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Naruto is given a scroll containing the secrets of making women fall for him, a scroll he uses at first on the women around him but soon on the shinobi world as a whole, giving birth to the Ero-ninja.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Raiton Kensei Start date Nov 3, First Prev 2 of 6 Go to. Raiton Kensei Peace through Violence. So far out of the 5 characters I've drawn, 3 are female, 2 of those 3 are main characters, the other female is the Raikage, she's important but the Raikage isnt one fo the 4 Main characters. I have plans for a main female villian and also the female uchiha will play an important role too.

Naruto fanfiction jinchuuriki unite

And dont worry Chaosmax Dream. I'm currently working on a female jonin Kumo temp. Jozi Du-dun-dananana Calibrations! Can you PM me the Uchiha Temps.? BTW: Sorry about the poor description, I'll find an image. Spoiler Show. Hair: Gattoishi's is medium lengthed, light brown, and is slightly spiky.

Eyes: Gattoishi possesses square, green eyes.

Neck: His neck is pretty thick, nervy. Build: Gattoishi has a strong, large, and compact build. Skin Color: Dark Tan. Legs: He wears large black shorts, and regular sandels.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The male Uchiha has already been taken so if you still want to do it you will have to do the female one. Nice character, he's accepted I already know where he'll fit in the story. Nyangoro Break the Spell. Could you send me the Clan temp if it hasn't been picked up?

I'd like to take a stab at it. Age: 26 Sex: Female Appearance: Black skin with long dark hair flowing halfway down her back and put into a ponytail. Her eye color is dark brown. She has on gloves with the Village symbol on it, wears black pants with back and front pockets, and has black shoes on. She cares for others well being however when in battle she warns them that if they get in the way they could get killed which is why she is known as a savage beast or as it says in her dog tag the wolf hunter.

ature Jutsu: Wolf Fang- Luna makes chakra forms of wolves to attack her enemy. The technique requires her to first push out her chakra, then once conjuring the image in her head the chakra takes the form of wolves and obeys her commands however this justu takes up a vast amount of chakra.

She can make them explode amount contact and if trying to find someone can contact the others to make the location known. Other: She was separated from most of her family when she was little and has lived with her cousin and father in the hidden cloud village since she was 7. She enjoys walking around and is usually found in the park casually walking by or helping her cousin repair broken weapons.

Last edited: Nov 4, Give me some time to finish it and I will pm it to you tonight buddy Chaos I already know what I will do with her too. Ok lol and the next one I'll make may be one of the seven swordsman or the mist but first I got chores and homework to do so I may not post it till later on tonight or sometime tomorrow. King Naruto Retired for now.

I'm going to give you references for my characters.

I want you to draw them the way yu feel. Third temp coming later. He likes to live life to fullest and that means everyday. Very easygoing and friendly, that is sometimes used against him.

Hinata is queen — hmq’s naruhina fanfic masterpost /?

Though Meru can get mad pretty easily when things aren't goin his way, causing him to become very reckless. One last thing is Meru has no problem killing so, it's not good to be on his bad side. ature Jutsu: Lightning Fist - By channeling chakra into his hand, Meru manipulates it causing lightning chakra to spark erratically around his arm from his palm and the lightning chakra to pulse up, forming one large chakra wing from his back with a second smaller one underneath it.

The wings can be used to allow Meru a form of gliding. If it was cut through, the chakra would simply reform the wings. The lightning chakra makes Meru's arm and hand a weapon. Meru can use it for taijutsu, giving his opponent a nice jolt when attacking, he can grab them, causing the lightning chakra to shock them, or block attacks sending jolts through Naruto moves to kumo fanfiction attacker.

He can fire the lightning chakra off in blasts or arcs toward his opponent. He can also make the lightning chakra extend forward, creating a lightning blade which can cut much better then a normal katana. Other: Meru and his twin sister have been raised by Ceon since the day they were born. Name: Tamotsu Raizo Age: 24 Sex: Male Appearance: Raizo's hair is in a ponytail that extends to his back and his bangs cover his face somewhat. From the middle to the ends of his hair has been colored a dark gold giving him two hair colors, Black at the top to middle and Dark Gold from the middle to his ends.

He never second-guesses herself, and makes it a priority to be informed and to be right. He seems to have a sadistic sense of humor at times. He can be just as manipulative as the next person. He's always cool and calm, making it almost impossible to put pressure on him, in or out of battle.

It also seems like he's always one step ahead It is not through blood that it is passed down but through skill. When the student masters the style, they must kill their master by overcoming their the Kuzu Ryu Sen with the succession technique, Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki. When one truly able to learn such a style, they are able to exercise superhuman speed, and reflexes and use Shinshoku Godspeed.

The first learning curve of the style is studying the opponent, and predicting the opponents next move by analyzing your opponent and reading their body movement, and emotions, and using your own senses allowing the swordsman to react no matter how fast they are. This is where the god speed must come from. One must work their legs naturally through rigorous training. Once the legs are strong enough to move at extreme speeds. The user will then work upon their chakra control, fueling it throughout their legs allowing the muscles to work much smoothly and protecting the tendons from ripping at such high speeds.

Once successfully mastered, one can move at such high speeds that even dojutsu users would find trouble in keeping up. The chakra used will be a small amount as if activating a kekkai genkai which is a small amount. Jutsu: I've talked to Raiton about this. Iaido - The first initial technique of the Tomatsu's sword style. It utilizes the draw of the katana in one swift cut faster then the eye can see nor body can react.

Depening on if the user is left or right handed determines what foot le when the draw is implicated. The momentum behind the draw is great enough to break through steel or a chakratic defense and kill whoever is struck. Being proficent with this technique, Raizo can draw his long nodachi faster then someone drawing a katana.

The speed at which he draws is not to be taken lightly for he has the fastest draw in his clan. He must have some focus upon the blade or he would swing around a blade about as big him consuming tons of chakra. Swinging the blade rapidly, it will cause massive chakratic explosions and cuts that rip right through their opponents, burning them with each cut.