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The other day we had a racy advert featuring bare bottoms. This is an advert for Diesel clothing which features a Robbo Robot look-alike from Forbidden Planet fame who appears to be about to spank the young lady. I am currently working on two shorts as […]. A lot of good feedback this week, just to remind you, you can comment directly to the blog, but direct contact by is welcome. Two criticisms along the same the lines has struck a chord.

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By the year time travel was available to all alpha men and women, and was used for taking holidays Robot spanking stories for those dong college projects. There was nothing like seeing the real thing, after all. It was now three years since Elsa and Melissa had landed in the year Both had been sixteen-years-old when they had got into the time machine in the year That was so different to the detentions they got in when they had to do boring stuff like writing lines.

It all went wrong, though, and instead of going back in time they went well forward to and the time machine broke and they were stranded. Initially, they were rightly scared and it took two days hiding in woods before they got the courage to surrender to the locals.

Crime was a rarity because the punishment was being locked up on a prison planet millions of miles away for life without parole or any hope of release. It was clearly a popular regime as the proved.

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The discipline regime at college was also rather different from what they had been used to back in If naughty or your work was below par then the standard punishment in was a detention and writing lines, just like in However, if good you could choose your reward, and that included being beaten with a cane or paddle until you came, which was exactly what Emma and Melissa had wanted to happen to them.

It was called good girl pain which is what gave the girls their orgasms.

That was therefore forbidden and alternatives had to be found, and for many it was the pain of a sound spanking or severe caning that made them cum. So, both girls realised that they would get their wish of experiencing firm and Robot spanking stories discipline, except to get it they had to excel in what they did. So, they both set about their college work with the aim of working hard and getting top marks so they could be punished at college or, better still, at the Punishment Centre. They were both really successful and enjoyed the fruits of their good work with plenty of pain-filled sessions that led to tremendous orgasms, and a place together at Uni where the discipline regime continued.

Elsa was really looking forward to today. She had come t first in a test and her teacher, Miss Brady, had arranged for a session at the Punishment Centre. Her bottom was going to be really stinging by the time the session was over and she could not wait for the erotic sensation. The travellator arrived for Elsa. Melissa waved her friend a cheery good-bye as Elsa stepped on and it whisked her towards the Centre.

There was time for a glass or two of champagne as she got her mind in order for the pain she would receive over the next few hours which was the pain she wanted to receive and found so pleasurable in a pain-filled way. She was so happy that Miss Brady had arranged this prize.

She set her own agenda and was so looking forward to it as she had been given the prize several times already and when her friends had been given the same prize they all raved about it as well. After two enjoyable glasses of champagne, the travellator arrived at the Punishment Centre. Elsa stepped off and was met by her Welcome Robot.

She loved it that its face was that of Miss Brady which added to the reality of the punishment, as though it were given by her. Miss Brady had taught her so much about pain. Much much better was the pain she was given when good, as a reward for doing well at something, like a project, when the punishments ranged from a slapped face to a spanked strapped paddled and caned bottom. When the girls were really good Miss Brady ordered them to be given whisked strokes of the cane on their pussy which she knew led to extended and deeply erotic sessions of masturbation.

All these punishments were handed out by the college robots to avoid any cross-contamination.

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Good girl pain was sex to Elsa and all the women and men of Those days were long gone. Now, because of the separation rules, alternatives had materialised by evolution. The best sex now was pain centred around the erogenous zones so the bottom, of course, the backs and fronts of the thighs, the palms of your hand, and the face and, for women, their pussies.

Miss Brady was very strict and handed out detentions for the slightest infringement or below standard work, but also handed out the punishments to those who earned it by doing good work. This pain was deed to hurt so awfully and that reminded the good girls that they benefit from good behavior.

The robot led Elsa inside and to the welcome screen where she quickly keyed in her entry and was informed that her punishment would be given in Room The robot went in to control mode. It got her in to the submissive mood she loved and ready for her punishment. Like then, she was pulled by the ear passing by other visitors to the Centre as she was led to her punishment room. At the door, the robot flashed its hand and the door unlocked and Elsa was led inside still gasping as her ear was pulled and squeezed at the same time.

Eddie's robotic punishment

No clothing was needed for the punishment, just like at Uni where the girls were always made to fully undress for the reward punishments. Elsa knew she would be naked for her whole stay and when the robot let go of her ear she quickly undressed. She pulled her vest top over her head, folded it, and put it on the table.

She kicked her shoes off and then undid her very short skirt and pushed it downwards, catching her knickers on the way, stepped out of them, folded them, and put them on the table as well. The robot stood in front of Elsa placing its hand on her face. Elsa obediently folded her arms behind her back and licked her lips. Her breathing deepened as she felt the skin like hand of the robot rub her face.

She closed her eyes knowing the hand was being pulled back and was then brought back down with a loud slap. Elsa winced at the first face slap. The second slap followed a few seconds later and the third a few seconds after that. Elsa loved the stinging feeling and relaxed as the robot rubbed her face gently and then the hand was pulled away again and the fourth slap landed on her cheek.

A few seconds later the fifth landed and a few seconds after that the sixth. Elsa felt tears fill her eyes and dribble down her face.

The stinging, though, was wonderful and she felt quivers spread across her pussy. The next moment the hand slapped Elsa across the face again and a few seconds later the eighth slap landed followed a few seconds after that by the ninth and then the final, hardest slap, landed a few seconds after that. As Elsa placed her legs apart, she felt the robot feel between her legs, running its skin like covered finger along her pussy.

The dampness registered on the monitor and when Elsa saw the on the screen she smiled as it showed how she was so turned on already. A few seconds later and the door opened and another robot walked in a broad smile. Elsa yelped again but kept her hands obediently by her side.

She thought how much she loved the personal attention she got when she attended the Centre as the third slap landed a few moments later. It quickly bent Elsa across the bench and as Elsa placed her hands by each cuff each one clipped itself shut whilst two others secured each ankle and two more secured each thigh. She knew that starting in just a few seconds that strap was going to land fifty times on her bottom and the tops of her legs. It was going to be so painful Robot spanking stories she smiled at the thought of it being so deliciously awful but so great at the same time. The robot pointed its ebeam at the machine.

Elsa gasped as the pain spread across her bottom and automatically pulled at the wrist cuffs but they were never going to give and held her tightly against the bench. Two spanks with the strap out of fifty, thought Elsa, as she felt the renewed flutters in her pussy. As the strap spanked down a third time Elsa clenched her teeth together to try to cope with the pain, but that was never going to happen. The strap thrashed down time and again and soon Elsa was openly crying out with the pain.

The machine was set to slightly alter position making sure the strap thrashed down all across her bottom and the tops of her legs, but Elsa had no control, which added to her intensifying erotic feelings. It was a methodical beating with one spank with the strap every five seconds. That way Elsa knew it would come and there was a certainty that was unfaltering, and as the spanks rained down so she became lost in the euphoria of the pain.

It made the experience even more special. Elsa was halfway through the strapping and her pussy was already fluttering as the spanks rained down. She knew her bottom would be bright red by now and by the end properly bruised so that sitting would be impossible and yet she would make herself do it as that way her ultimate orgasms would be so much more fulfilling.

Safety was paramount, though, and the camera catching everything happening in the room ran back to the central control room. The person being spanked just had to think the safe word and then the machine would stop by itself. If that failed an operator in the control room would stop it and if that failed then a roaming supervisor would rush to the room and disconnect.

It never happened though as the safe word thought wave always worked. In this Punishment Centre anyway.

Elsa heard the announcement through her louder and louder sobbing and knew that the strapping was nearly over.