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Ariadne felt the odd sensation of being whisked through the air. In her dazed semi-conscious state, she heard a thunderous beating. She could hear it through the soft fur under her ear. As she began to return to consciousness, she slowly opened her eyes. She was being cradled in the strong powerful human arms of the Minotaur. Carried across the room towards the bed she first noticed in the room.

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Introduction: Angela and her companions face the deadly minotaur. Acolyte Sophia — The Labyrinth, the Island of Yalut The words of the Minotaur echoed down the hallway out of the darkness of the large room before us. The source of the foul stench pervading the Labyrinth flowed with it. In the glow of my pink, ethereal light bobbing beside me, I spotted a skeletal arm stretched out of the large room, fingers twisted in agony, one of the beast's victims.

My heart hammered fast. We were at the heart of the Labyrinth. We had found the Minotaur, the demigod son of Gewin and Cernere, a monster almost as impossible to kill as Dominari. Dust drifted down from above. My heart clenched. Xandra let out a whimpering moan behind me. I understood. I did not want to go into there.

I glanced at Angela, standing beside me, her shield readied, her Minotaur sex stories drawn. She was a warrior, a Queen, unafraid to march into the beast's den and slay him. The Minotaur snort descended into laughter as my hand shoved into my robe. I felt my left nipple harden beneath my touch. With a bit of concentration, milk filled my breast, aching to leak out of my nipple. I rubbed my nub, coating my fingers in the milk.

I jumped again and yanked my milk-stained fingers out of my blouse. Thrak grunted. People expect the bloodthirsty savage, barely civil, hardly able to string a pair of words together. I try to give it to them, but it is so tiring. Ah, you are preparing. Earth elementals stepped up, controlled by Xandra. They were the size of Thrak, forged out of the stone of the Labyrinth, their bodies thick, strong, ts grinding as they lumbered forward.

Let's have a sporting contest today. It has been a boring few years. No adventures to fight, no maidens to love.

Just the darkness. Light rushed past me as I reached out to Angela's sword, rubbing my milk stained fingers on the steel. Let this sword shine bright, a beacon to defend all women. That dagger was a permanent magic item, created with powerful rituals. And it glowed bright.

‘minotaur’ stories

Deadly danger lurked. I looked into the illuminated room and gasped. The Minotaur raised a hand against the bright ball of sunlight shining at the apex of the doomed room. The demigod was a giant, a man standing twelve feet tall, his skin swarthy and muscled beyond belief. His muscles were ropy, wrapping over each other, bulging his limbs to the size of tree trunks. His torso was as broad as I stood tall. Dark, coarse hair covered his chest narrowing down to a line descending across his stomach.

His massive cock, bigger than I had witnessed on the centaur in the Doge's palace, dangled before him, his balls bigger than my fists. His head was not human, but a bull's head, dark-furred, not black, but a gray near enough.

Two horns curved from his head ending at sharp points. You can see. I can see. He snorted, shaking his head, light flashing from his horns. He had two small braids of hair dangling from the bottom of his muzzle that swept back and forth. I shall kill your two men and keep you and the other women for my pleasure. I am trapped.

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There is no escape for me. Mother saw to that. You don't have to die here in a pointless attempt to kill me. The Elementals rumbled with them, flanking the two warriors. I followed with the others, stepping into the room.

It wasn't as big as I thought, only fifty feet across. It felt cramped despite the dome rising an equal height above us. No one ever told them they had to do it.

Not that I am ungrateful, of course. Far from it. I enjoy their gifts while they last. But they always break so easily.

Minotaur stories

How will your cunt feel on my cock? His voice so civil yet his words so foul. He didn't even have a weapon. We could beat him. Find another demigod to power the reforging of your artifact. Very well. Let us end this folly. I raised my shield before me, my sword ready.

The earth elementals' steps boomed on our flanks, their bodies grinding like shifting rocks. The Minotaur stood still, his fists clenched. He made no move to defend himself as we swept in for the attack. His huge bulk moved fast. Far faster than something that size should have. He was a dark blur streaking back, my sword hissing through empty air. And then his punch landed on my shield. Wood groaned and I grunted, stumbling a step.

My boot landed on an old thigh bone. It snapped beneath me as Thrak Minotaur sex stories his greataxe. With a sweep of black horns, the Minotaur knocked Thrak's attack to the side, then the demigod crashed his fist into the face of an earth elemental. Xandra gasped behind me as the construct stumbled, stone shards breaking off its body.

The minotaur followed up with two more punches, pulverizing the elemental's head. His body twisted.

His horns swept down. My shield caught the tip.

It punched through the wood, a sharp point jutting over my arm. I stabbed past my shield at his belly, but he pulled back, stepping into Thrak's swing. The Minotaur knocked the sweeping ax away with a backhand, snorting. Minx edged around the fight, her daggers held low, the halfling crouching, moving silently to get behind the Minotaur, her eyes intent.

An arrow hissed through the air, but the Minotaur turned and dodged, the missile missing by inches. The two elementals rushed in, one reaching to grab his thighs and hold him in place. The headless one landed a pair of blows on the Minotaur's hips and thighs that hardly rippled the bulging muscles.

The Minotaur kneed it and twisted his body as I stabbed. The Minotaur's twist brought the elemental holding his thigh between me and him. My enchanted blade pierced through the rock of the elemental. Pink light flared through the ts of the rocks and the elemental crumbled to pieces. Wind howled, lashing at the Minotaur.