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This story from janus has been read 1 0 5 6 0 times. Building her up fast Written by janusongenre threesome The sole young female apprentice on a high rise construction site is boned by two tilers in an unfinished apartment Tony was not your average sparkie. Workmates were impressed by where their small colleague could squeeze their slender arm and thin fingers to pull those frickin short wires through the bloody small holes the drillers left in the concrete slabs behind the plaster sheets; several storeys up, for the electrical sub contracted team to wire.

Tony liked the electrical trade and was good at it. Antonia by birth, Tony to her male workmates; she was the only female on the building site. And young to boot, just having turned eighteen and getting on with life. A sparkie by trade but a true live wire in bed: when she could get it. Teams of electricians, plumbers, tilers and painters; were busy today on the seventh floor of the new inner city apartment complex. This luxury complex was being built up fast. Circuits, fuse boxes, breakers, wired smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers, plus checking the whole floors backup systems.

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The work was demanding and subject to endless safety checklists. Compliance is everything on a construction site. Tony looked like one of the guys in her hard hat and Blundstone boots. Bullshit she did. The guys on her team always liked giving her the low and high wiring jobs for a reason. Her cupid cupcakes were startlingly obvious; either front or side on.

She was no flat chested tomboy playing with fuses. However: what set Tony apart today was her company short sleeved work shirt.

It was a stinker of an afternoon. It was stifling hot, no breeze, and forty Celsius in the shade, as the radio kept repeating between the background music. It was still and windless, no breeze yet off the harbour and no cooler several storeys up than it was at street level. It was probably worse; as it was dusty and good ventilation was at a premium.

However; most annoyingly clammy and starting to get chaffy was the sticky moisture around her friggin bra cups and building up between her ample melons and even worse the sweat in her somewhat loose white cotton undies. Fuck that last pair in the draw and her old panties were creeping into her arse crack a bit too, getting itchy sticky and needing to be straightened before her ring got wedgied and sore.

Old undies attempting to be a g string at work: Ouch and not practical. The construction guys had all the advantages here. They were down to their shorts and the pricks were pouring water over their bare chests and backs to get that extra bit of coolness. They looked more than okay coping with the heat. The odd great six pack and shapely pecs. Apart from work and heat, they knew a few cold beers would be their reward, in a couple of hours; at knock off time.

Tony really needed her irritating Janus erotic stories off. It was now bloody uncomfortable. Her panties needed some air flapping through them too. Screw loose elastic panties and the combination of her freshly shaved coochie from last night because it meant her sensitive creased slit mound skin was about to enter rash territory. This was not what a girl wants Friday night after a hard weeks work.

Tony felt she could get lucky at the pub tonight. She had her eye on a plumber; Shane. However; she could feel the redness without seeing it, the skin irritation developing along her panty line. Shit this was heading from bad to worse by the loose panty minute. Also her long brunette hair which was netted under her hard hat needed a temporary release.

Building her up fast

And by god, her toes needed a wriggle, free from her moisture laden; heavy boots. First problem for Tony; was the portaloos were two floors down the stairs; the friggin lifts were being tested for compliance at the moment. Not an attractive locale for undressing anyway. Tony thought she might risk nipping into an empty room and stripping off but there were guys everywhere; painters, her electrical team, plumbers installing pipes, tile layers: this floor was infiltrated with guys.

The bastards seemingly focussed on their current task, would hone with pecker radar, the minute, she tried to demurely or brazenly address her sweat problem. Bugger it; Tony decided to try and find a room not occupied, not yet started on, maybe along the end of the floor, they were currently all working on. There were few doors on any apartments or rooms yet, so Tony side stepped into the entry space of what would be the corner, three bed roomed, harbour view, luxury piece of real-estate. All these developing apartments had slight variations to a plan, given the shape of the building and outlooks with or without harbour view balconies.

It took a minute to find a smaller room, a bathroom; she could tell by the shower recess space, the basic toilet bowl; the partially started tiling and plumbing fixtures already in place.

No time to be fussy, this would have to do. She took off her hard hat and net, which released her free flowing brunette hair. My that felt better and then eased off her heavy steel capped boots and dark thick socks giving her toes a flex.

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Tony then got her work shirt off and flapped it around. She needed more relief. She got her bra off next, very quickly. And she then fluttered her shirt, fanning her over heated chest muffins into some degree of cooled respite composure. There is a total feeling of bodily freedom for a woman when their breasts are released from a sweaty bra. Tony cupped her two buddies and lifted and separated them.

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God did they appreciate the release and the firm rising from their wet clammy stricture. Even the muggy warmth of the small room was cooler than a tight, sweaty bra. She used her shirt to dry the space between her twin love puppies. It was all practical. There was nothing erotic happening here. Her coochie however, was demanding a fast release from those goddamn loose undies. They were destined for the bin tonight; how dare they spread a rash on her softest most special skin. Christ her arse crack was uncomfortable too. Those useless panties were grafting themselves deep in her personal ravine.

She would have to shop for new underwear after work today. Wow did that feel better.

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Tony was fully naked. Her shorts and daggy underwear crumpled on the partially tiled floor. Her shirt quickly fanning between her immodest wide open legs. She finally understood why the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra had those poor fanning slaves. She could have done with a personal fanner or two right now. She had the naught thought: a fanny fanner and smirked to herself.

Tony felt much better after two or three minutes. Her bra and panties had less moisture already and her shirt had done a terrific job cooling her body. She really should have dressed quickly and got back to work. She knew she had been careful and chosen an isolated room, but your luck can only hold for so long; with guys busy everywhere.

She felt sure she could risk one more minute as she had to check the rash damage forming below. After all; Tony was a young woman and Shane was in her sights for later tonight. She had no intention of presenting scarlet between her legs when it counted. Her camel toe cleft flesh was slightly chaffed, closing in on an embarrassing case of pubic mound sunburn.

She was giving her between the thighs nether region her full focussed scrutiny. Here was a young woman assuaging her pussy with her own natural moisture, a good dribbly wad of spit. This was emergency pussy moisturizer. Our lass was trying to salvage her look for tonight. The two tilers coming back to finish the bathroom thought Tony was looking fucking good.

Glistening shaved camel toe in your face. It was hard for the guys to get beyond her beckoning exposed parted camel toe. This girl actually had great tits too. What the fuck she was doing and why?