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The following story depicts abusive behavior.

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Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further. This was originally a story about Anna Kornikova the tennis player. I just changed the name to make it relevant today lol. So if you feel you have read this before, this is why. This is of course total BS and a Fantasy.

It never happened!! Jessica Nigri had a potential big television advert coming up. However, she was up against her big rival Oktokuro so she had to make a big impression to sell herself to the producers. The advert was for a corporate look. She knew she had to look her best on this day.

Jessica headed quickly for the bathroom. Ten minutes later she had dried and was going through her closet looking for a "nice outfit". Jessica started with a matching white push up bra and panty set. The bra gave Jessica a fantastic cleavage and the panties were a very brief thong variety. Over the bra Jessica put on a figure hugging white blouse. Jessica finished with her blue business suit and four inch red heels.

The skirt was short and came to mid thigh and the jacket was cut to her waist. Jessica's bust put quite a strain on the jacket's buttons.

The over all effect was that of business attire but very sexy business attire. Jessica arrived at the producer's office.

There she was met by Duncan, the producer and Marcus his assistant. The meeting went well but Jessica still felt that something was missing. Duncan had already explained to Jessica that the financial aspects of the deal were not a concern.

This bit of information confirmed the suspicions Jessica had about this deal. She recalled the looks she received from the two. Jessica knew what was at stake and what was necessary to close the deal. Further, she was also willing to do anything to beat out Oktokuro in anything. Jessica asked, "What have I missed? Are you sure there isn't something I can do to help you make your decision? Innocent but seductive at the same time.

He also noticed that several buttons on Jessica's blouse were now undone displaying a heavenly cleavage. Jessica uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again allowing her short skirt to ride up. She smiled as she played with the next buttoned button on her blouse and said, "The financial terms are very generous Duncan.

You can count on me to do whatever is necessary to make the advert a success. Duncan said, "I'm very glad to hear that Jessica. Jessica stood up in front of the two men and removed her blouse. The two men sighed at the site of her fabulous bust now only covered by her lacy bra.

With only a small pause, Jessica began to slowly lower her short skirt. Duncan and Marcus took the opportunity to remove there cocks from their pants while Jessica did her strip tease. When Jessica caught site of the two large specimens of cock flesh her passions ignited. She felt her nipples stiffening and poke into the bra. Jessica swooned and began to rub her very wet mound through her thong panties. She could think of nothing more that those two big cocks and her very wet cunt. Duncan stroked his big cock as he watched the sexy woman rubbing herself before him.

Jessica couldn't take her eyes off Duncan's eight inch pole. Slowly she moved closer to Duncan until she stood over him. The next thing Jessica knew, her hand was filled with the hot stiffness of Duncan's prick.

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Why don't you rub it for me? You slut! And then Jessica started doing it Her pussy was very wet, throbbing so hornily in her panties that she could hardly think straight. Jessica stared at his prick, grimacing as she whipped her right hand up and down the cock stalk as fast as she could.

Jessica looked Duncan right in the eye as she rubbed her own cunt. Jessica broke eye contact and looked down between her heaving tits to her mound. Her white panties were soaked through with her cunt juices. Slowly, Jessica pulled aside the panties covering her cunt showing the men what was underneath, her cunt fur wet and stuck to her skin.

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She used her fingers to open up her slick opening so that both men could see just how hot and juicy she was. Her cunt juices were smeared down the inside of her thighs. As Duncan watched the wonderful sight he noticed that Jessica was getting closer and closer.

Soon her slick opening hovered over his very hard cock but only for an instant.

A second later Jessica had impaled herself on the shaft. It slid into her hot, tight wet, buttery hole with no effort at all. Her reward was an instant fiery burst of sensations that consumed her. Jessica's orgasm was one of the largest that she could remember when she could remember again. Duncan held on tight as she shook and vibrated from her head down to her toes. Jessica began to frantically bounce up and down on Duncan's cock. She made grunting noises with each plunge. Duncan reached around and unhooked Jessica's bra.

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She pulled it the rest of the way off allowing her tits to escape. Her nipples were rock hard as Jessica pulled Duncan's head into her bosom and smothered him as she pumped up and down on his shaft.

Duncan had remarkable staying power considering the treatment he was getting from the sexy overheated woman. Two minutes later Jessica was again climaxing. She screamed, "God, it feeeeeellllss ssoooo gggoooooddd, fuck my slut pussy!! Marcus got off the sofa to give the couple more room. He sat in the chair and watched as Duncan removed Jessica's panties which stuck to her crotch momentarily as she was so wet and then pulled her pussy over his mouth. He had to taste what had been giving off that wonderful aroma.

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Jessica's sex was covered with the juices of two orgasms. Jessica moaned loudly as his tongue began to work on her clit. Lick it.