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Perhaps one of the longest-running romances in Marvel Comics is the one between Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. When Reed Richards and Sue Storm later got married, that became one of the biggest events in Marvel history. It was no doubt the biggest wedding in Marvel history. Reed wasn't the only love interest Susan ever had though. Namor the Sub Mariner was another.

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It's something that is presented in way too many F4 runs and 9 in every 10 Sue Storm-focused storylines are about this. How does one woman end up so infatuated with someone that is commonly presented as immature, unstable and violent? Is Sue Storm into this kind of guy?

The guy even tries to kill her husband, not even that turns her off? Or does Sue finds him so physically attractive that she is willing to overlook everything else, including his general poor behavior and his attacks on the surface and on her family?

Wouldn't that make Sue really short-sighted and, honestly, shallow? People give Reed a lot of flack as a husband, but at least he isn't shown desiring to leave his family for, I don't know, Black Swan or Hela.

You can be physically attracted to someone, when you know full well that he's a total douch. Especially when you're in a weird relationship, not devoid all love by any mean, but most of the time neither passionnate or sexy. I actually think that the namor thing is necessary for Sue's character as a whole.

Because without it, she feel kinda From what I've seen, it's her only defect, the only thing that make her imperfect and thus, human. For the moment, she can clearely restrain herself, but she sure seems to enjoy the tought of being with namor, and is really physically atracteed to him.

If she was to ever cheat on Richard, I'm pretty sure that the relatioonship with namor would be purely sexual, and not romantic by any mean. She's not stupid, she know that he's a jerk. And she is so attracted to him that she is willing to overlook whatever he does or how he behaves? She is human because she likes to think about leaving her husband for a guy that tries to kill her husband?

No, no one is perfect and most of the time she tells Namor to fuck off. Conway portrayed Sue as eager to start something with him.

So did DeFalco during a time when Reed was believed to be dead and Claremont who introduced the idea that Sue loves Namor from the bottom of her heart and then never finished that storyline. The real question here is why Sue still hasn't left Reed for Namor.

Between someone that provides for your family and saves people and someone that tries to kill your family and threatens people, would you choose the later instead of the former? Sue is a member of the fantastic four and has the powers of invisibility and making force fields.

She is also married to Reed Richards and has two kids with them. Sue and Namor also have a lot of sexual tension.

I know all that. I just want to understand better this part in particular:. Where does that come from? Why is Sue so attracted to "dickish Aquaman that threatens my husband's life"? Found the internet! Sort by: best. Prince Robot IV. Reply Share.

Continue this thread. It's mostly the opposite, Namor loves Sue. It's not one-sided. Why would she? I just want to understand better this part in particular: Sue and Namor also have a lot of sexual tension. A reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital comics. Created Mar 28, Top posts may 24th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.