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Dry humping. Dry sex. Pants burning. Then there are the endless options for getting your frott on, which can include delightful moves like:.

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Ah, the days of high school yore. Frottageaka dry humping, is essentially grinding without penetration against one another with or without clothes on.

The grinding sensation paired with the physical closeness of frottage can promote intimacy and provide all-over stimulation," says We-Vibe's Tristan Weedmark. Here's how to get off using frottage. The lower stomach is dangerously close to the vagina and clitoris that the thought of moving farther is particularly exciting for women.

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The wrists are particularly sensitive because they have thin skin, says Weedmark. For some women, having their wrists kissed or caressed is a huge turn-on.

Anything from a light touch, rumbly vibrations to a full back massage can be incredibly pleasurable," says Weedmark. Jess O'Reilly.

Grind during intercourse with a penis or a strap-on. Adjust your bodies into a position that allows you to create extra friction against your clitoris.

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