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So I decided to assemble a nice, mostly fluffy collection of b99 stories centered around Jake and Amy I very much enjoy :. Sooo… this is a fic rec of quite respectable size, huh? Let me know! Takes place very shortly before 2x21, Det. Dave Majors. So great!

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Years of rejection; from the revolving doors made up of fathers, step-fathers and short-lived relationships, had led to the once quiet inner voices growing louder - reminding him every chance they could that any state of legitimate happiness simply was not meant for him. Still, the feeling of holding his wife in his arms, while their baby stayed nestled in-between them, was something that Jake will hold onto forever.

He can still recall the moment it had all changed for the better - when Amy had turned to him with the brightest smile he had ever seen, and nodded her head. His eyes had kept darting from left to right, his brain frantically trying to reassure himself that he was, in fact, reading it all correctly. That the love of his life was carrying his child, and the world as he knew it was never going to be the same again.

Jake and amy fanfiction protective

Every part of his life involved filling out some sort of paperwork or prior approval or whatever - it was a reality that he merely tolerated, but Amy adored. But, in the blink of an eye and a round of admittedly great sexJake Peralta was going to be a father.

He had known, in approximately 0.

That he will fight for her safety and security, with every fibre of his being, until the very last day of his life. Hearing a soft grunt to his left, Jake turns his head in time to see Amy wriggling through the window frame, the swell of her belly turning what used to be an easy move into something that requires a little more finesse. Grinning, Jake leans against the balustrade of their makeshift balcony, ignoring the gentle dig of the metal against his skin.

Raising an eyebrow, Amy shakes her head in response.

She tells him a lot - even more so since falling pregnant, a side effect that has been hated by absolutely no-one - and every time feels better than the last. Bruce Willis himself could knock on the door, and Jake would tell him that he needed to come back tomorrow please, pleaseplease - come back tomorrow. Literally everything he needed, for the rest of his life, was right here in his arms. Okay yes, technically he would eventually need orange soda and gummy worms and maybe some water if Amy insisted.

There were countless books and testimonials that told them to get as much sleep as they could, because once the baby came sleep would become a long-lost memory, and Jake could tell that Amy was secretly dying to curl up into bed. Baby-growing, it would seem, was a highly exhaustive task - and in all honesty the idea of curling up underneath the blanket with her for the rest of the evening sounded kind of amazing. Now completely awake, Amy moves closer still to Jake, standing in front of him and gripping his forearms in her hands when they wrap around her clavicle.

Shifting her head to the side, Amy looks at Jake in confusion, pointing downwards. Amy laughs, her nose crinkling up in that completely adorable way that Jake absolutely loves, shaking her head as her fingers link with his on either side of her bump. But I love you so much for thinking of her right now. He wants it on hats, and shirts, on socks and a keyring and everywhere in between - because when it came to Jake and fatherhood, there was not a chance in hell that history was going to end up repeating.

Briefly, he remembers that he meant to get his hair cut two weeks ago. Taking a deep breath, Jake smiles and nods, waiting until Amy has turned to face him completely before tucking a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. Amy nods back, giggling as Jake swoops in for a kiss. He knows now that it was worth it - all of it was worth it - because truly, the best was yet to come. Hey there storyinmyeyes!

Which, okay, she might have been right on that, but also - it worked, and he got the perp, so … what did it matter? His eyes had followed her figure as she reached the doorway to their C. Her perfectly shaped, obviously toned ass. Being raised by a single mother, Jake had long since learnt the importance of not objectifying women, and so he had immediately diverted his attention back to his computer screen.

He could not stop, however, that solitary thought that kept creeping back into his mind. That despite how much she frustrated him, Amy genuinely did have a great butt.

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And that Gina was completely wrong about the pantsuits. They were actually … kinda hot. And then she storms back into the bullpen, their captain in tow, and he braces himself for another half-hearted lecture. The satisfied smirk on her face is surprisingly less irritating than he thought it would be and, looking back on it all a few years later, Jake realised that this was one of the many little moments that slowly grew into a gigantic crush on his partner.

Keep reading.

A surprise little update to my longest and nearly oldest fic - an AU called Brooklyn, in celebration of my 1 year writing anniversary. Jake taps his hand impatiently against the thin plastic armrest of his airplane seat, narrowing his eyes onto the screen in front of him in a desperate attempt to keep himself distracted. It would appear that not even Die Hard, his favourite Christmas movie ever, could stop him from wishing that this plane would just hurry up and land.

