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for Free! I know of at least a couple of Lushees used to frequent the s and forums of Lusty Library before it closed down and I feel sure many others did too Bit of a long shot but there was a writer on there who had posted a good dozen or so stories. I really enjoyed his writing style and would like to re-read some of his prose Unfortunately I cannot remember either his name or the titles of his stories so I don't know whether he is also on this site or other similar sites but I'm hoping someone can help me What I do know is He is British, wrote in a of different genres but nothing too extreme, had a brilliant way with words, I believe that he went on the forums and was generally well liked He won the story of the year in about give or take Lusty library com year or two with a true?

He also wrote another story about a headteacher succumbing to temptation when disciplining a female pupil. Any clues or hints would be appreciated. I am pretty sure I know who you are talking about. PM me. Ah, Jonathon Philips is the person I was looking for Cannot find anything recently written so I assume that he has changed his pen name Perhaps he is already on Lush and I just haven't noticed him - although his writing was such I think he would stand out even among the luminaries here Thanks for the pointers Sam.

I believe he had his own website at one time with all of his stories as well. I can't believe I missed this forum!

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I too am a Lusty Library refugee I had submitted one of my stories there but it was not published before the site was shut down. I spent a lot of time there and I do miss it. I had a name very similar to this there and I was often in the chat rooms. Perhaps someone I knew there will see this forum post and remember me.

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I was also a member of that site. It was a sad ending they had, because of how slow it was. A slow, painful death.

At least from my experience. Was a great site though.

I was there for some years, under this name. Wrote several stories, loved many more, none of which I have access to anymore. Also had a great time and met some cool people in the chat rooms.

Glad to find this post. Happy to see some familiar names in here, too.

I even forget what my username on LL was. It was a unique place and I'm sad that it's gone. I'm surprised nobody has scooped up the domain name and tried to salvage it.

OHHH my word cant believe its taken me this long to find this forum Ex Lusty here too, was on under the same name as here Wantyou and used to love chatting in the room and reading the stories Lost touch with pretty much everyone from the site and would love to get back in touch with you all Hope everyone is doing well and Feel free to message me on here and ill reply as quick as possible xx.

I was on Lusty too for a while.

It took so long for the stories to get verified that not a whole lot of my stories ever made it up there. And I had three poems that got some sort of acknowledgement Yeah, it's been a while I just found this thread because I was searching for something related to Lusty And I was Exakta66 over there btw You know you want it, you know you need it bad I used to love LL! I had the same alias there and had about a dozen stories on there, and they've all been lost since it closed.