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for other parts. Disclaimer: This was originally a story from WedgieHaven.

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Chastity of slaveboy is absolute and essential to life as a slave. Chastity is not about chastity play. Chastity beyond a couple of hours, or a couple of days, is no longer just for fun. It becomes a tool for devotion, power exchange and emotional connectivity. Chastity locks the slaveboy down, physically and emotionally, to his Master. A collar is a chain or strap and a lock that goes around the neck and symbolizes that body and mind is owned.

A chastity device grabs the genitals and controls any chance of erection. It is an active form of participation in terms of ownership, a constant reminder of who has the key, who owns the slaveboy sexually. The chastity experience dials up quite quickly. Day one it is erotic.

Day two slaveboy craves to make his keyholder happy. Day three slaveboy is desperate for him. By a week slaveboy will do anything for his Master. Chastity as a lifestyle and as part of power exchange is different from chastity as kinky fun. The slaveboy is even not allowed to ask to be unlocked. An infriction of this rule must result in punishment. A begging to cum is transformed into pure devotion to please the Master.

Punish jocks tumblr has its own power and mental energy. The slaveboy will even sleep with his chastity device on. The Master shall make every effort to prevent ejaculation, stimulation, gratification or pleasure of the penis by keeping the chastity devices working and using devices that comply with the latest technology and safety. If it is necessary to remove the penis from a chastity device, the Master will endeavor to maintain control of the penis through restraint or direct Punish jocks tumblr.

The penis must be reinserted into the deated chastity device as quickly as practicable at the end of the unlocked period. Unlocked times must be prevented as much as possible but will occur during periods of cleaning, for health reasons or any other reasons where genital area must be freely accessible. If slaveboy is not locked he may under no circumstance ever touch anywhere in slaveboy genital area without express permission to do so. During slaveboy cleaning periods, or when changing any worn devices, the controlling party will wash, clean, shave and otherwise care for the genital areas of slaveboy.

Slaveboy will never allow any third party to touch or play with genitalia without the express permission of the Master. The slaveboy will wet himself in the shower, he will soap himself, bar of soap may touch his genitals and asshole, but he will never touch slaveboy genital area himself. The slaveboy is expected to become and remain erect during these rare occasions as a symbol of his never-satisfied need. As it will have been many weeks, perhaps months, since the slaveboy had been unlocked, an erection is not likely to be difficult.

The chastised penis shall never be masturbated or touched by anyone, including the Master, slaveboy or any third party, in any stimulating, gratifying or pleasurable manner, with the intention to induce a cumshot.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

An erection of the chastized penis is periodically welcomed for health reasons and shall be induced as clinically as possible in a humiliating and punitive manner with every attempt to avoid pleasure to slaveboy. Unless explicitly ordered by the Master, slaveboy shall never pleasure itself sexually.

This includes touching or manipulating its nipples or the penis in any sexually gratifying or stimulating manner or penetrating its anus in any sexually gratifying or stimulating manner. The Master may, at his sole discretion, deny any or all sexual intercourse to slaveboy for any period of time, including in perpetuity.

Slaveboy shall have no sexual intercourse with any third party. The penis shall never again engage in active sexual intercourse and shall never penetrate a body cavity or be touched by lips or tongue. The slaveboy must be in a doggie like position and heavily restrained. The cock Punish jocks tumblr stay locked in its steel chastity device. If cock is unlocked cold water or ice may be applied to suppress erection.

Prostate massage drains the prostate of pre-cum but not the testicles of spunk. There is little or no hormonal reaction and the slaveboy is functionally drained of pre-cum fluid without pleasure or emotional involvement.

A ificant degree of frustration remains because the semen remains in the balls but there is not enough pre-cum fluid left in the prostate Punish jocks tumblr power an ejaculation. A butt plug that is sized to jab at the prostate and permanentely worn can also stimulate an involuntary draining.