An elusive robber by the name of Dixon - whom Jake had caught two years prior, but thanks to a greasy lawyer had managed to walk away uncharged - had resurfaced in Wisconsin of all places, and their fellow members of the force were determined not to let him get away this time.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Things had gone relatively well, with the quick thinking of the combined detectives, Dixon had been captured and charged within five days of Jake arriving. And then the airline that Jake had been booked on to travel home went on strike. And, being Christmas Eve, all other flights were completely full. It had been a carefully curated form, with possible locations itemised in order of preference the local park rated higher than their backyard, the planetarium superseded the park ; followed by a hopeful guest list - her already neat handwriting deliberately ranking her classmates from Most Likely to be invited Katrina M to Least Kyle D.

Her parents had been impressed by the work that had gone into it, and that year began her eleven year streak of amazing birthdays surrounded by the universe and the closest of her friends. It also taught her that preparation led toand by the time she was eight Amy had already begun to map out her weeks well in advance.

She had favourite markers, and a colour-coded system for specific events; and as the years wore on and her preferences changed, one simple truth remained: preparation and planning was everything, and hard work always pays off. Also now on AO3! I heard enough. Taking in a deep breath, he tries to regulate his thoughts before letting his hand slide further down.

If anything, as his hand slides down towards his neck and Jake looks over at his wife, the feeling was only getting worse. She has the decency to look morose as she watches him react to her news, eyebrows knitting together to form that are you okay expression that has pulled so many confessions out of him in the past. Her eyes and wide and sincere, and he knows - he knows - that she never intended to hurt him.

Oh, mama — i love your precious heart

Your wish is my command, anon! Now, his lips were hot against hers, persistent with passion and filled with the promise of oh, so much more. The only real downside had been when the Jake and amy fanfiction decided to call their bluff on their pointed service weapons, making a run for it and forcing the detectives to chase him through the dimly lit park. In a show of skills that only someone like he could possess, Jake had managed to take what he thought was a shortcut - but was actually a pathway into a shallow pond in the middle of it all - and landed face-first into the water with a pathetic yelp and a splash.

Big thanks to jakewithglasses for the idea! With a tiny smile of triumph creeping onto her face, Amy fills in the blank squares of the crossword in. A person who collects or has a great love of books: bibliophile. From beside her, she hears the familiar sound of a being turned, thumb scraping along the parchment before settling into place in the middle, and she turns towards the noise, smile growing wider as she takes in the sight of Jake in bed beside her, completely engrossed in the next Harry Potter book.

Moving through this world as a two-man team

She had been so completely thrilled a few weeks ago when he told her that he had been reading them - even more so, that he had been reading them purely because she loved them so much. He was her most treasured person in the entire world, with the most incredible soul, and the fact that he was so willingly expanding his limited literary repertoire to include her favourite collection was enough to make her heart cry a little. But that afternoon locked him into place, forever and ever.

Hi there, callginalinetti! He had been up since the early hours, chasing a lead on a case that had nearly driven himself and his partner Charles to the point of insanity. Their perp kept leaving obscure clues around the city, sending the two of them on a wild goose chase.

They had travelled uptown, downtown, midtown, even underground before finally catching him in the act in a bodega three blocks from where it all began. Waiting for the subway and choosing a quieter, less populated carriage, Jake drops into the first seat he saw, muscles beginning to throb as he finally gives in to the cries for rest they had been making all day. It was a twelve minute ride to his stop, but he has a feeling it was going to feel much longer.

Eager to switch his brain off for a moment, he pulls out his phone, opening up Kwazy Kupcakes and getting to work. He was one level from beating Gina, and he would be damned if he was going to let the opportunity to beat her slip. He looks up from his phone, throwing his head back and groaning in frustration as the familiar half-lights of a broken subway flicker on.

A garbled message that only native New Yorkers could possibly understand cuts through the carriage, confirming his worst fears.

It was official. He was going nowhere, fast. Posts ask away! Submit a post Archive. Chapter Sixteen: All I Want For Christmas Is You ao3 Jake taps his hand impatiently against the thin plastic armrest of his airplane seat, narrowing his eyes onto the screen in front of him in a desperate attempt to keep himself distracted. Anonymous asked: 28 from the Fictober prompts!

I absolutely adore your fics! Anonymous asked: Hey renee! Can you write a fic about what happens after Jake And Amy come home from Shaws? This one is NSFW, boys and girls!