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My age: 64
Hobby: Swinger Women Want Nsa Sex Married Sluts Ready Asian Swingers
Ethnicity: Scottish
Iris tone: Clear brown eyes
My body type: I'm quite slender
I like to listen: Easy listening
I like piercing: None
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Status Not open for further replies. Mistel Banned. Oct 6, 11, 0 I'm sure we've all got some stories that are worth sharing? Both of these came up in the watching porn in the same room as your sister thread. Dated two sisters at the same time: I was dating the younger sister of the pair, the older one was just over a year older than she was and they had a very intimate sexual and emotional relationship.

After a couple of dates the pair told me that they had an incestuous relationship with each other. We then had a three person relationship for a while, a quite a happy if somewhat odd relationship, we all cared for each other.

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One thing lead to another so we started having very intimate lesbian liaisons with all three of us. After a while it became clear that they loved each other more so we broke it off, fun whilst it lasted though if just a tad odd.

Slept with the wrong twin: I've dated one sister of a pair of identical twins and I slept with her sister by accident whilst the one I was dating was in the shower. Much more tame than the first still Anyone else got some interesting stories to share? Charcoal Member. Feb 19, 2, 4 0 Florida. I had sex once. Head of Vengarl Member. Sep 14, 7, 0 USA. I am twenty something, close to thirty, average looking played semi-pro sport from age 13 to 22average height, pretty blue eyes my weapon, next to brainbrownish hair, smart, witty, really open minded guy who knows how to talk to woman and who is confident in bed.

My tool is average too, but thicker than regular. And I am an avid gamer too.

I was in a serious relationship with this beautiful, intelligent but really thin conservative twenty something girl from conservative family with blue eyes and long brown hair. The only thing that was not thin on her was her ass, it was sort of perfect.

Not porn perfect but real life apple shaped, small and squeezable perfect kind of way. She worked in kindergarten.

We were 2 years in monogamous relationship and then quietly ended it but stayed fuck buddies until either of us got in a new serious relationship. We sexualy matched perfectly, she is very sweet submissive and I am dominant. She is really a good person that does not play games with people around her and is very sincere and stabile. She has one twin sister and one older sister. In the following story focus is on her twin.

The color difference is kinda identity separator for them, amongst other few things. Here comes the interesting part: this blonde twin sister is still a virgin! She believes in love at first sight and is looking for that fairy tale love. Except that she is all normal, functional, smart, outgoing and what not.

I personally think her virginity played a big role in the story and the situation. There were touching of penises and boys touched her pussy but not skin on skin, only with panties on.

I know because my ex talked about her virginity with me on few occasions, she worries a bit. This twins are really close to each other. When they are not together they often talk on phone and text. They sleep in a big bed together and often spoon and they are, as I said before, in their twenties, closer to 25 then Twin is a cosmetics assistant and a masseuse.

She would massage my back from time to time when I asked for it politely and that was nothing special or secret. Maybe Twin did see it. She never reacted or said anything, she was stone cold and I could not even say if she saw my hard on, but I think she did. So that is the context of the story and now I will try to share with you one special situation that turns me on even as I write this. The situation So the time of the situation was only few days after we decided to go from relationship to fuck buddies and we were ok if we went on dates or even fucked other people but my ex told me that if she fucked someone that would mean she is to be in relationship so that was the deal breaker for our agreement, and I could Penthouse lesbian stories someone besides her until I decided it was more serious than fucking.

Great deal I must say. Three of us would often watch movies together in that big bed of theirs and so did we this time. It was winter and we had blankets and Ex and I spooned heavily while Twins was not, only our feet touched, all 6 feet, more them than me.

It was so we can get our feet warm. Then I would fuck her so slowly that if it was slower we could time travel to the past. She even had orgasm twice this way, in the dark, with movie on, and her virgin twin sister in the same bed.

Letters to penthouse xx

She told me that I made her kinky and that I learned her how to be little pervert and that is not far from the truth as you can see. But this time, this night, Ex was to tired from the work. Twin heard it all and she is not stupid, she knew, but she was silent as a fucking dead person, she stop breathing even I think. Now comes the magic of unexplainable amount of sexual tension and the alchemy of perverted orgasm, but whose orgasm you ask? Well let me tell you.

The only thing that was off the beat in that moment was our interlaced but static feet. I think that maybe 15 or 20 minutes passed and still no movement, we could only hear the movie and breathing of Penthouse lesbian stories. After those 20 minutes Ex went in full fetus position removing her feet from our trio feet warm up party. We had to rearrange feet position, Twin and me.