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My mom gave me a wedgie


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It could have been much worse. It could have been a really bad word.

How do you get your mom to give you a wedgie?

Or gesture. It was really bad.

But not the worst. He came up to me after sports challenge, an after-school-gym-class, and said that so-and-so boy gave anther so-and-so boy a wedgie and he got in huge trouble.

Worst wedgie ever

He heard from the one boy who heard from the other that it happened and then saw the teacher send the culprit directly to the office. I told him I would explain it later, after we got home. This was an intentional, bully-driven, act of meanness.

We arrived home and my boys began to play and play some more and I thought it unnecessary to go interrupt their time together by offering an explanation for such an unpleasing thing. Then at dinner, Logan reminded me that I said I would tell him what a wedgie was and would I please go ahead and do so.

I looked over at Chris as if to detect some kind of flashing script of how I should proceed.

I would just honestly tell him, but somehow I felt like I needed to seek more eloquence. But then I started to get a juvenile grin on my face and looked away.

Embarrassed by the muscle movement on my face, I gave Chris another quick look for reinforcement. Please note….

I did not think it was funny. We discussed how mean it is to give someone a wedgie was and that doing it to someone else is never, ever ok.

Logan was sad and told us that his friend, the victim, said it hurt really, really bad. That is when this rage set in…the rage that I only ever learned about the day motherhood became my reality. Chris and Logan and I very peacefully talked about feelings that he may have had about it and what to do if it ever happened to him or another friend of his.

Eli even offered some help about how naughty children in his classroom are taught to behave nicer. We talked about kids who the boys know who are slowly moving from the dark side to the light side.

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Their words, by the way. At least I kept it all to myself!

I kept a peaceful demeanor this whole time and I do feel like it was a very, very valuable lesson and discussion at the table tonight. Point being—Self inflicted wedgies are much more acceptable than the bully induced wedgie.

Jen DeZeeuw February 26, Logan asked me what a wedgie was today. One comment.