand. He pulled her up. She was limp like a rag doll. Eric watched him get her to take the pill. Hyde turned towards him and asked. She needs it super dark and quiet. He had never seen his friend be so gentle and loving. It occurred to him that he had never bothered to ever take the time to watch Hyde and Jackie together. He had always just pushed them aside as creepy and unnatural.

He had always been too wrapped up in him and Donna to take the time to see how his best friend and the woman he called the devil were together, but there was not blocking it out now. He was hypnotized by the way he was softly brushing her hair with hand, and rubbing her neck and head.

Hyde scooped her up, and Jackie tuck herself into like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Eric supposed it was too her. Out of it. He followed dumbly to his own room, but stayed out at the door. He watched Hyde place her in his bed, tuck her in, and softly run his hand one more time over her hair. Eric stepped back as Hyde stood from the bed, and walked to the door. He stepped out. Sound hurts her head. The two best friends stared at each other, neither knowing what to say.

Hyde tried to be aloof in his answer, but he knew exactly what Forman was asking. Eric rolled his eyes… Hyde could be such a pain in the ass.

Long live the queen — hyde/jackie fanfic recommendations masterpost

The wash cloth. Her pills. You not being a dick to Jackie.

What was that? Hyde felt a snarl his stomach.

It pissed him off that Eric would be stunned he took care of Jackie, but he also knew that was his own fault. He decide to just go with facts. They hurt her stomach. She needs quiet. She needs dark, and rubbing her neck with a warm wash cloth helps. I guess this is her first since she lived here. We can talk later. She has to eat. Make her eggs and toast. She will eat that. Make her take a shower, and then put her back to bed.

Forman listened stunned. It was obvious taking care of Jackie in this state was something Hyde understood and had done many times.

He easily comprehend that Hyde was uncomfortable sharing this with him, and he tried to mend a fence. Hyde merely nodded, turned and walked towards the door. He stopped before pulling it open.

New installment of that ‘70s show fanfiction- stocking stuffers

Eric could hear the hurt. He could identify the love an anguish in those five words. All he could say was. He watched Hyde tense,pull the door open, and then he was gone. Leaving him, to wonder what the hell he was going to do. I was hoping you could help, I'm trying to find an AU where Donna's a waitress finishing law school in DC and Josh meets her at the restaurant?

He's got a habit of taking up a table at weird times to work and hasn't noticed her.