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Justice league fanfiction batman cries


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Then, one day, in the middle of a JL mission, the League gets in a tight spot. Bring your new friends!

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Lol jk no one has asked for this, but I made it anyways! So basically, all these fics focus on family dynamics and relationships rather than slash or anything like that. These are all truly amazing fics so give your Kudos and love to the authors! And remember to always read the tags before you read the fic!

After reading this fic I was left warm and happy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Also, it stars my boy, Alfie, which is usually extremely rare for fics. Great fic! Bedside Manner by fishfingersandjellybabies. Bet on it by lysical. Summary: Even Damian could admit that his older siblings occasionally had their uses. So if you want some wholesome and hilarious Bat sibling bonding, then look no further! Great writing and great characterization!

Blood in the Water by MishaBerry. Summary: We all do stupid things when we are lonely, and in faraway lands, we hardly expect the consequences to follow us. Bruce certainly never thought twice about an American woman in Jaipur after one night with her. He hardly expected to see her ever again. One of my favorite Tim Drake centric fics, but still has plenty of the rest of the BatFamily. I also love that we get to see Tim as his sweet six-year self. Cracked Foundation by cdelphiki.

Summary: The last thing Damian expected to happen when he ran away from home was to spend a day crammed into a small space with Jason Todd. An outcast.

An angry, insanity driven criminal who enjoyed screwing with the batfamily in every way he could. Maybe he was wrong about Todd. My Comments: This is a brilliant fic that examines the relationship between Damian and Jason. I absolutely loved this fic and never wanted it to end. But if Bats asks, it was completely necessary.

My Comments: This fic is BatFamily feels to the extreme. Jason Todd deserves love and this fic gives it to him. Fly By Night by lysical. My Comments: Another great Fic by Lysical! A Good Place by lemonadegarden. Summary: Damian Wayne is kidnapped and sent back years through time. Over the course of the next week, Damian discovers that Mexican gangsters do not mess around, that social workers find Bruce annoying, that Bruce might be a little messed up, and that crystal chandeliers create the fondest memories.

My Comments: LemonadeGarden is one of my All-Time favorite authors, so anything written by them is brilliant. I love getting to see a younger Bruce interact with Damian and in turn, Damian interact with him. Let There Be a Bruise by audreycritter. The silver lining is where they find each other— a broken son and a broken father, putting each other back together. Life Happens by cdelphiki. Summary: While walking home from an event at Wayne Enterprises, Tim and Damian are kidnapped and sent to an alternate dimension.

In a world where superheroes are merely comic book characters and the idea of the multiverse is only a theory found within the s of science fiction, how are Tim and Damian going to return home?

How long will they be stranded on this strange Earth? And will the boys murder each other before they figure it out? My Comments: Hoo-boy, folks. I honestly get teary-eyed thinking about how beautiful it is and how much I loved this one. I would almost describe this Fic as a love letter to the characters Tim and Damian, in the sense that the author captures their characterizations beautifully and tells one of the best stories of growth and familial love I have ever read.

I would run to this Fic, if I were you. Life, if Well Lived by CaptainOzone.

Batman and melodrama — she couldn’t do this. damian. her precious

Summary: Jason wakes up from a time-travel mishap to find Thomas and Martha Wayne hovering over him. Tears, so many tears were shed during this fic.

Extremely unique in the sense that Martha and Thomas Wayne are two of the main characters and boy did I love it! I never knew I needed this fic in my life until I read it. I wish I could re-read it for the first time all over again. Summary: The boy had two options, two ro stretching out before him: stay with Mother, and become the greatest assassin ever known to man, or go to Father, and become a masked vigilante fighting for justice in a city drenched in darkness.

Damian looked at these two ro, these two lives he could lead, and decided on a third path for himself instead. He chose his own road. Jason never let himself think about the kid he had left behind at the desert compound all those years ago. When Talia never got in touch with him after his return to Gotham, Jason had assumed he had just been forgotten like he had been in Gotham.

Not anymore.

Batman beyond - dc fanfiction

Overall great Bat-Bros fic that I would recommend over and over again. This fic is Damian and Jason centric but it does involve the rest of the Bat Family too. Of Owls and Assassins by Cirth. Dick blinks at him from his place on the workout mat. Joe action figure from the attic.

My Comments: The adorableness of this Fic is off the charts. Party Justice league fanfiction batman cries by lemonadegarden. The night before your wedding. What the fuck kind of a family am I marrying into? Bruce Wayne goes to a series of bachelor parties, each one worse than the last. Set in the same timeline as We, So Much Older, but can be read as a standalone fic as well.

There is definitely more BatFamily vibes with this fic. Second Chance by cdelphiki. Summary: When Talia al Ghul watched her toddling son start his training, his awful, grueling training, she had an epiphany:. My Comments: This is the Talia al Ghul we deserve! This is the Talia al Ghul, Bruce Wayne deserves! Loved this fic, great Talia al Ghul characterization. Running Headlong into My Arms by gleesquid. We get to see some super sweet moments between Bruce and Damian, and Damian and Jason. Loved it. Where You Go, I Follow by fishfingersandjellybabies. Summary : In some world, Dick Grayson was never revived by Lex Luthor, and was probably better for it.

I cried both sad tears and happy tears for this fic. I also love the title; it captures the mood perfectly.

Video message incoming by helenabertinellis. Summary: The League are just wrapping up their meeting when a call comes through the Watchtower servers. Summary: While trying to take down a drug cartel that deals with memory altering drugs, things go awry, and Batman wakes up with no recollection of the last five years. As a result, his family must now race against time to find the antidote, while also having to deal with a Bruce who still thinks Jason is Robin.

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A Bruce who still cares. My Comments: Surprise, surprise another amazing fic by LemonadeGarden. BatFamily Fic Recs part 2. BatFamily Fic Recs Part 3.