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Foreword: I do not own Halo or Mass Effect. They belong to Industries and BioWare, respectively. Omega Station — Terminus Systems. John was currently in one of the alleyways that littered the capital of the criminal underworld, observing the former asteroid city turned criminal stronghold.

He could see in the further back, nestled between several large buildings was what he would assume to be 'Afterlife', the personal stomping grounds of the self-proclaimed Queen of Omega.

He watched skycars crisscrossing the dreary skyline as he waited for Cortana to finish her hacking and data-mining procedures while simultaneously remaining hidden from prying eyes after the ruckus he had caused in the lower levels — the bodies were ought to be discovered sooner or later. He wondered once more how they should proceed from here on out. It seemed to him that his legendary luck was still intact, for ending up on Omega as a literal nobody with no credentials, no identity, and no money was the best outcome John could've asked for.

But it is fascinating to see a totally different technological path being utilized here! It's so amazing! Cortana chuckled. Not even the UNSC back home had this kind of comprehensive history and technological database for civilians to review freely.

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It was true. The only way to learn all about the history of either the UEG, UNSC or Covenant back home had been to hack into highly secured databanks that stored those kinds of information. And seeing as how the Covenant prized their own history from the prying eyes of the 'vermin', it explained why the UNSC had a hard time understanding why the Covenant had declared war on humanity so suddenly during the early years of the war due to the lack of information about their enemy and their history.

Having switched his armor's camouflage pattern to a dark-urban pattern, John scanned the streets below him from the vantage point he was on with the scope on his BR55HB. In our universe, the United Nations confederated to form the United Earth Government inwhile humanity here was still separated by individual nations maintaining their sovereignty in that same time period.

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Even now, the nations of Earth are still maintaining their own national governments and autonomy. Cortana's voice became more and more excited as she went on. Aptly named, as it uses Element Zero or 'eezo' to create a dark energy field, colloquially named as a mass effect field to manipulate the mass of all objects within that field. Master chief and female shepard fanfiction enough, eezo is a byproduct in the production of UNSC titanium-A battle plating and considered useless in our universe but is actually a hot commodity here considering it's the very essence of their technology.

That tidbit of information caught the Spartan's attention. Eezo was a byproduct of titanium-A production? Huh, you learn something new every day he mused to himself. That brought up a thought that he was thinking from the moment he had accepted that he was in the Mass Effect Universe, but he decided to revisit it later with Cortana's input.

Cortana continued her happy babbling. Where Charon is a moon in our universe, here it's an ice-coated Mass Relay — an FTL slingshot that can 'fling' a vessel from one end of the galaxy to another in several minutes flat to another Relay, kind of like a baseball game of pitcher and catcher. Not even the Forerunners had thought of using these types of Relays as FTL jumping points for their fleets, which is why I find this universe's FTL travelling method so fascinating yet so very restricting!

But he wanted Cortana's assessment of the system. After all, who better to critique on technology than an AI? The Metarch-level AI explained, thrilled that John allowed her to stretch her new processing power. Anywhere else they needed regular FTL drives to travel from system to system, and compared to slipspace, the method of regular FTL here is painfully slow. Not as slow as UNSC slipspace speeds during the early years of the war, but still slow.

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As I said, the FTL speeds here leaves a lot to be desired, and it explains why only less than ten percent of the Milky Way is explored despite having instantaneous travel between Relays all throughout the galaxy. Cortana then opened another article, which John realized it was about humanity's first contact with extraterrestrials. A lot of their actions for the 'Greater Good' of the galaxy are questionable at bestsuch as their handling of the Rachni Wars, the Krogan Rebellions, and the Quarian Exile.

That last one is just wrong, John. After all, if anyone could relate with the Quarians and the Geth, it was Cortana. Ooooh, when I get my digital hands on those idiots! We can't help them at the moment, but who knows — there could be opportunities in the future for us to try. Cortana shook her head, sighing. And they just as conveniently find a working intergalactic FTL transportation network and a central governing space station just waiting for them to be used?

