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Scotty is getting more comfortable with himself and makes some bold moves towards coming out. He also gets bolder in the bedroom as Brad introduces him the wonderful art of eating man-ass. Trapped Manhor has a bad day when he has to accept his role as slave, his new master and some really dirty stuff.

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A regular contributor explains his experience as a writer for this site, with examples of what or who inspired him, and concludes on saying how GayDemon made him proud to be a writer. While traveling abroad not too long ago, I solicited the services of an escort. His profile name read, DomNasty Top. I was smitten at first glance and knew I needed to meet him! Although it happened more than 12 months ago this is a question I ask myself nearly every day.

Sometimes remembering what happened makes me sick and other times I enjoy reliving the moment. Have a read and perhaps decide for yourself.


Hot and horny male stripper Derek Tyson dances and entertains for a large private party This is a chapter, part of it, of a memoir I have been writing of my life for many years now. It does not have any man-to-man sex in what I have submitted. But some did happen between myself and this man. I did not want the sex to be the focus of this chapter.

I would like some feedback from the readers. Thank you.

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This is something my Grampy and I are working through. If you want the hot stuff you need to click on any of the links provided by our host.

If you want to know about an Author on this site; read on. A True story of making a connection with My best Friends Brother that I didn't even know was gay or at least Bi-sexual. I was determined to have my friend experience how great it felt to bust a nut in the mouth of the person sucking your dick during a blow job.

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A true story from my youth when a younger neighbor boy tied me down during an innocent bondage game. As the young man hazed me, he accidentally made me ejaculate. Innocent sexual encounters, sock fetish themes.

This is the story of how my high-school crush and I ended up having a full week of the best sex of my life For the last 14 years I have had a straight friend.

He was married and now after 14 years his wife has legally separated. He knows I am gay but he is straight. He gets me real turned on as he is almost 6 foot tall and muscular he runs in a lot of marathons and works out. The other day I asked him if he wanted to me on a flight to I am fairly new to playing with other guys about 2 years and probably played with a total of 10 men and I was introduced to the Pnp scene about a year ago but it's a rare occasion that I do.

But this particular night I had planned to with another guy and it turned out to a night that I will never forget. Tomorrow May 26 is our nine-year anniversary. It was about time that I manned-up and made an attempt to articulate my own experience on the day my husband known here as Billy C. As a matured relationship ours brings with it some certain sharing and liberties including submitting a story on my husband's .

A home plumbing incident forces us to have the plumber come out. Despite the best intentions, preparation for ample social distancing and post-repair disinfecting, the little he prevail, and while our boys are occupied upstairs, we occupy our sexy slut plumber. Bill grabs his loose and flimsy cotton shorts from where he had put them on the bench and slides them up and over his cock and balls.

This is a true story about a bisexual guy who I turned me on like no-one else. We were 18 years old and in our first year at university. Once we fucked, we couldn't stop it. While in class, Gabriel and I are paired up in a group project.

However, Gabriel begins playfully rubbing his hand up against by leg and our horny curiosity gets out of control. After my "An S Story" appeared, I was challenged saucily to create and entire alphabet of sassy, sexy definitions. So, your can practice your ABCs by clicking here but beware, there's naughtiness ahead.

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Knocking down practically all stereotypes of gay Asians, these are true stories and recounts of my sexual exploits as a dominant top. Why don't you get to know about me in this introduction first before we delve in further? While chatting up a few guys in a crowded bar, this guy fucked me quietly and no one around us knew a thing was happening ether. Another true story from a slutty Texas bottom. Click to watch now on GayDemon.

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