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Naruto says with concern, "What kind of mission involves coming to this forest? Cooldown Hug: Naruto gives one to Fuu. She gets rather annoyed that he tries to give her another one every time they … Iruka ranted silently while letting out another sigh. After Madara Uchiha's defection from Konohagakure, he found Kurama and used his Sharingan to control it, forcing the fox to help him fight against Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage.

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Het Romance [] Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples. General Fiction [] Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe.

OC-centric [] Any Naruto fanfic that has the major inclusion of a fan-made character. Non-Naruto Fiction [] Self-evident. MadFic [] Any fic with no real plot and humor based. Doesn't require correct spelling, paragraphing or punctuation but it's a very good idea.

Fan Ninja Bingo Book [] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. No stories. Desires Unbound 2. The Mission and Kitsune Hinata 4. Dreams and Kyuubi 5. Day 1 and The Real Mission Begins 6. Darkness Released 7. Darkened Desires Unleashed 9. New Paths Chosen. I trully enjoy Naruto, but I am not what one would call a "hardcore fan".

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By this, I mean I don't memorize jutsu names, every character and such. Also, this is a fanfic, which to me, ifies that, so long as I keep the characters and such in their own world, I can tweak this. This is my first time. I wasn't happy with that, so I am making my own, based off of that.

I do not own or know the person who created the original Entitled "Hinata's Desire" I believe. I am creating the entire story from scratch however.

I just wanted to get that out of the way so it was there and hopefully, I don't get flamed to horribly. Darkened Desire: Naruto had just finished in training ground seven and was on his way to Ichiraiku Ramen for his customary twenty bowls of ramen when he bumped into Hinata.

She started falling back letting out a short "oomph" on her way down. About halfway down Naruto grabbed her by her forearm and pulled, causing her to hit against his chest so he could stabalize her again. She hadn't even realized her falling or her being pulled into Naruto. She only noticed that their bodies were pressed against each other and that it was very close to the boy she has felt strongly for since she first saw him.

Are you alright?

He noticed her face, from the roots of her hair down to her neck before it disappeared into her jacket, was deep red and that she was very still. He was hoping it was just from being down and up so quickly. Quickly, Naruto looked around bent down to try and wake her up.

He realized this happened a lot with her. He would get close and she would get a darker shade of red as the distance closed until the eventual thump. He would have to ask Neji if he knew if there was some kind of a medical condition with her. But until then, he would have to get her from out in the middle of the commonway. Naruto picked Hinata up and took her to Ichiraiku Ramen and set her on the stool next to where he planned to sit and set her down so it looked as though she fell asleep.

That would keep people from prying into a situation he couldn't really explain. Everyone seemed to hate him enough as it was. Oh my what happened here? She slid her fingers through Hinata's hair to put it behind her ear and took a look at her face, making sure she was alright simply out of curiousity. Did she come with you Naruto?

This story provides examples of:

Naruto put his hand behind his head and scratched his ear. She does this often? I'm sorry! I'll buy you a bowl of ramen, 'kay? I didn't mean to faint, it just happened, as usual. I didn't even ask, I'm sorry. I w-was actually c-coming here to eat anyway.

Naruto smiled his big cheesy grin and Hinata just got a bit more red in the cheeks. She just pushed the points of her fingers together until their orders were brought. Naruto finished a bowl as Hinata finished every other bite. They finished in relative silence, Naruto totally oblivious to the looks Hinata would give him out of the corner of her eyes and her making sure he didn't.

A quick bonk on the head made Naruto bite the noodles from his current slurp off and a noodle to shoot out his nose. You should really try and eat something other than ramen once in a while!

There is nothing else that could match ramen! Hello Hinata! I've been looking everywhere for you!

Mind control

This is not the last place I would expect to find you, but certainly not that far from it. What did you n-need me f-for? We decided that we wanted all the girls together and you were the only one that wasn't around when we thought it up. So I said I would look for you and see what you wanted to do. It would be tonight, unless that wouldn't work for you, then we can do it tomorrow night. TenTen has a mission she will leave for in three days, so we wanted to do it soon while we all had time. That sounds like fun! We couldn't care less if you think it is fun, because if you were there, you would find yourself the target of a few hours of shuriken and kunai practice!

I d-do have tonight available, so where would we meet and when? He quickly leaned back and put his hands up in a defensive gesture. Sakura, I didn't mean anything by it, I was just saying you had such a brilliant idea!

That's all! Hinata was pulling out the money to pay for her ramen when Naruto's hand was on her's. A very embarassed Hinata froze and began to redden again.

I am sorry I bumped you down. I didn't mean to. Naruto paid for your meal? She was watching Naruto disappear into the abyss of the people walking around during the day. Time for the fun to begin! Snacks and drinks were around as they all looked at Ino to find out what she meant. They were already having fun.

We've been having fun for a while now. She couldn't, for the life of her, figure out what Ino was getting at, but with the way she looked, it was going to probably end badly somehow. A girl's gotta have SOME kind of a defense against those villianous men out there, right? You mean, you can take over someone's mind and tell them to say, do something, and they do it as you say without you having to keep controlling them?

It seemed