Not even the Forerunners were that generous to us, and we were the successors to the Forerunner's Mantle. Plus, there is evidence that several ancient civilizations have used to same technology but ultimately went extinct. The only logical conclusion that I could think of… is that these 'gifts' are actually traps laid by someone else. John nodded, impressed by Cortana's deduction and reasoning. It was expected of her after all, for she was an AI of considerable power even before her upgrades.

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Back home, the game calls them 'Reapers', but their true name has been lost for countless millennia. They leave the Relays and the Citadel here for intelligent races to discover them and base their technology base upon them, and as soon as they deemed the races were sufficiently advanced enough, they 'harvest' them in a never-ending cycle of extinction that has been ongoing for millions of years where they used the extinct species' biomass to create more Reapers to add to their fleet.

There was a stunned silence, and John watched Cortana's face in his HUD contort in a truly disgusted expression at his explanation. Truthfully, he did as well. Even desensitized to the violence and brutally of far more technologically advanced adversaries, the thought of the Reapers made him positively ill at the thought, compounded by the fact that he was here in this universe, and they were real. Why would anyone ever thought to even do this?! John sighed. Are you with me, Cortana? Cortana breathed for a few more minutes, calming down before a determined expression was on her face.

John's question reminded Cortana about his other request, the one she had almost forgotten. I almost forgot — here,". She pulled up a dossier she had hacked from Alliance Command, showing the image of a green-eyed woman with red hair that was tied into a practical ponytail. Her heart shaped face was only marred by a distinctive scar from the side of her right eye to her cheek. All in all, she was very beautiful, for she had the kind of beauty inherent in all highly skilled women. Born on April 11, to a Marine father and a housewife mother.

Only survivor of a batarian slaver raid on her home colony when she was 16 and was saved by a passing Alliance patrol. She fought against a coordinated slaver raid on Elysium which earned her the Star of Terra. Known to be quick on her feet and her unorthodox small unit tactics, she is also known to be a very compassionate individual, known for her contributions to orphanages throughout Alliance space.

John nodded, equally impressed by the woman. He could work with that — in truth, those profiles were his favorite ones to play as. And what's this? John was even more impressed. Biotics were some of the most destructive classes one can become in this universe. This earned Shepard bonus points in the super-soldier's eyes as he filed that information away for later.

Even more impressive," he said. You sure know how to pick them, cowboy! Reminds me of someone I know. Seeing the laughter in her eyes, John rolled his eyes as he chuckled along. What she had described was exactly what John did on a regular basis, his combat style having evolved into a fluid mix of short, mid and long-range combat. But where the Chief excelled the most was in close-to-short-range combat, where the Spartan was known to get in close with the enemy and literally tear them apart with his weapons and augmented abilities.

Cortana suddenly stopped, and John tensed on instinct honed from years of brutal combat.

We have company. The Chief took position behind a ventilator near the roof entrance for an ambush. John, check your back-waist maglock. He did just that and was surprised to feel a cylinder that was not one of his grenades. Pulling it out, John felt his eyes widen at what he held in his hands. Carefully holding it in the appropriate position, he pressed the activation button and a shimmering blue Sangheili plasma sword sprung to life. The rooftop door swooshed open, and in rushed the six mercenaries that Cortana had mentioned with the turian having his omni-tool out to scan his surroundings.

His energy readings are off the charts, but now it's gone! It's like he vanished! The turian, Grizz growled in frustration.

You can't hide an energy reading as big as that without some kind of shielding. Think he jumped? He took out four Blood Pack mercs after all with no problem. He was about to continue before something struck him from behind, knocking the man out cold. His body hitting the floor drew his buddy's attention, and the other batarian made his way over to him, checking his pulse. He'll be out for a while. Anyone see who attacked us? Suddenly, the krogan saw a flash of blue light when his shotgun barrel was melted off before someone grabbed him by his armor and threw him towards the wall with a loud crack.

When he landed, he then felt a strong kick in his midsection, enough to send him crashing back into the wall again with another loud crack. The remaining mercs were shellshocked at seeing their heaviest hitter being manhandled by something.

Anything that could manhandle a krogan was one to be feared.