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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. A YouTuber known for his attention-grabbing 'social experiments' usually earns a mixed bag of comments on his videos, but none have been more heated than those for his most recent clip. Joey Sal22, upset more than a few of his one million-plus subscribers when he ed his latest video last week, which sees him putting on a dress and claiming to be transgender. The New Yorker then follows women into women's restrooms in an effort to prove that 'most women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a trans person'. Warning: The year-old insisted several times that he wasn't trying to be offensive, but maybe people found him so anyway.

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Sal, who declined to provide his legal name for privacy reasons, wanted to test how women react to seeing a visibly transgender woman in a public bathroom.

Debunked: joeysal’ transgender bathroom hoax

He quickly researched gender identity online and chatted with two friends who he says represent opposite sides of the argument. Then Sal, 22, donned a dress, purse and blonde wig, and let the cameras roll as he followed women into a public bathroom in a north Hollywood apartment complex. The video, released on Monday, has since been watched more than one million times. Though the camera remains outside of the bathroom during filming, women can be heard shouting their disbelief and disapproval.

Their comments may seem scripted or rehearsed, but Sal says they are spontaneous. He believes the video appeals to people with different political views. Conservatives, he says, can cite the women's outrage as proof of why so-called bathroom bills like the one recently passed in North Carolina are necessary. To transgender people, the video could Joey salads transgender evidence of intolerance. As the battle over transgender rights ripples across the U.

Yet, some of these messages, transgender advocates say, play into dangerous stereotypes of trans people as confused, inauthentic and untrustworthy.

On Tuesday, former pitcher and ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling received considerable backlash when he shared an anti-trans meme on his Facebook. The image itself appears to have originated from the meme collection known as People of Walmart and it's not clear whether the person in it identifies as transgender, but the post has been shared more than 1, times.

While no one expects a meme to convey nuance or spare ridicule, they can blithely inflict pain on unwitting subjects. The meme, "Meth Curry," contrasted Mitchell's frail face with Curry's image.

In an Instagram responseMitchell said he'd struggled for years with how cancer treatment had affected his appearance. Kasey Suffredini, chief program officer for the non-discrimination campaign Freedom for All Americans, says anti-trans memes have the potential to expose transgender people to harm.

That might be especially true for trans women who are not interested in physical or surgical alterations to make them imperceptible to strangers, or do not possess the financial and medical resources to change their appearance so fundamentally. So what?


They are just as worthy of dignity and fairness and equality as anyone else. Transgender people have created their own viral content in response to the North Carolina legislation. Some trans men have tweeted selfies trying to highlight the absurdity of being forced to use the women's restroom.

The hashtag wejustneedtopee continues to collect emotional first-person s from transgender people about the travails of bathroom access. One trans man even created business cards to distribute in the women's restroom, acknowledging a mutual discomfort and urging the recipient to contact their legislator about the bill.

The digital LGBT community Moovz recently released a video that portrayed what it's like for transgender people to use the wrong bathroom; it's been watched more than one million times. Suffredini knows some of the improvisational tactics on social media might not be effective or well-received with people who aren't already allies, but he thinks it's important to see a range of responses from the transgender community — from emotional to logical to humorous.

While transgender people seek full recognition of their identity in politics and the digital public square, opponents of transgender acceptance have focused on their perception of gender identity as a fallacy.

How 'bathroom bills' started an online war over transgender rights

In January, the Republican National Committee issued a formal resolution that argued against protecting transgender students from discrimination or exclusion, and instead urged legislators to pass bills that explicitly prevent them from using restrooms, locker rooms and other similar facilities that correspond to their gender identity. This kind of rigidity, says Dan Karasic, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Joey salads transgender, San Francisco, isn't the view of mainstream medical and scientific opinion.

Expressing a gender identity that does not match one's sex at birth, he adds, is "part of human diversity" and not itself considered a mental health condition. Yet the belief that gender identity is a joke, whim or mental illness is a defining characteristic of digital content produced by opponents of transgender acceptance. The video that inspired Joey Sal to perform his "social experiment" was made by Paul Joseph Watson, a self-described "contrarian polemicist" who likens transgender identity to a "fringe lifestyle choice. With the same cadence of a classic John Oliver takedown, Watson says the North Carolina bill won't matter to "transgender men who actually make the effort to look like women.

Earlier this month, a viral post on conservative website The Blaze referred to transgender people in quotes and argued that the solution is for transgender women to "take off the girl costume. Sal acknowledges in his video that simply putting on a dress and a wig isn't the full representation of what it means to be trans, but defends the "transformation" by saying others will perceive him to be transgender.

The women, though, might have viewed him as cross-dressing, a term typically used to describe heterosexual men who wear women's clothes but don't identify as transgender. Sal, who felt uncomfortable in the outfit and stopped filming after capturing five reactions, says some people don't know the difference. The resulting stunt, says Karasic, isn't an even-handed approach to a stereotype but instead "reenacting the nightmare scenario" of a man following women into a private, vulnerable space, which conservatives have used to justify anti-trans bathroom bills.

Sal talks earnestly about caring for transgender people even as he speculates that they're experiencing mental illness and describes reasment surgery as "mutilation. He says he consulted a transgender friend Joey salads transgender met online about a month ago for guidance on how to sensitively approach the issue.

The medical expert he cites is a friend who recently graduated from medical school. Suffredini says the best hope for acceptance is to share the lived experiences of transgender people with the public so fraught portrayals like Sal' don't become a lasting, definitive impression. That's why Freedom for All Americans recently launched a national campaign to increase support of transgender people, which includes a database of personal stories and a Tumblr.

Suffredini, who directs that education initiative, says he worries about the short- and long-term effect of anti-trans online content. I worry about the impact those kinds of messages will have on transgender people themselves and the community around them.

Social Good. A scene from a recent video about legislation that denies transgender people the right to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Leon Mitchell II, a cancer survivor, responded on Instagram after he became the subject of a cruel meme.

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That reveals some flaws.

'offensive on so many levels': youtube star slammed for wearing fake boobs, a wig and a dress to pose as a 'transgender' woman in bizarre 'social experiment' on bathrooms

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