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She pulled back to attack him, knowing he came strongest with more stimulation to his head than deep throating offered so focused on the tip of him more as she changed her ministrations up to faster, short strokes over the first few inches of him. Her tongue hooked now to stimulate and tease him with perfect pressure under his head as she sucked just right, not too hard, on his bulging, sensitive tip and mixed it perfectly with the flicks of her tongue.

Natalie dormer

His strained thrusts up into her mouth, trying not to take charge intently in the build up to his orgasm, feeling the tingling rushing up on him as Natalie kept going, seeming to sense it was the moment and increasing her speed. He groaned and grunted harder, throaty and guttural as she really picked it up to her ultimate pace and worked her tongue with intensity he'd forgotten.

It was almost too much in the best possible way and he held on for as long as he could, feeling the intense, soulful sensation finally hit him. It was like a wave breaking, the power just sweeping over him as he couldn't help but give in to his wants and grabbed her hair to haul her down deep, burying his cock deep in her throat with a near roar of ecstasy as his cock erupted to empty thick shots of come into her throat. Natalie just groaned and shuddered with pleasure in contrast to his roar of pleasure as she felt his hot load spill into her throat, so deep she couldn't even taste him as his hot, salty load exploded into her body.

She just groaned and Natalie dormer tongue sucking, loving that she made him come with her efforts, working her tongue at him hard to encourage every last drop from him as she strained in her mouth with hard, bulging thrusts, seeming to burst endlessly into her mouth as he squeezed every last burst of himself into her as she swallowed hungrily.

With a final clench, he held her for a moment and then sagged back to the bed, hands slumping to the bed beside him as Natalie slowly pulled back off him with a slow suck and sat up, smiling as she swallowed with a look of triumphant success. She loved that he enjoyed fucking her so much, as much as she enjoyed him.

Natalie gasped, the trademark smirk spreading on her face as he took control. She loved the feeling of him taking over, dominating her a bit, just as much as she liked being in charge.

The way he held her down, his grip too strong for her to break, was a huge turn on for her. A challenge. Sean let out a playful, feral growl at her defiance. He knew her teasing ways, loved them even, and he was happy to indulge in the instincts she awakened. She let out a small shriek when he grabbed her by the shoulder and effortlessly flipped her over onto her front, then used his weight to pin her down into the mattress, both hands immediately slapping down on her ass. She really had a great booty. Going on instinct, he placed a gentle kiss on the blemish.

The actress purred in response and he felt her push her ass up at him, enjoying the soothing contact and urging him to continue.

He did, planting a series of small, light pecks on her warm skin, while he reached behind himself. Blindly grabbing a pillow, he shoved that below Natalie's hips, elevating them in her prone position to give himself better access. Natalie peered back at him over her shoulder as he settled down in position, straddling her calves as he worshipped her ass.

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She smiled, feeling giddy in anticipation, having looked forward to this for days now. His lips, tongue, teeth and fingers on her behind, pampering her while he took his time. She felt him spread her cheeks apart slightly as he slowly worked his way towards her core, exposing the pink iris of her butthole and eliciting another gasp as his tongue flickered over it.

He didn't linger however, merely causing her puckered hole to clench before he placed a gentle kiss on her taint and Natalie's body tensed in unbearable anticipation to what was coming next only to let out a grunt of disappointment when he strayed off his path.

Instead of giving her what she wanted so badly, he continued his trail along her right pussy lip, avoiding the sensitive centre and circling around. Just as she opened her mouth to berate him further, he flipped the switch and Natalie's jaw dropped as the wet, spongy flat of his tongue broadly swiped up her slit.

A gasp came from her mouth and her brow furrowed as he licked her all the way from her small clit over her cunt to her asshole where he inverted and made his way all the way back to where he had started. Natalie felt like a current was running through her body. The anticipation and build-up over the last couple of days had been immense and the pay-off now was incredible as Sean's tongue went to work. With the time of teasing over, he wasted no Natalie dormer tongue time and all but devoured her snatch. He had always been incredibly talented and she had always loved having her pussy eaten and the time apart made it all the sweeter now.

Her fingers curled and dug into the sheets, clawing at them as Sean used his thumbs to spread her open a little more, allowing him to go deeper and hit some of her most sensitive spots. The way hips lips wrapped around her clit, his tongue fucked her Natalie dormer tongue hole, his face buried itself in her ass Eyes closed, she wiped some errand strays of hair out of her face, then buried her face into a pillow to stifle a moan, only managing to make it that more obvious. His mouth pressed to her smooth pussy, Sean glanced up to see Natalie squirm desperately and he couldn't help but grin against her snatch.

Like Natalie, he loved giving oral sex as much as receiving it and seeing her tremble and shiver like this, melting away under his tongue, really gave him a rush. The fact that she was famous, a beautiful Hollywood starlet that millions of people lusted after, only increased the push to his male ego and motivated him to apply himself even more.

It made fucking Natalie Dormer the best sex he had ever had. Another short slap to her raised butt, then he latched his lips on to her clit.

His tongue found the little bundle of nerves and teased it beneath its hood as he noisily sucked, which elicited another feverish groan. She was so utterly carried away, lost in the moment that he had absolutely no issues catching her by surprise when he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, Natalie dormer tongue onto her back. Her eyes widened and she glared down at him past her jiggling tits, but before she could get as much as a single sound out he had pushed her knees up to her chest and his chin was once again buried in her crotch.

