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Immediately post-Ragnarok, Thor and Loki sit down, get drunk, and talk. This is just the kind of quiet, dialogue-heavy, emotions-tugging fic that I love, and that I needed after the movie. Laughing and Not Being Normal by etymologyplayground. Together the Light by Lizardbeth.

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Thor, the new ruler of Asgard, is struggling to keep the Nine Realms intact. He needs more warriors to protect the Realms and Brunnhilde knows exactly where to find them. Hope you like it. Comment below if you want to be tagged for this series :. The King of Asgard sets down into his throne and lets out an exasperated sigh.

The past few months have been very rough for him and his people. Majority of Asgards warriors had been slaughtered by the merciless goddess of death and now only six troops remain. Although many young boys and girls are currently in training, there are simply not enough soldiers to protect their vast population.

And now that they reside in another realm, they are at even more risk of danger. The god of thunder groggily lifts his head from the headrest of the throne and nods at the guard. Within a few moments, the large golden doors of the throne room open revealing the Valkyrie, the Gatekeeper and the God of Mischief.

They approach the king of Asgard with a sense of urgency in their pace. Intrigued by their unexpected visit, Thor rises from his throne and meets them halfway. Loki chuckles as he takes in his brothers worn out appearance. Clearly, his responsibilities as king are depriving him of rest. They should be able to restore the Realms back to its natural state. Brunnhilde turns to Loki, swiftly unsheathes her Dragonfang sword and holds it dangerously close to his throat. They serve no one now. Not even me. The king quickly separates the two before their argument can escalate.

Yet, he is still confused as to who they are referring to. He is very tired, in desperate need of sleep, and frustrated.

Fanfic collection — loki x reader: the valkyrie

His brother and his friends are keeping him in the dark which he does not appreciate. He looks to Brunnhilde once again but she is hesitant to speak. Something very unusual of her.

The waves crash into the cliffside metres below you, splashing water onto your bare feet. The feeling of the cool water on your skin is refreshing and soothes your thoughts as you watch the sun disappear over the horizon.

The evening sky is a pinkish orange hue and in parts where it is darker, stars reveal themselves one by one. The sight is captivating.

But at the same time, it makes you feel miserable. She can sense that something is wrong. She sits beside you on the edge of the cliff and looks to you benevolently, even though you continue to stare at the horizon. I thought you loved to train. I may train each and every day, from dawn until dusk, but nothing but muscle will be gained. Our purpose is to protect the Realms and fight their battles. But now, that responsibility is in the hands of the Asgardians. They are fighting our battles and they are losing them!

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They are in desperate need of our help! A few months ago, many Asgardian warriors were slain. The horrifying sight of the mass of lifeless bodies laying on the grounds of Asgard still haunts your mind. Their souls hung over their bodies awaiting their transcendence to the next life. Your sisters had quickly worked their way through the crowds, granting each fallen warrior their entry into Valhalla. While the unfortunate few, whose souls were deranged with sin, were sent to Hel. You reach your hand out to an Asgardian soldier, resting it lightly on his shoulder.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your hand immediately glows a warm bright yellow and flashes of his life play in your mind. He is a very caring man, driven not only by his sword but also by his heart. You smile at the soldier but he has still not yet faced you. He is hunched over his dead body, holding its left hand. You peek over his shoulder, curious as to why he is still afflicted, and your smile disappears. You kneel beside the spirit and look to him sympathetically as he continues to cry.

Our. The soldier cries uncontrollably, begging you and the Norns for a second chance at life. You dismally tell him that you are unable to revive him from death and that he may only ascend to Valhalla or diminish into nothing. His wailing attracts the attention of other spirits and Valkyries.

You avert your gaze from the downhearted soldier to the ocean of deceased bodies. How many of them have loved ones waiting for them? You think of the poor mothers, fathers, lovers and children that will mourn them. His eyes are red and puffy from crying, he looks miserable. A place where Hela shall not find them.

They were last seen on Midgard but they disappeared shortly after. The spirit looks up to the golden palace. The sight no longer enchants him. He glares at the grand structure, clenching his fists tightly. A great evil is upon them but their leader, their so-called protector, has abandoned them.

The soldier smiles at your response and you feel a pang of guilt. The spirit slowly shifts into ethereal specks of golden lights and rises upwards, destined for Valhalla. You look up to the mountains in the distance where the people of Asgard take refuge. You turn away from the disturbing scene and continue to assess the spirits. You pull your hand away from hers and make your leave. Part 2 Part 4. Just gonna make the rest for the next chapter. Gravity pulled her body towards the earth, yet she never felt ground.

The long, wavy platinum hair was a dead set give away. She had always been so envious of her voluminous hair since they were little. After a Loki and valkyrie fanfiction seconds, the figure slowly began to turn to face her.

She had never once been granted the opportunity to see her friend in her dreams or anywhere else since that night. So many things were wrong with what she was seeing. No not wrong, they were too realistic. Her elegant attire was suddenly tattered and stained with blood and her hair was matted and unevenly cut short. Her skin was bruised and covered in alarmingly large amounts of bloody slashes. Seeing her like this made her feel sick, it brought back so many unpleasant memories. She was confused as to why she looked so afraid. Hearing these words from Alula definitely made her heart to sink.

Alula responded with a hollow laugh, shaking her head dejectedly. Her voice was laced with fear. But why? What is she afraid of? Summary: The Avengers successfully secure a Hydra base but all goes wrong when its deadly prisoner escapes. But despite her efforts, the same god of mischief continues to find her. Chapter 2. Originally posted by suzyhazelwood. The sun disappears bit by bit as darkened clouds set upon the ominous Hydra base.

A mighty storm brews within the shadows and expands quickly, shrouding the land below in darkness. A chain of lightning strikes the Hydra base, bombarding it with barrages of electrical currents. The assault ensues until the sites security systems are disabled by the power surge. He nods at the pilot, Natasha, indicating for her to land the Quinjet whilst the rest of the team fit their uniforms and ready their weapons.

The soldier turns from the cockpit and inspects the cabin. All except for one person: the god of mischief. Steve approaches Loki and maintains his stern demeanour, unscathed by the gods piercing glares. He glances at his left hand, watching it carefully as it twirls an intricate dagger, before meeting his icy gaze.