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Hermine, a librarian from Tarzana, CA, who has a fossil named after her unlike Alex, who described himself as a fossil ; and.

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Duels have a long and colorful—though sometimes tragic—history. The origins of dueling are uncertain, but by the 16th century duels had become a popular means of settling real or imagined slights.

Despite efforts to ban them, duels remained widespread for several centuries; the last one in France reportedly took place in The argument escalated into a sword duel, in which Spenser was killed. Jonson was subsequently arrested and ordered to be hanged.

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So instead his thumb was branded. Jonson is now generally considered the second most important British dramatist, after Shakespeare.

A military hero and the seventh U. He was involved in numerous duels—some s estimate —and many of them were in defense of his wife, Rachelwho was a frequent object of ridicule and malicious rumors. Her abusive first husband, Lewis Robards, falsely accused her of adultery, and in she married Jackson after mistakenly believing that her divorce from Robards had been finalized, thus earning the label of bigamist.

Dickinson was an accomplished duelist, and he shot Jackson in the chest. The wound, however, was not fatal, and Jackson returned fire, fatally striking Dickinson. Duels were not just limited to men.


In Lady Almeria Braddock took offense at a comment a Mrs. Elphinstone made about her age: according to some reports, Braddock claimed to be not yet 30, while Elphinstone said that she was actually more than Both women fired their pistols but missed. The duel could have ended at that point, but the women decided to try their hands at swords. After receiving a wound to her arm, Elphinstone said that she would write a letter of apology. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had a long and acrimonious relationship.

The former treasury secretary openly disliked Burr, and on numerous occasions Hamilton had tried to thwart his political aspirations. Things came to a head inwhen Hamilton campaigned against Burr while running for governor of New York. Although Hamilton opposed the practice—his eldest son had died in a duel three years earlier—he accepted.

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The two faced off in Weehawken, New Jersey. Hamilton was shot in the abdomen and died the following day.

One hundred years after the Petticoat Duel, Princess Pauline Metternich and Countess Kielmannsegg had an argument over floral arrangements at a musical exhibition. Understandably, the women decided to duel.

The reason? Any clothing pushed into a wound could cause an infection. The potential injury from a sword was oddly overlooked. As they cried out, the men attempted to provide aid.

From the 16th-century to men's rights activists: the history of the insult 'cuckold'

However, the rumor persisted, and in the two men finally dueled. Pushkin was mortally wounded, and he died two days later.

At the age of 18 John Randolph was reportedly involved in his first duel, which arose over the pronunciation of a word. His opponent, a fellow student, was wounded. They then agreed to a second round. After Clay missed, Randolph shot into the air.

The duel ended, and the two reportedly became friends. Inwhile working for a newspaper in Nevada, Mark Twain became involved in a heated dispute with James Laird, the publisher of a rival paper.

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Things quickly escalated, and the two men agreed to duel. He was a horrible shot, despite shooting lessons from Steve Gillis, his second.

The nervous Laird subsequently agreed to call off the duel. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

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By Amy Tikkanen. Andrew Jackson, oil on canvas by Asher B. Durand, c.

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Alexander Hamilton agreed to fight Aaron Burr in a duel. Burr shot Hamilton on July 11, Hamilton died the next day. Mark Twain in Constantinople, c. Load More.