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My age: 28
Hobby: Lonely Mature Women Ready Looking For Dick Seeking Cute Girl To Settle Down With.
What is my ethnicity: French
Color of my hair: Long wavy gray hair
I speak: Italian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius

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Among young, mostly white females, there is a growing subculture known as Queen of Spades. It typically involves women getting a permanent or temporary tattoo on their bodies of a queen of spades symbol with the letter Q on it.

It is usually kept hidden but when exposed it basically means that those women are looking for sex exclusively with black men at that moment. At a deeper level there is a philosophy behind this subculture that makes the women see themselves as "property" of black men. So it goes beyond just expressing a preference and into self-objectification.

It also plays into the antiquated patriarchal notions of women being either the wife or the whore, but not a person with desires beyond pleasing men sexually and being "slaves" for large penises. Among themselves they speak of this interracial way of life in religious terms, using words like "converting other women" or "seeing the light".

Any time anyone puts a name, face, or resemblance on their body, its mocking fate and impeaching destiny, tbh. I find the specificity slightly weird, especially the fact that they feel the need to get a tattoo to show it. At the same time, if they aren't hurting anyone, it's their choice. Its probably something done out of convenience too.

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If they are out on clubs and parties its a way to al black men to come to them and have the other guys keep away because she doesn't want them. Many women do feel annoyed when many guys hit on them but never their type. There are several varieties of this tattoo. In your case there's something to be said for you wanting to date people that look like you and are from your own culture I'm assuming you're of east asian ancestry from your dp. But you should still know why 'preferring' to date someone of a certain race can be problematic.

That's kinda Does sex have no meaning anymore? Ladies want a black dong so bad they got to put a on their bodies? I don't get what's the difference between this and a tramp stamp. I'm kind of It's not Queen of spades dating, but it's something that, if it isn't demeaning self-objectification, is dangerously close to being demeaning self-objectification. Even if they choose to do it by their own free will, the way they talk about it is I found that part of this sort-of-fetish creepy I mean, I already think casual sex is kind of demeaning, but I don't think it's creepy.

The philosophy behind this subculture is horrifying. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

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Press More More. Sexual freedom or slavish stereotype of women? The Queen of Spades subculture. The Queen of Spades subculture is Recommended Posts. Property of Goddess Irene 9, Posted December 6, Posted December 6, Link to post Share on other sites.

RainStormRaider Posted December 6, To do it for sexual reasons, seems sadder on every level. I won't even bring the racial assumptions and related implications into this.

Having a racial fetish is racist. I did not even know this was a thing.

Uaena 1, Posted December 6, Ulmicola 1, Posted December 6, Keyes 2, Posted December 6, How does wanting to have sex with a certain group of people make you their property though? It's not racist to prefer a race.

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