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I gave him my. While she was initially turned off by his diehard pursuit, she eventually gave in and they chatted on the phone just as Anderson was about to head to Cancun for a photo shoot.

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Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] Sometimes things that happen in my life, seem so unreal. All my life, I have been told I have a vivid and wild imagination, but since I grew up in such a small town, most of my experiences had to come from my imagination. I've always been told that I'm a dreamer, but I think having dreams and goals and reaching for the stars, is what life is all about.

I hope I always keep my feet firmly planted in the clouds.

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Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] I think the thing that enabled me to have real experiences into new things, comes from the freedom I had growing up. For me it all started on July 1st, I was born that day in Ladysmith, British Columbia. It was also Canada's th birthday, which made me the Centennial Baby.

My Mom and Dad received medals just for having me. When I was born, my Mom was only seventeen, and my Dad was nineteen. So, in a way, I think we grew up together. When I was four, my brother Jerry was born.

Pamela anderson feet

My Dad always called me 'Princess', and called Jerry 'Monster'. Until I turned sixteen. Then Jerry became the Prince, and I became the Monster. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island.

And for a kid, it was like living in heaven. There were miles of forest and woods and waterfalls. You could play forever there.

But as all kids do, I grew up, and the wide open space became too small for me, so I moved to the big city, Vancouver. In Vancouver, I worked as a model, and I didn't know it at the time, but it was going to be a B. Lions football game that would change my life forever.

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And my roommate just happened to be a Blue Zone representative, so we had all this free stuff. We had free T-shirts and free hats and free Went to a football game, and we sat next to the Blues Brothers, who Pamela Anderson : went to the audience, and they spot me, and my friends said "Oh, God, you're on the big screen!

Pamela Anderson : and so I look up at the big screen and there I am.

So they get me to stand up and they have me in a Blues T-shirt going like this. Pamela Anderson : and they got me and when it started, the audience was going like this.

Pamela Anderson : the whole game, and they had a noise monitor, and people were Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] After that things started happening pretty fast, and there were a lot of changes in my life. The biggest change was moving to Los Angeles. My friends thought I was crazy, but my dream had to begin somewhere, and I was ready for it to start.

Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] I love imagining myself in a variety of situations, and playing characters.

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Doing a Playmate video was a perfect opportunity for me. It gave me a chance to live out some of my wilder daydreams.

Pamela Anderson : [model insecurity] I have a big head. Pamela Anderson : I have a huge head. Pamela Anderson : So I just feel I'm very large right now, because it expands in the heat.

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So I'm very large. Pamela Anderson : Using my hair to cover it up. Pamela Anderson : There now. Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] An experience that will always seem a little unreal to me, was posing for Playboy. During the actual shooting of the pictures, I couldn't believe it was me. Just posing in all the beautiful makeup I especially couldn't believe it was me when I saw the pictures for the first time.

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I think they captured a side of me I never knew existed. Pamela Anderson : I do not wanna defuse bombs. I do not wanna go down any I do not wanna cliff-dive. I don't wanna walk tightropes I guess I just wanna live!

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Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] Besides reaching for the stars, I think having a great and warm family is the most important thing anyone can accomplish. And some day, I hope to have it all. I hope they see a girl from Comox, British Columbia, reaching for a dream. Pamela Anderson : [voice-over] Love is such an important part of my life.

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I love being in love. I'm very independent, and I don't always have to have a man in my life. But I must admit, sometimes romance does take over my thoughts In. Showing all 12 items. Jump to: Photos 1 Quotes So they get me to stand up and they have me in a Blues T-shirt going like this [looks from side to side] Pamela Anderson : and they got me and when it started, the audience was going like this [looks from side to side] Pamela Anderson : the whole game, and they had a noise monitor, and people were Share this :.

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