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A compilation of Luke x Lorelai fics that I really like.

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Lorelai was sat opposite Rory at the table, looking at her with raised eyebrows as Richard and Emily bickered over the food on their plates, and whether or not they were done eating. The sound of Lorelai's phone ringing from her jumper pocket brought her parents into silence, and Lorelai quickly grabbed her cell, and looked at the ID.

Is everything okay? What about him? Is he okay? A bad one. Come quick, Lorelai, it doesn't look good. He was in a bad way when Jess managed to get out of the car and call Who was that? Who's at the hospital?

Luke & lorelai's 'gg' future as predicted by fans

I don't know if he- I just I have to go. As they arrived at the hospital, Emily and Richard watched as their daughter ran into the hospital into a group of people who stood as she ran in. You have to tell me what's going on! Its my fault, we were aruguing, and he took his eyes of the road and a drumk driver came out of nowhere on the wrong lane It's my fault!

Lorelai told him, and wrapped an arm around him as she walked him to the group of people, and he sat down, and then a doctor came over, and Jess stood again. Danes who is over eighteen?

Lorelai Lorelai felt as if she was going to be sick, and tookadeep reath. Sookie came behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, but Lorelai stepped away from the gesture, shaking her head as she held a hand out, letting them know she didn't want to feel it, that she didn't want comerfting because this couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. Gosh, they're so in love I wish they'd just talk about it. She'll be heartbroken. That man has been the only father figure in her life, she looks up to him so much.

I just cant take it. I have decided. That's that, now excuse me I'm going to find Lorelai. Lorelai sat on a bench outside of the hospital, and she really didn't know what to think. Would he be okay?

What would she do with herself if she wasn't? Why did this rock her world so much? Those were the questions flying around her head, and she just didn't have an answer for any of them. Lorelai didn't know she was crying until a tear dropped onto her hand, and she planned to just let them fall until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, Lorelai wiped away the tears and gave her mother a weak smile. Emily sat next to her daughter, and her heart broke to see her in such pain.


She was her little girl, no matter what. I know. He's a friend, I guess. He gives me coffee. That wasn't true either.

Gilmore girls fan fiction

Lorelai just sat, unable to form a sentence. Whether that be platonically or not, he is, the love of your life. You and I both it. Even if you refuse to acknowledge or accept it for the next ten years, as you have done for the prior ten years.

What could she say to that? Was her mother right? But it was no use, the minuet she accepted that her mother was right, and that she did in fact love Luke, maybe that she always has, the whole situation caught up to her, and she sobbed once again. Lorelai looked up and faced her mother, wiping her tears. And now I might never even get to tell him, or have anything with him. I waited too long. Luke means a lot to her too. As they walked down the hall, Lorelai felt her heart drop as a doctor gathered around the group, and she sped up when Jess looked at her and nodded her to hurry.

She's coming.

Lorelai ran up, and as she caught up to the group, Rory grabbed her hand and they looked at the doctor. This is a matter that needs direct family only. Danes seems to be showing no of waking. I'm sorry. The s are looking good for a full recovery at the moment, as he still has another hour before we begin to try other tests to see if he his brain damaged.

And I need to call my mom. Lorelai walked into the room, and her heart broke at the sight.

Luke was connected to a few wires, and a tube, he had a cast on his arm and hand for wjat Lorelai guessed would be his broken wrist,m and he had something on his side, Lorelai didn't know what, and she didn't care, she just cared that he would be okay. Lorelai sat on the chair next to the bed, and looked at his face, she couldn't believe that she might never see it again after today, that the next few hours could change her whole life for either better or worse.

I have something to talk to you about, and so you need to wake Luke and lorelai fanfiction. I know that you're probably having a catch up with your parents, and yelling at your uncle for being such a shitty man and stealing all the baseball cards. Tell your parents all about me first of course. I miss you. If not for me then for Jess, for Rory. We need you, I, need you. As she walked she didn't even bother to wipe her tears, she just let them fall, and as she walked past the group, and sat down in a chair next to her father, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

He died twice in surgery, they're worried about brain damage. He's a strong man. Just in case.

Any good lorelai/luke fanfiction?

Maybe if I had realised it sooner you would have had a dad to teach you sports or football lingo. Its not okay, because you missed out on that father daughter bond that you should have had with him and I missed out on everything and its just Two days had passed and Luke still hadn't woken, Lorelai and Jess were at Luke's side when they could be, but he was never alone, Liz was there constantly, yapping away Luke and lorelai fanfiction a Luke who she only wished could hear her.

That's what she was doing one Sunday afternoon, talking about something and nothing, when she heard a groan that caused her too look up from her jewels making, and as she did she was bet by her brother eyes. I'll get a doctor! Good too see you. Lorelai was sat in the still renovating inn, in a world of her own when her phone rang, and when she saw the caller ID she stood immediately. Already out of the door. Liz walked back into her brothers room and smiled as he was sat up, talking with the doctor as they ran a test, making him follow the light of a torch.

Do I have brain damage? Am I missing a few years? Everyone has avoided the diner at all costs, its scary.

He's fine.