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Alex had her father's testicles in her hands. She slowly applied pressure, squeezing the slippery orbs inside his scrotum. Phil, barely conscious, felt an increasing pain that travelled from his groin up to his belly. He emitted a low continuous groan and attempted to protect his genitals with his hands. The girls had them pinned as he struggled. Alex continued her assault. She had Phil's ball sack stretched almost to his knees. This time she pulled on her father's scrotum side to side. His penis flailed like a rubber hose from one side to the other. Phil gurgled and sounded to choke.

He was coming to and opened his eyes to a horrific sight.

He saw his daughter, Alex, pulling on his balls. Haley stood to one side, wide-eyed. He couldn't move his arms because a girl was each standing on his outstretched arms. The pain in his groin was unbearable. It felt as if his insides were being pulled out through his sack.

The neighbor girls simultaneously screamed in shock and jumped off Phil's arms. They both ran out through the back door.

Alex remained strangely calm. She still had her father by the balls. But her confidence was quickly shattered as her father's muscular hands grabbed her by the wrists. The pressure was unbearable. She thought her arms would break like twigs from her fathers grasp.

She let go off his balls and attempted to pull away. Phil, even in his awkward position, was able to shimmy his buttocks down to the living room floor, and twist himself up onto a kneeling position, all the while having his daughters skinny wrists in his vice like grip.

Alex was now truly fearful. Her father had fiery glazed eyes staring at her. He was snarling. Drool dripped from his mouth. Phil got up slowly on his feet. He lifted Alex by her wrists straight up in the air. She dangled helplessly and tried to wriggle herself free.

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He was too powerful and too big. Alex eyed her father's dangling genitals. His penis swung between his legs. His balls, now completely retracted from pain, bulged like tight pouches the size of tomatoes. Alex kicked forward, aiming for her father's balls. But Phil was ready. He twisted his hips side ways and raised his right thigh. The only part she hit was the side of his muscular thigh.

She tried again, but before she can connect, Phil swung her like a rag doll and threw her over the kitchen counter. She landed on the kitchen floor. Her buttocks sent electrical shocks up and down her spine.

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She sat there, stunned, and waited for further punishment. She limped towards the front door. When she was at the foot of the stairs, she saw a figure at the top. It was her father. He was already clothed in a tight white shirt and loose gym shorts.

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His eyes were still red with anger. She couldn't beat him. All her bravado and knowledge of men's supposed weaknesses proved useless. She was simply too small and too weak. Phil quickly followed his daughter. He swung the door open to the bright headlights of what appeared to be his wife's car. He saw several figures in front of the car's long beams. His eyes focused. His wife and two daughters were in the middle of a pack of at least a dozen women and girls. He leaned forwards but before he could make a step a red laser beam appeared from a weapon drawn by a shadowy figure.

Several women and girls entered the garage. There were at least a dozen of them. Five were young girls, including her two daughters.

The rest were older. He recognized some of the women were his neighbors. Behind him he heard the door shut and locked from within. There were footsteps behind him. Someone pressed a button and the garage door slid shut.

It was a two-car garage lit by a slip of fluorescent light. There were shelves on one side with various tools and implements lying on top.

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On a ceiling beam hung a sturdy rack with a set of pulleys and rope to haul heavy storage out of the way. Phil was about to turn his head towards him when his eyes exploded with bright stars. He fell to the ground on his knees. He soon realized he was punched in the face. The elder women were there, summoned by a flurry of texts and messages from Haley and her friends. A plan was quickly made.

The elders decided that Haley was ready for her first challenge. She protested. She was truly afraid of her father's strength. Phil looked up and around. He was surrounded. He was dazed and confused. Was he still drunk? Was he drugged? A bright red laser dot was still aimed at his crotch. I have proven this tonight. I was able to grab dad by his balls and made him feel pain," Alex continued.

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She then turned to the still confused Phil, "I bestow you 10 minutes of a fight free of any form of genital punishment. Should you win, you may leave freely. Phil stood up in all his glory. He was more than a foot taller than his daughter whose head barely reached his chest. He inhaled and filled his muscular chest with air.

His pectoral muscles were clearly defined under his tight shirt. His biceps were mounds when he flexed. His flat and muscular stomach still had a dull ache, a reminder of his still sore balls. He was wearing loose shorts. He was barefoot. I wouldn't hurt you if you listen to me. Stop this now and tell these women who the boss is in this family," he said.

Alex ignored most of her dad's words. She was busy scanning the room for items and scanning her father for weaknesses. Her father was a mountain of muscle.