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The rambling estate mansion, which is Leeza Gibbon's California home, rests elegantly on 35 wooded acres in Beverly Hills. It has a grand, wide neo-classic Rococo exterior, while the interior de elements reflect it's owner; sleek, chic and sophisticated.

Purchased in after a successful 40 million dollar CBS deal, the property is maintained by a small permanent staff, and is Leeza's preferred year round residence. As a woman of means, and in accordance with noblesse oblige, Leeza endows a Department Chair at her alma mater, The Columbia University School of Journalism, and once each year permits a promising female student to intern with her, room and board provided, as an assistant producer on the Leeza television show.

Dean of Students Marta Jensen coordinated closley with Leeza to find just the right candidate, who was then "randomly" chosen from among several applicants offered an opportunity to get real life experience, interning for the summer with school alumnus Leeza Gibbons.

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The criteria for thier choice were intelligence, poise, and enrollment in Dean Jensen's lecture series, "Women and Media in the Twentieth Century. Certain famous nightclubs catered to the hedonistic throng by ignoring both federal and local statutes prohibiting the use of cocaine. Studio 54 became a magnet for well-connected thrillseekers, and every night beautiful people gathered to indulge themselves in the white powder, and the lusty urges it precipitates. The general public were occassionly allowed to enter by a posted doorman, especially if they happened to be beautiful young women.

Marta Jensen was a tall, stunning, valedictorian Senior at Columbia, when Leeza had just begun her first semester there.

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One cool October Saturday night they both ed a friendly group of students heading uptown to the clubs. There was a long queue outside Studio 54 but Marta and Leeza, both sleek blondes, were quickly waved in by the doorman. Inside, loud music and swirling colored lights bounced off the walls. A kaliedescope of multi-colored shapes boogied on the flashing dance floor as two attractive men approached, and introduced themselves to the girls.

Armand and Roberto were the sons of Italian automobile builder Giacomo Ferrari and heirs to the Ferrari fortune. The men smiled a lot, and danced very well, even teaching the college girls a few steps of Lambada. Marta accepted for both girls when Roberto suggested they try some of his cocaine, upstairs in the VIP lounge.

Drinks were brought and the couples settled onto a large wide divan high above the noisy crowd. The cocaine was sniffed eagerly and suddenly every moment was filled with an intense excitement. Leeza was inexplicably thrilled when Armand held her hand against his hardening penis, the organ seemed a friendly living creature and she petted it kindly. Marta was already breathing heavily over Roberto's shoulder, as his hand worked steadily between her legs. In due course Armand had removed Leeza's panties and laid the panting ingenue back on the cushions, quickly sliding his long thick penis into her.

Then Roberto laid Marta down right next to Leeza, crawling between her splayed thighs and jamming his obscenely swollen cock into her tiny slit. Both girls fucked eagerly. The cocaine made every thrust of penis a blistering breathless thrillride. The hot cock felt like a gourmet meal after a three day fast, filling the women's wet holes with nourishing meat. Armand orgasmed quickly. Marta saw him jolting his sperm into her schoolmates puss after only a few seconds, and heard her whine as the man's penis shriveled inside her.

Armand fell away and passed-out into the cushions. Roberto was grunting heavily into Marta, and as Leeza watched the thick Italian penis slice into her new friend, she felt Marta's hand reaching between her legs. In her cocaine induced lust, Marta's finger's felt like heaven on her clit. She squirmed closer to the panting blonde as the sweaty Italian pumped steadily between her thighs.

When Marta wiggled a long digit into her wet pussy and began to fuck her, Leeza breathed gratefully against the girl's shoulder; and then she was moaning into Marta's warm breast, sucking at her nipple and juicing Leeza gibbons nip slip the pistoning finger.

As Marta squirmed on the couch under the onslaught of Roberto's hard cock, Leeza kissed her way down Marta's slim tummy, teasing through the blond pubic curls with her tongue and licking at the knobby gristle of clitoral tissue. When Marta twisted her finger inside Leeza's gripping pussy and massaged Leeza gibbons nip slip "g-spot", Leeza began to suck the pretty blonde's clitoris in earnest. She saw a close-up the man's heavy penis, drilling into her friend's wet pussy with a smacking report. She saw him swell, as his body stiffened; and he grunted out his boiling pollen seed into the oily lavender flower of Marta Jensen's pouting purple labia.

As the man withdrew his slick penis, Leeza continued to kiss her schoolmate's clit, feeling a delicious mind-numbing pleasure as the senior girl wedged a second long finger into her tight pussy.

A moaning Leeza Gibbons licked at the semen oozing from between Marta's glistening coral lips, and used it as lubricant, slathering the beautiful girl's turgid clitoris with the man's viscous slime. Marta searched the velvet inside wall of Leeza's vagina with her fingers, finding the long, hidden, extension of her clitoris, rubbing in quick little circles.

