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Sadly not all companies seemed to have a great run for the past 30 years which included the Asian financial crisis followed by the economic recession period. Sounds simple right? Not really and taking this ahead I shall plunge to the main context of this article. Such brands have performed poorly at not setting their prices right or not coming up with more lucrative options for consumers to purchase even at times of sale. The first lesson we learn from this case is, for any company to at least make a mark in the sector a lot has to do with great analysis, that has to be done on the market demands and the purchasing behaviour.

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Plunge Modelle neigen viel mehr zum Einschneiden und passen daher seltener. Marlies Dekkers Undressed! Quelle: www. Quelle: shop. Quelle www. I really think, that there is something happening concerning bra ranges! For a start I would look for the "balconette" styles, most of the times those are halfcup styles with horizontal seams only and the edges of the cups are rather open.

The plunge styles tend to cut into the breast tissue a lot more and often they don't fit.

Tipp: If you can shorten your bra yourself I made a tutoriala lot of pics but I didn't add an english version of the text yet. Right when I entered the Underwear section this style caught my eye: well, doesn't this look like Source: www. All in all I highly recommend buying bras that really fit in the first place. Es gibt zur Zeit drei OnlyHer Grundschnitte:. Den weichen Halfcup Schnitt, ganz leicht gepaddet, der in den beiden Premieremodellen Latte goldbeige und Espresso schwarz erschienen ist. Namen und Farben:. Kurze Charakteristik der Modelle. Toller Basic Schnitt, elastische Naht am Cuprand, sehr weich und leicht gepaddet.

Modellliste mit Quicklinks zu den Reviews:. Since I'm a huge, huge fan of the gorgeous OnlyHer bras I want to provide a summary of all the OnlyHer bras available. There are three OnlyHer styles The soft Halfcup style with light padding was the first Onlyher latte plunge by OnlyHer, the first two bras were Latte beige and Espresso black. Shortly after a bra made from similar fabrics appeared: The red Tabasco Plunge : A Plunge with one vertical seam. Perfect for smaller breasts! Next: The Latte in a Plunge style — same style as the T abasco Plungebut same fabrics as the Latte Halfcup — and the Amaretto with an all new style, padded Halfcup : the cups are partly padded, with nice lace and an elastic band at the edge of the cups.

Names and colours:. As you can see, the name of the bra is always the colour: Latte, Espresso, Tabasco, Amaretto, Curacao — beige, black, red, creme, light blue. Sizing Range:. OnlyHer really managed to tend to the special needs of smaller breasts and the developed very comfortable but at the same time very beautiful bras. Women who need shallow cups should really check out OnlyHer. The bras start at 60 bands and go up to 75, not all styles are available in all sizes though. Most of the bras are available from 65FF to 75DD.

Style Overview. Great basic style, elastic seam at the edge of the cups, very soft and lightly padded. Provides a nice round shape without being seen through a shirt. Also great for soft smaller breasts. Brings the girls to the front and works great with small boobs.

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Very soft breasts might have a problem with the very low center gore. A bit deeper in the cup as the other Halfcups, looks great on very round and firm breasts too. For a perfect fit the elastic band might have to be removed. Very classy. Overview with Quicklinks to Reviews:.

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You can buy OnlyHer bras at OnlyHer. Hallo, ich bin Denocte, und ich habe einen Brustumfang von 79cm. Man kann alles positiv betrachten. Und ab jetzt habe ich halt self supportive boobs. Je nach Marke, eh scho wissen, das schwankt ja. Also, free your boobies wenn ihr das so wollt! Dieses war der erste Streich Einleitung - Bras for smaller busts Pt. Hello, I'm Denocte and my bust measurements are 79cm. I thought that was very sweet. Always look at the bright side!

So, now I've got self supportive boobs. I'm to be found in the sizing range around 30C, 28D, 70B Depends on the brand, we all know how sizes differ. You can find a list of bra bloggers with their sizes at Boosaurus' blog!

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It's kind of an urban myth that women with small boobs don't have any problems when it comes to bra shopping. When I did the Fairy Bra Mother Letter for Hourglassy I already went into the topic of how important a fitting bra can be for smaller busted girls.

In this series, for a change, I don't want to rant but rather be helping! So this should be a short guide, the basics for brafitting for smaller busts you might say. One step towards a better and realistic body image can be wearing a fitted bra — if you want to wear a bra. If you don't want to wear a bra, then don't!

Yes, I think sports bras are important for smaller sizes too!

Because: small bust equals 34A. We know that that's not true, but it's handled that way in many lingerie stores. Thanks for reading the first part of this series, in the next part we will adress what styles to look for and the third part will hold shopping tipps!

Overview - Bras for smaller busts Pt. Mal der Reihe nach, worauf lohnt es sich zu achten, ausgehend von den Grundregeln aus dem letzten Artikel? Brafitting sollte meiner Ansicht nach immer eine praktische Angelegenheit sein, nicht reine Theorie! Wir sind nunmal keine berechenbaren 3D Modelle, sondern da spielen so viele Faktoren mit rein. Es ist auch immer wichtig, den BH richtig anzuziehen.

Ich empfehle jedoch eher, BHs zu kaufen die wirklich von Anfang an bequem sitzen.

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In my last post I talked about bras for smaller boobs in general, so today let's talk about bra styles! For a start, let's remember the "ground rules" of the last article:. That's why you should take care that the band is tight. But Onlyher latte plunge, this is a bit complicated:. For example: Someone has got underbust measurements of 69cm 27inches tightly measured. But if the bust measurement is in relation to the underbust very small too, then 65bands EU 30 bands UK will in many cases be very very ok! But I don't see this as a rule. It's just my experience that bands don't have to be THIS tight when dealing with smaller boobs.

So it's important just to try on different sizes to find your comfortable and right size for YOU, but a good starting point is the tight underbust measurement in cm and converting this to your UK size.

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Or measuring the underbust in inch and start with that measurement and maybe adding 2 inches. Personally I really think it's easier to start with snug bands and choose tighter ones if it's really too loose. Note: This is really a guide rule for Small busts!