She moaned his name. Like they had minds of their own, her hands came down to his head, fingers entangling in his short hair, trying to force him deeper as he ate her out. Her eyes rolled in their sockets, her head dropped back as her feet kicked the air and she felt her own release become imminent.

She was helpless below him, the tables turned to how it had been earlier when her mouth had been wrapped around his cock and she loved it. A girly whine escaped her lips as they curled into an erratic smile and she tried to force more of her pussy into his hot, skilled mouth. Sensing her imminent release, Sean knew just the right way to finish her off. Using his left forearm to pin her legs back, he freed up his right hand for her.

His lips moved to her clit, attacking it with renewed vigour and as this was already enough to drive Natalie crazy she didn't see it coming at all when he pushed two fingers into her pussy. She bucked once more as she was penetrated, caught utterly off guard in the best way possible.

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She had been soaking wet, so Sean's fingers easily slid inside, stretching her cunt around them and adding to the already incredible stimulation. He wasted no time either, hooking the fingers to stimulate Natalie's g-spot as he quickly thrust in and out, causing raunchy squelching noises from the Brit's petite pussy. Natalie cried out, spewing out a very unladylike curse as she came, her hips lifting off the bed and pressing up against her lover's mouth.

Her pussy clenched down on his fingers, gripping and massaging them as he continued to rub her rubbery g-spot all throughout, driving her deeper into the abyss. She let out a strained whine, grimacing as Sean expertly prolonged her orgasm, teasing her increasingly sensitive flesh to the point it was unbearable. Bleary-eyed, she looked down at him, panting, her entire body covered in sweat. Looking at his Natalie dormer tongue digits, then at him, she opened her mouth and accepted them inside, loudly sucking them clean and tasting herself in the process, the lewd act only making him harder.

Lips still wrapped around his fingers like she was sucking his cock, Natalie gave him a wink, then pulled her legs up to wrap them around his waist, trying to draw him in.

When he pulled his hand back, that saucy smirk was already back and egging him on as she felt the head of his rejuvenated cock rub over the soft folds of her pussy. Sensing her eagerness, Sean smiled. Continuing their game of never giving in right away to what the other person wanted, he reached down and grabbed his member around the base, nuzzling it up against Natalie's slick opening.

When she fell for it, the expectation of penetration written all over her gorgeous face, he decided to draw things out a little longer by rubbing his cock head along her slit, then lightly tapping it against her clit. The cute gasp of indignation the actress gave at this drew a chuckle from him and he enjoyed the feeling of her heels digging into his Natalie dormer tongue, trying to force him in, but after a few moments he had enough of this, himself eager to fuck her.

The look on Natalie's face was priceless, eyes and mouth widening, nostrils flaring when he pressed his thick cock against her tender opening and pushed inside.

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Aided by the demanding pressure of her heels, he slid right in and Natalie let out a long, slutty moan as her silky pussy was stretched open. She hugged him close as several inches of hard, hot cock pierced her and it felt so good that her short fingernails dug into his back It had been too long!

With how wet she was, he managed to push almost two thirds of his thick cock into her cunt on the first try, taking both of their breath away as he did. He was careful enough not to hurt either of them, knowing that with how big he was, pacing was elementary, but she was so utterly wet he hardly had to Natalie dormer tongue.

Instead it was her Natalie dormer tongue urged him deeper, pulling him in like she was desperate for more and the throaty, guttural moan she let out when he was finally buried all the way inside her hinted at how urgent it had been for her. They remained like that for a moment, her arms and legs tightly wrapped around him with his cock deep inside her pussy, his balls pressed snugly against her ass, and just basked in the feeling of being truly reunited. Sean grit his teeth, feeling her snatch cling to him when he pulled back in the most pleasurable way and both gasped as he thrust back in.

He pressed his lips to hers as he began fucking her with long, slow strokes. The two of them moaned into each other's mouth as he quickly found a rhythm and gained pace. He knew well what she liked and made strategic use of that knowledge. The British actress moaned in response, her head dropping back to the mattress and she looked up at the ceiling, completely losing herself in the fucking she was now receiving. Her cries got louder, the hug of her arms tighter as his wonderfully thick cock seemed to hit all the right spots at just the right angles in a way that only he seemed to be capable off.

She uncrossed her legs and let her thighs fall apart, completely giving up control to him and opening her pussy up for him, knowing that the sacrifice in their little power struggle was worth it. Unrestricted, Sean made use of her submission.

Digging his toes into the bedding, he gained leverage to put more power into his thrusts while rolling his hips to make sure to stimulate her even more with each rough thrust. The bed beneath them began to creak, adding to the naughty soundtrack of moaning and rough slapping of flesh on bare flesh that filled the room and as Natalie's shameless, primal cries of pleasure grew louder he reached down to grab her ankles.

Halting his rhythm for just a split second, he pulled her legs up to his shoulders, bending her double beneath him, which gave him further control and allowed him to penetrate even deeper. Remembering that trademark smirk of hers, the way she had disregarded the fact that he had a girlfriend now and had easily wrapped Natalie dormer tongue around her little finger like she always seemed to manage Grabbing her wrists, he then pinned them down on the bed too, leaving the English beauty completely stuck below him.

She seemed to love it too, spurring him on in her charming accent as his heavy ballsack rhythmically slapped against her ass. His endurance was impressive.