The freshman gasped and buried her face in the older girl's meaty clam, digging in with her tongue as if devouring a delectable shellfish. The two women detonating into a squealing mutual orgasm. On several subsequent occassions, during the following semester, the two friends found it convenient to share "coke and a smile.

Marta went on to graduate in Linguistics, and remainded in academia, eventually coming full circle to tenure in the Commnications College, and was then selected Dean of Students by the Board of Regents. After graduating, Leeza had quickly gained attention as a great looking, glib, production savvy personality, and was naturally drawn toward broadcast journalism.

Success had come with hard work, though she remained unmarried, and she was happy to participate in Marta's internship program. This year's student, a nineteen year-old freshman named Darci Ames, arrived at the Gibbons estate in June, two weeks after final exams, looking even lovlier than the photograph Marta had shown her; long rambling tendrils of shining chestnut curled on her full bosom, gracefully articulated limbs extended from her curvy torso and she was blessed with a clear, flawless skin.

Leeza gibbons

Leeza was very pleased with the natural beauty exuding from her athletic looking young guest. She brought Darci upstairs to a rather lushly furnished guest suite and informed her that dinners were always at 5pm, but that the kitchen was open to her at anytime and that she was to make herself entirely at home, and to be prepared for a 4am start in the morning. Days at the FOX studios were a blur of activity. Darci sat in on production meetings and was encouraged to have "in-put," as they called it.

She made a couple of observations about scheduling and received approving nods from several of the men, and three invitations to "lunch," which she smoothly declined. Darci had become accustomed to attention from men.


Her body spoke a language of it's own, declaring her ripe sexuality with the firm swollen fruit of her succulent breasts, and the lush inviting swell across her hips. Men though, had been a bit of a disappointment for Darci. She didn't care so much for thier hairy, sweaty bodies, dirty calloused hands, hard little penises, and crude grunting thrusts. She never actually saw Leeza at the studio, except during taping of the show, but in the evenings, at the residence, they would often share some time together.

Leeza was always charming and casual, naturally cheerful, and careful to see that Darci was comfortable. She asked about journalism school, and praised Dean Jensen, explaining that she sometimes spent overnights at the Dean's Manhattan loft when she was in New York. Darci, flush with journalistic zeal, and anxious Leeza gibbons nip slip the opportunity to work with a celebrity newswoman; was also struggling with her own sexuality.

It had been rumored Dean Jensen was a lesbian; and now the added fact that Leeza sometimes spent the night at her apartment, when in New York, aroused a curiosity in Darci about Leeza's sexual orientation. She felt her self blushing and tried to cover, "Dean Jensen is great," she enthused nervously, "just great, such a strong beautiful woman.

Like most young women Darci enjoyed private time alone, when she could touch her body, and explore sexual feelings. Sometimes she fantasized making love to a woman. She had masturbated guiltily the night, thrilled to be in the luxurious bed, the crisp sheets teasing her naked legs deliciously, while she rubbed her clitoris with a long middle finger. Now the vivid mental picture of Marta Jensen in a cozy 69 with Leeza Gibbons crowded into her consciousness.

She had a great respect for Dean Jensen's intellect, and admired the woman's beauty, and poise. Columbia University set the standard for excellence in Jouralism, carefully molding it's student body into tommorrow's movers and shakers. Dean Jensen's hand would help guide her future, and Darci had every intention to take full advantage of the opportunities presented during the course of her education.

It also seemed that Leeza genuinely liked her. The real woman behind the TV personality was warm, curious, very kind, and friendly.

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The eye contact was always intimate and sincere. A perfect size 7, 5'5" tall, her beautiful natural blonde hair shining, Leeza made Darci feel special; and excited about her career potential in broadcast news. Then one still evening after dinner, as pinpoints of light began to dot the purpling sky, Leeza spontaneously suggested that Darci should see the hot tub. So they took snifters of brandy out onto the terrace and then down a small stair to an area secluded by hedge line, where steamed an inviting aromatic cedar hottub.

She laid the garment down on the wooden deck and easily unhooked her brassiere, letting it slide forward off her arms. Darci was surprised to see Leeza gibbons nip slip concave sloping curve of Leeza's breasts, they came to a sharp point, with long pink nipples that appeared fully erect. Darci understood that it was intended she was to Leeza, so she awkwardly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing the bare, filbert tipped melons, that cantilevered crazily above the taut twining sinews in her tummy. Leeza demurely turned away and unzipped the back of her slacks, tugging them smoothly over the swell of her bottom, and making a silver-grey puddle around her ankles.

Leeza wore panties patterned with paisley shapes, little purple globules swimming on a sea of cream. The satiny fabric fitted her pudenda like a glove, then smoothed dramatically upward to cup her pert buttocks.