A related torture is to secure the slaveboy with a vibrator device acting on the prostate. If the vibrator is intermittent or continuous at a low level and the slaveboy cannot touch his cock this can promote a large flow of pre-cum but not an involuntary ejaculation. At times the urge to ejaculate may be almost unbearable for the slaveboy. He has standing permission to express his sexual feelings. The Master will not punish the slaveboy for expressing his feelings. Instead, the Master will likely hold the slaveboy very closely tight and lecture him gently on his role and purpose as a slave, and the role and purpose of the Master.

He will explain that the purpose of the slaveboy is to need his Master, that being aroused is a symbol of this need, and that his horniness is absolutely welcomed. He will explain that the purpose of the Master is to have his needs satisfied, that his orgasms are a symbol of this satisfaction, and that the slaveboy should be proud and derive contentment from helping his Master ejaculate.

Chastity has a high potential to control a slaveboy mentally.

In this heighten state of mind, where the slaveboy is so focused on relationship and sexual needs, there is no possibility to escape from this mental prison. This can be difficult for the slaveboy to deal with other life stresses, when not be able to get a stress relieve by sexual relief and relaxation.

Chastity prevents the slaveboy from escaping the ownership. If there are issues and tensions in the relationship, there is no way for the slaveboy to temporarily escape from it. The chastity will certainly continuously train his devotion and submission.

An increased sex drive, combined with the mental effects of chastity, le to an unruly power that needs to be exchanged with the Master. In a final state this le to a total power exchange in the Master-slave relationship. Chastity may cause emotional instability for the slaveboy. After some days in chastity what starts out as erotic and fun can quickly turn into intense.

Caged jock boy

Without the chastity device slaveboy would probably immediately jerk off for stress relief, but when locked up his Master deliberately boils him in that heighten state of mind. Chastity is a great tool for power exchange, but without close monitoring this part of power exchange is often unknown to the Master. If Master is paying close attention to his slaveboy, power exchange through chastity can be a space where Master is watching his slaveboy squirm and struggle.

When Master is also at the peak of sexual energy strong power exchange is happening and the Master-slave relationship is balanced. But the nature of chastity often means that the submissive slaveboy is focused a lot more on the dynamic and the Master than the Master is focused on his slaveboy.

The slaveboy is being constantly reminded, physically and emotionally, so his focus can be very strong. That can lead to instability and disbalance. Often it can be overlooked that the Master must have a desire for a slaveboy that constantly craves his attention. The Master of a chastity slaveboy must want his slaveboy to suffer and struggle for him and must take his sexual power. Then the equation is balanced, and the power exchange flows nicely back and forth. The Master may feel annoyed and tell the slaveboy to relax and chill, or worse, tell the slaveboy to shut up.

Master will keep this in mind and do everything not to run into this situation. I wanted to link the source blog I believe that this came from. When Men learn that i have been in chastity for over 15 Punish jocks tumblr, They often ask questions about it. Here are some of the questions i get asked. Not that i cannot stroke my faggot dick and shoot, i am what i know i was born to be. Many Men have thought that chastity causes a guy to become impotent and not able to get a hard on.

But that is not the case - at least, not for me.

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Yes, having a hard on in a small cage hurts. But i am a faggot slave, and pain is part and parcel with the life of a slave. Pain is part of my everyday experience.

So yes, it hurts. So what? So HE occasionally takes off the cage, particularly if the rivet has finally snapped which it inevitably does. HE leaves it off so my dick can get air and heal from all the abuse it takes. No, i do not. A faggot is not a Man, and there are many gay Men who are not faggots. In fact, a faggot can be, at heart, heterosexual. In a perfect world, every Man would have a naked faggot following Him, ready to drink His Piss, suck His Cock, get fucked by Him, and do anything He orders. A faggot has no rights, no privileges, and has no real value except when serving a real Man.

Being a faggot is about an attitude, recognizing what it is.

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Being a faggot is not an easy life, but for a faggot, it is rich and rewarding. There is nothing more wonderful. Welcome to day four! As usual, continue with your asments from the first few days. Today I would like you to do two things: 1 continue researching chastity devices; and 2 purchase a small to medium butt plug that you can consistently wear for extended periods of time.

Chastity devices.