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My mom spanked me


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It's always incredibly difficult to describe to other people what it was like growing up at my house. My parent's weren't as bad as some of the stories I read on here but they were still pretty bad. I sometimes like to tell this small story to people to give them at least a vague idea of how irrational my mom was the majority of the time.

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That time my mom spanked me (as a young teenager) for refusing to kill a spider she wouldn't kill herself

I won't, I don't really get that part. Who the hell want to be spanked? My ass still hurts. Luckily for us we made it out a live. So that was justified when my mother passed many years later i was in a foster home where the foster mother use to beat me for no reason.

Your lucky you didn't fo to jail for that. I always try to reason with her but she never listens to me. She treats me like a baby and I resent it. I will try talking to her again but it is very frustrating. She is one of those women who think they have all the answers. But I will try again. I don't think it's normal for a teen to still have to be spanked. That means there is something not working in the household.

Either the spanking shouldn't have been done in the first place or it should have stopped a long time ago. I turned over my lighter and the remaining pinwheels.

And I apologized to everyone in the building. That's good. Everyone makes mistakes at some point or another. I hope you and your mom can get along better now.

Understand what you are saying but a little swat on the bum doesn't hurt them it guides them. BaileyisDarcy couldn't have said it better myself. You were playing, literally, with fire and didn't mean to set shit on fire. My mum burned her parents hay shed down at your age from playing with fire. People have lost their homes from children playing with fire. You didn't MEAN to set anything alight? Are you stupid? If you have been communicating with her but she isn't giving a damn you could do two things, 1. Warn her if she spank you again you will lodge abuse case.

I know. I think I hurt her. I was trying to because I was mad and embarrassed. But now I kind of regret it. Well, you were spanked, I don't think you should regret. Maybe this is mean of me but I wouldn't regret my own relatiation after being spanked. But Now I'm humiliated cuz a lot people know and it was't justified by a long shot.

Yeah but all I can say is that nobody is too old for a spanking. The My mom spanked me your mother Disciplines you is her choice. You have to be calm while venting. There was no "grounding". Moan in ecstasy when she does it. Gotta make it convincing. Call her daddy. Did I ever say anything another myself getting hit? I was just giving you advice on how to deter ur mom from spanking you at your age. It's entirely different As you don't have excess body muscles and fats! Which makes spanking give you pleasure, and since you have thin skin I know it hurts my mom used me as punching bag from 8- 14yrs age The key here is your mom does not know you are getting pain or pleasure from it.

Your mom's aim is giving pain, He hits you and you act like it's pleasure, then her aim is failing so she will resort to some other techniques. You just need to act like you are enjoying the hits. As of age 13yrs age it isn't much to explain you and I cannot, as this opinion owner advice says AA little fake sexual pleasure outcome due to spanking, will instantly make spanking repulsive to your mom!. Since it enters 'Inscest zone' My mom spanked me will never even imagine of spanking you!

She will resort to other techniques like grounding. Nik1hil How can I pretend I'm getting pleasure when it feels like my ass is on fire? I was lighting pinwheels on the fire escape and one of them flew back into an open window and landed in her purse. I didn't know until the smoke alarm went off. It was a total fiasco. BUt it's not like I did it on purpose.

Your neighbour is not an asshole because he called Understand that he thought there was imminent danger because of the fire alarm. Maybe you shouldn't have been lighting pinwheel so close to the house. Your neighbor is not an asshole, he just didn't want his home or your home to be burned down.

You better be glad your neighbor called the FDNY or you all would have been homeless by now. Cola She made me go to every apt. Some of the neighbors are still mad because the hallways still smells of smoke. She used her hand but it was on my bare ass. It hurt like hell. Your mom loves you enough to do that. Remember she is your mother and not your friend. What are they going to do? Tell the police that a mother spanked her own child?

What should i do after my mom is done giving me a hard spanking over her lap? it really hurts. i am grounded right now and sneaking onto the computer without my moms permission.

Its not illegal to spank you know. No its not, look it up. In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, you are not forbidden by law to use corporal punishment on your child as long as the form of punishment is reasonable and does not cause injury. That's sick. She should report it. Just because she's 13 doesn't mean shit, she's still .

My mom still spanks me. is this normal?

I dont know where you get your information from but its absolutely not true. Still legal though. It doesn't break any laws. Thats the point im trying to make.

My mom spanked us she spanks her grankids

I have a Criminal Justice degree and it IS completely legal to spank their own. It's the embarrassment that's killing me. I don't even mind my sore ass so much but the humiliation is unbearable.

If my friends find out I"m finished forever. What's the worst that could happen? If your friends are really your friends, they'll respect your wishes that they drop it.

How would they find out anyway? Something like this could ruin me. I feel like I committed a crime. How did you get your parents to stop? Everyone in my building knows and I'm afraid it will get back to my friends and school. I wouldn't do such a stupid thing if I were you. You should always be careful when handling flammables without supervision. Also calling other people rude names just because they wanted to live safe doesn't justify your cause.

My parents spanked me until i was 21

There wasn't even a real fire. Just some smoke. Smoke is an indication about a fire. It doesn't matter if it was just smoke, many things could've been caught on fire if left ignored. He just took safety precautions and you can't say that taking safety precautions are wrong.