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Jealous of my baby daddy new girlfriend. When your partner is jealous of your child, one thing is clear: your child should always come first. Tucker considers himself a ladies man at times even though he is not seen with many women during the show and gets jealous of his friends for getting so many women and sometimes ask his friends to ask their girlfriends to hook Tucker up I had been dating my baby daddy for 3 years I broke up with him so that he can better himself. So i ended up seeing gay messages on his fb messenger, and i also know that he visits bathhouses.

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Posted Apr 14, by anonymous views 87 comments. I have a daughter who turned 16 a week ago. I think shes been thinking about this for a while. I would catch her staring at me in weird ways when she thought I didn't notice. On her birthday she blew out her candles and I asked her way she wished for I figured she'd say a car or something but she gave me that exact same stare look and said just a hug from daddy and grabbed my hands and playfully spinning around so I was hugging her over her shoulders I could feel her back up so my dick was rubbing right up against her butt.

It must've twitched a little. She IS sexy after all. Looks just like her mother a cups butstill a big butt. I heard my Daughter in the shower yell in here I walked in and it was on the counter under her panties I think she did this on purpose cuz I know I didn't leave the phone in there.

She was still soapy for christ sake just staring at me like " make a move. And giggled I dash walked out of the room in complete silence that night she was in bed.

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As my wife went to bed she passed my daughters room I heard my daughters donor open all the way but no one came out I thought I heard crying and slowly walked in to the last thing I ever wanted to see. My daughter sitting on top of her still made bed fully naked, legs spread rubbing her clit begging me to fuck her. I said "oh my god Elizabeth what the fuck are you doing?! She said what's it look like? I want to fuck my daddy. We argued but she didn't stop masturbating at all no matter how much I tried to reason with her fathers can't fuck their children and she must've saw me getting hard while I was yelling because she flipped over and let me see her tiny but super fat ass In all its glory I ran out because had I stayed any longer I might have given in.

She was cumming hard and her ass is amazing the next Morning she came up to me while I was on the couch and stood right in my view, took her shirt off, twisted both her tiny nipples and said I sleep naked with my door unlocked.

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I don't know what to do. I can't change her Sexuality. But she doesnt stop while on the way to school one morning she tried to suck my dick while I drove I almost crash trying to stop her. She part of me wants to get her help but I don't want to air her personal business. And yes everybody goes bare back even me.

You can cum in me any time girlfriends are ok with me because I don't hide we fuck out front not in hiding. If you want to fuck me say so just tell your gf and she can watch an I promise if my mouth cant drain your blue balls dry then I got a pussy that will finish you off for sure and I love it in the ass too just no double riders.

I can teach any girl how to hold it back an squirt really hard. I shall teach if you want to learn how. And if you don't mind masturbating. Trust me its the only way to know what you need and where to do it just relax and go with it and soon you will squirt just like a fire hydrant. Want details just ask. I make prettie girls blush then explode till they can't walk.

Have someone lick your clit til you are gasping and shaking, then have him smackk smack smack your stiff throbbing clit and juicy wet pussy til you moan and spurt hot girl cumm everywhere. Just because something happens often doesn't make it right.

Let's say since the beginning of mankind there were 10, families that started out. There's probably MORE people who have done it, than there are people who have not done it.

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But yet you just beat your dick thinking about how hot it be to fuck them. You beat your meat to the story, calling other ppl disgusting to make yourself feel better eh? Someone hates themselves. Very true i got my daughter pregnant with twins when she was just sixteen and she is still a very good fuck and she can't enough of my seven inch dick.

Most of the girls here in the trailer park have already fucked their daddies. I had oral sex with my daughter for awhile when she was very young she would swallow sometimes other times I would shoot on her she still end up eating my cum when she was a little older I screwed her in her ass it felt great being in my darughter and fucking her we did that for awhile when she had a birthday I took her out to a hotel where we screwed for the first time we spent the weekend fucking she was eight years old she's thirty two now and we still fuck all the time we sleep together she loves me and sometimes she wants some pussy which works great for me so if you get a chance to screw your darughter fuck her.

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Then shit do it again and again until that bitch begs you to stop. After that say to her Get her pregnant. My daddy fucked me. Cumming on the cock that made you is so amazing.

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Does anyone like curvy girls here? I am 16, and have always wanted to fuck a complete stranger. I have only had oral sex, but I want to get pounded by a big dick so bad. I want a guy older than 20 please.

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I wear 30C bra and I have a big bubble butt. I am only 5 feet tall and I have long brown straight hair. Don't know what to think about this.

Can't decide what is real and what is fake. I'm sure there are trolls in here since it is the Internet. I think you have a vivid imagination. But I know for sure, you are a fat ugly baldy bastard with a tiny dick.

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She just wasn't into sex any more. She got me on the pill when my periods started. I know a lot of people think "11?? DAMN" But seriously, most of my friends have admitted to at least sucking off a boy before they were