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You and justin go to the movies to see the notebook. I'm not that good at them but enjoy! Long dirty imagines justin bieber: sobota,

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He kisses me back slowly and slips his wet tongue into my mouth, he was so gentle.

I lean in to kiss his chest and continue unbuttoning his shirt when I feel his hands slide my dress up, exposing my red panties and feel his hand slowly rubbing over them. I gasped in ecstasy and buried my face into his neck, pleasure pulsed through me. He stood up, still holding me and stood me up as well, I fumbled with the last button before just ripping his shirt off, and he crouched down and slid his hands up my thighs under my dress.

He pulled off my panties, threw them by his shirt on the floor, grabbed me and turned me around.

With a controlling hand on my shoulder grasping my hair he unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor, with one swift motion my bra fell to the floor too. He turned me around again and looked at my naked body for the first time, and I saw nothing but lust in his eyes. He licked his sweet perfect lips, and moved my hair off to the side with his hands; I looked down to see him still wearing pants, and a massive bulge at the zipper which made yearn to tear them off. I got on my knees, undid his belt, zipper and pulled his pants down.

The only thing I could see that was hardly containing his huge hard on was a pair of red polo ralph laurens, I looked up at him while I slowly grazed my hand up over the material, up his shaft and to the waist band of his underwear.

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Still on my knees I was looking at his impressive size, admiring it before I grabbed the base with both hands and took him into my mouth, inch my inch. I could hear him moan and his toes curl into the carpet, his dick was too big to fit all of it in my mouth so I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked his pre cum off before plunging my head down further to fit him into my throat.

I could feel his dick teasing my entrance as he walked me over, being careful not to put it in, yet. I feel his lips back on me again and they kiss my bikini line, I hold my breath and contain myself, waiting for his tongue, he hesitates again and I feel his mouth on my neck again.

UGH such a tease, I moan and almost whimper from the excitement building up, he kisses my collarbone and his hands trace down my stomach line. He hesitated again, a split second that felt like eternity before I felt his hot breath on my vagina, then finally his tongue.

I opened my eyes and as they adjusted to the dim light I could see his head between my legs and just the sight of that was enough to send another shudder through me. I lay my head back down and focus on controlling myself, his tongue was so warm and he knew what he was doing. My legs must keep trying to close, because he gripped them tighter and pushed them apart more, I can feel the pleasure building up and then he puts his fingers inside me and another moan escapes my lips.

I look down at him again and run my fingers through his gorgeous hair which made him move faster. My back arched, mouth open and no sound coming out as I felt intense waves of pleasure surge through my body, and I have never felt such a satisfying orgasm in my life. He got up and leaned over top of me to see me, he must be pretty satisfied with himself, I grab the back of his head and his lips crush into mine.

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He forced my mouth open with his tongue and explored my mouth, it was a hard kiss and his knees spread my legs. We were at war for control and I was under him, his muscular arms supporting his weight also held my arms down, I was in total submission to him.

We both moaned, he released his bite and buried his face into my neck while still holding my hands in place above my head. With every thrust I felt small waves of pleasure building up again, I could feel the sweat from his forehead on my neck as he moved faster and harder. His head snapped up out of my neck and his hand grabbed my hip to control my movements, it felt so good to have him inside of me and I was beginning to lose control of myself again. He thrust into me harder and buried his face into my neck as he was coming, a few last strokes and he stopped.

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I looked around the room and realized I had forgotten where I was, I felt so completely satisfied and my legs were quivering so I leaned forward to rub his shoulders. The moonlight bathed his back and I saw little be of sweat over his spine, he was looking down at the floor as I ran my fingers through his hair.

I lay on my back, with him on his side right beside me, he pulled up a silk sheet to cover us up and it felt soft and cool on my hot skin. My breathing had returned to normal and I felt calm, even sleepy as he traced his fingers through my hair by my forehead, I looked up at him adoringly. He was perfect, gentle and kind; yet hotheaded in a fight.