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Magicite golden chest


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Note: Not to be confused with golden chests. Chests are found while exploring outside of towns. They are most commonly found within caves and dungeons. They contain up to three items and between gold. Occasionally a golden chest may spawn instead, and these must be opened with the 'lockmaster' trait. They may contain even rarer and powerful equipment than what can be found in a usual chest.

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Start off your adventure with our handy guides on best choices for launching your caravan! For veteran players who have already trounced the final boss, Post-Game Dungeons await with new challenges!

Read on to see our guide about Daemon's Court and a list of all obtainable items, artifacts, scrolls, and monsters you can encounter in this dungeon on each cycle. List of Contents. Along the back wall of the fortress is a hole where you can find a Moogle House. All Moogle House Locations. In Daemon's Court the enemies are strong and plenty making it easy to get overwhelmed. This dungeon serves as one of the hurdles to the mid-game so if you're feeling underpowered, you should take the time to gather up some new equipment and artifacts. Treasure chest 8 is in an area with not as much breathing room and populated with Lizard enemies so be careful.

List of Magicite and its Effects.

Daemon's court dungeon walkthrough | final fantasy crystal chronicles

Some areas in the dungeon have catapults that can deal massive damage to enemies. Lure one over and launch a large boulder at it with the attack command.

You will need 2 keys in order to unlock the boss room. Each key can be obtained by defeating a golden Lizard Skirmisherbut their locations are entirely random. If you're unlucky you may have to make a few laps around the dungeon putting yourself in danger of getting smacked around by other enemies. Lizard Skirmisher Gold Weaknesses and Locations. Make sure to get Raise Magicite from Treasure Chest 4, which you can use to make Holywhich you'll need to attack Wraiths.

How to Use Holy. Stand below the wooden platforms, where enemies can't hit you, and where you'll be able to take your time casting magic to defeat them. How to Cast All Spells. Before uselessly attacking them, weaken Flying enemies with Gravity and reveal Undead enemies with Holy. As stated above, there are a lot of enemies in Daemon's Court and it's easy to get surrounded with no time to get a Cure off.

Golden chest

Your priority should be going after the long range spear hurling Lizards first so you can focus on the close range enemies with less annoyances. If you're not sure you can handle the horde of enemies, book it out of there and freshen up.

On the right side of the dungeon is a river with a bridge and a Bomb. After you've cleaned up the surrounding enemies use magic to defeat the Bomb.

Magicite and awakening stones (esper) | wotv wiki

Once you've defeated the boss go back to the bridge and take the bomb out a second time before heading out. While this does nothing in Daemon's Court, it actually unlocks an area in Conall Curach with a hidden treasure so go ahead and do this. Conall Curach Map and Dungeon Walkthrough. As there are so many Lizards in this dungeon, having the ability to cast Blizzara or Blizzaga on them is incredibly useful.

Not only are they vulnerable to ice, this will also freeze them making it harder for them to overwhelm you. How to Use Blizzard.

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How to open gold chests in magicite

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Diamond Shield Boss. Warrior's Weapon Cycle 1. Valiant Weapon Cycle 3. Mighty Weapon Cycle 3. Master's Weapon All. Coeurl's Whisker All. Heavenly Dust All. Holy Water All. Mythril All. Orichalcum Boss. King's Scale Boss. Iron Cycle 1.

Alloy Cycle 3. Winged Cap Boss.