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Roommates girlfriend always over


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At first, the girlfriend spends the night just a couple of times a month. After a while, she starts hanging around nearly every night, eating on the couch, watching TV, and taking showers in the morning. But is it fair that she uses your air conditioning, your kitchen, and your living room without contributing a dime? On the flip-side, long-term boyfriends and girlfriends may use nearly as many resources and spend as much time in common areas as a full roommate. In order to respect both privacy and fairness, there needs to be some dividing line between when a romantic guest is none-of-your-business and some kind of partial roommate.

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Yes or no: Do you list your pronouns on your social media and ature? Sage Canaday loses condo in huge fire. A little background: Me 24 and my roommate 22 started working together in a retail job about 3 years ago while we finish school.

However, you should be ready to hear that that compromise may include either a) your partner chipping into some of your living expenses, or b) taking your relationship with your so to the next level.

We still work there. My roommate is pretty lazy. He's never even opened the mailbox. All I ask is one check from him per month for half the rent, which he's been doing fine with. I don't expect anything more from him, I'd rather do it myself so everything gets paid on time. Here's the problem. He started seeing this girl who works with us about 2 months ago. It started slowly, with her just hanging out late one night of the week. He leaves for work around am, and she sleeps until noon; then she goes home for a few hours and comes back when he gets home from work around 4pm.

Now I've learned she has her own key to our apartment, after being locked out while out on a run.

She's also started to take more liberties such as showering here, using the kitchen, and parking in his space while he's gone. Pretty much everything except cleaning. My question is, how do I go about asking her to chip in for rent? Also isn't two or three months a little soon to be living together? And is there anything I can do if my wallet or my laptop or god forbid my bicycle happens to disappear?

Please help. PS - This isn't a jealousy thing. I have a girlfriend of 2 years now, who is total babe.

Say it sooner rather than later

Your roommate is a complete tool. If you don't speak up and let him know that you are not cool with a 3 person arrangement, he will walk all over you. Read him the riot act.

If she owes anything it's to her boyfriend. If the two of them are together, the couple owes half the rent together. Don't ask her anything. Your agreement is with they guy.

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If it doesn't change for you for the better in maybe 30 days, plan your way out of the arrangement. I did that once but I was the bad guy and my roomie stepped to me with the issue.

My GF at the time actually lived on the floor below us and she started staying over. My and my buddy were best buds for like 20 years at the time. So if you have a girl, move in with her, make babies and call it a day. She is comfortable at your place. He will not ask or tell her to leave. You have to make her uncomfortable. You need passive agressiveness or more.

Passive aggressivity will only tick off her and your roommate So you are left with coming on to her. When she is showering in you go in his room to borrow toilet paper and say hi. Be the alpha male of the house.

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Otherwise get used to cleaning up after her as well. Propose a menage a trois or a 4 some and she should run to the hills.

If she is down with it, then you can have stories that will regale buddies for years Your roommate doesn't even pay half the utility bills? Take care of that problem first. Your roommate doesn't clean?

Where is the line?

Take care of that problem second. After you fix those things, maybe then you'll be ready to tackle what you perceive to be the biggest problem. It is not the biggest problem, though. I was in a similar situation, although my roommate not as lazy as yours. You honestly just need to tell him either you don't want her basically living there or if she does, that she needs to chip in for rent.

Don't try to sugar coat it, just straight up tell him that.

I mean your initial plan when renting a 2 bedroom was simply for that. She's probably assumes it's fine because you don't say anything so you just need to speak up because she is pretty much living there for free. And while you are at it, should ask your roommate to chip in and start cleaning! Hey, I had a similar situation also not quite as bad as you describe with a flatmate some years ago. Forget about sharing the rent. Unless this girl is really superfriendly, it won't happen.

Only thing you can do is talking with your mate.

When to start charging a romantic guest

Just ask him in a good moment like, she's staying a lot, and do you have plans of moving together. Question is if it will help.

You can either accept it like it is - maybe the girl is cool. Or, you look for a new room if your buddy ignores what you say. Good luck! Move in with your best friend Barney.

It's all about finding what's comfortable for all of you, he explains, and establishing boundaries from there.

Let Lily and Marshall have the apartment. Barney's flat is way cooler anyway. There is no fixing this problem. I had a similar situation when younger. My roommate and I rented a house with plenty of room for additional people. His GF started staying over more and more nights until she was basically living there.

She was cool and I didn't mind at all, and he even came to me and said we would start splitting rent 3-ways shortly after she was there most nights. Eventually, however, I found myself hanging out in my room more often than not as they had dinner or watched a movie.

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The place basically became their place and I felt like I was renting space from them. They in no way made me feel that way, it's just the way it felt to me. But seriously, just tell him she can't hang around when he's not there.