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I was 8 years old and lived a bike-trail's distance from the Fairgrounds in I remember my dad being upset that there would be a weekend of "drug music" that we'd have to endure. I decided to sit in my clubhouse and listen to the shows, and I was in awe of what I was hearing. I specifically remember an extended drum solo, and was struck by how great it was to listen to just drums for so long. I was taking piano lessons at the time and I thought all music was melodic back then.

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E-mails from the fans - darks' grateful dead tabs

May, pm Re: Grateful Dead tunes. Originally Posted by terzinator. I'd love to see them, too! Although, Niles' post was from But that's just my opinion.

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I could be wrong. Reply With Quote. May, am Re: Grateful Dead tunes Grateful Dead are probably the most jammed-on rock band of all time for campground pickers, street buskers, and picking parties. There's something so convivial about their approach to music and their aura of camaraderie with their audience - as well as their connection to the hippie ethics of sharing, good vibes,and freedom. Not to overlook free music. A lot of the songs they wrote and covered lend themselves well to jamming, be it due to their chord structure, lyrical content, familiarity, or just general vibe.

Some of them are so well entrenched in the general public's common consciousness that other players and listeners alike will recognize them within seconds of starting them up. It may just be that so many people associate their music with good times, partying, getting a buzz on, stuff like that, but striking up a Dead song does put a smile on people's faces most of the time - nothing wrong with that.

Other popular rock bands that serve as sources for jamming include The Band, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, but Row jimmy rukind experience le me to believe Grateful Dead are at the top of this list. YMMV, naturally, and the prevalence of a song like "Wagon Wheel" may lead you to think otherwise - but once you search for another OCMS song to jam on, you'll see why I'm sticking with this.

Grateful seconds ebook

If you are interested in looking through the Grateful Dead catalog, check out dead. It's an exhaustive compendium that lists every song they've ever doneeven just once - complete with lyrics, how many times performed, when, even with whom. It's a labor of love, well worth browsing.

Thank goodness they have had so many fans paying attention, keeping notes, and contributing - they're really deadicated, and I'm grateful for them. You'll be amazed at some of the songs they've rambled on through. Re: Grateful Dead tunes And I have to add, there's really no escaping them. As the bumper sticker says, "Who are the Grateful Dead, and why do they keep following me? Fortunately, our new lead singer knew the words - really fortunately, he knew all the words, and the right order for the verses boy, do these two "details" get lost all too often.

It went all right - the fiddler took the first lead, I took the second, with my carefully crafted lead coming back as if by muscle memory, complete with the way it brings it back to the bridge for the singer - and he threw it to the cello player. Ho hum. Why don't people pay attention to the mandolinist and do things his way? Oh, well, it's The Dead.

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Things just sort of happen, you know? And then, the other band that three of the guys are in ran into an emergency situation.

Their guitarist quit the band, just four hours before their gig last night - texting the drummer during our gig - leaving them with the impossible task of replacing him with a guitarist - on a Saturday night, when anyone with enough talent to fill in on such short notice would already have a gig.

I offered to fill in if they were stuck, more as a gesture of friendship than a real offer, helping-out kind of guy that I am.

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But they ended up taking me up on it. Their material is more based on bluegrass and old-timey music than I'm used to or feel comfortable with, and there were a couple - OK, a few - songs I had to figure out on the spot, and passed on taking le on a couple, knowing what a train wreck they would be if I had tried them. And somewhere in between songs, tossing around ideas for what to do next, the bass player suggested "Friend Of The Devil. So the idea got dropped.

Still, it was interesting to see how the song pops up - it's part of the shared experience. Whether this holds true mostly for musicians of a certain age range, and whether it will stand the test of time, is anyone's guess, and remains to be seen.

In the meantime, what a long, strange trip it's been, and continues to be. I've been playing Loser and Sugaree a bunch lately. Maybe I'll try to make some new videos to ?

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Search this forum for the Ripple thread and you'll find my tab and youtube video for it. I love the song Lazy River Road too, but have only played it on guitar so far. But seriously, their music really lends itself to mandolin if you want it to. Even "Space". Re: Grateful Dead tunes I used to play lots of Dead tunes but gave up on my decades-long practice when I realized I was feeding into stoners doing what stoners do - getting stoned.

After working hard to get sober and stay sober I did not want to do this anymore.

I Realize a lot of people will disagree with me on this and that is fine. I just know it is easier to be sober if I stay away from the things that brought me down for so long. Good old Jerry, Pigpen, Brent and Keith would maybe still be with us if they could have escaped the clutches of drugs and alcohol. Fantasy and his chemicals. I still struggle to see why so many people do not see the downside to Grateful Dead culture I was playing a 12 string, Randy last name lost to antiquity on mandolin and "Granny" on 6 string and vocals.

Great memories Look under Grateful Dead Tabs Pretty much bluegrass plus A id. Remember to grin while you pick, it throws folks off! Jul, pm Jul, am Instead I sat around and played Dead Tunes and bluegrass with a banjo picker my new friend Chris! My mandolin got exposure to good vibes and I got to do my favorite things, listen to and play good music. Re: Grateful Dead tunes A club downtown here that caters to the hippie and wannabe set carried Sunday's show on Row jimmy rukind three big screens with the audio pumping. The place was packed so I hung around outside.

I missed the start with "China Cat Sunflower" into "I Know You Rider" because there was some sort of soccer game on and it was pretty exciting. Besides, i knew the scene downtown was going to be less than optimal. It was - lots of really annoying people jacked up on whatever and wanting to talk while I wanted to listen. Stuff like that.

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Also there were several al glitches. I went home at intermission, but somehow managed to talk myself into going back for the second half the match looked well in hand.

Missed the start of the second set again - "Truckin'. Then the power went out, two separate times. It was getting ridiculous. But I persevered and hung on till the end - had to. That "Attics Of My Life" was sweet and unexpected. I'vegone online and gotten the setlists. Send me boots of that! Here: BTW, supposedly Owsley Stanley Bear was there, not only in spirit, but his ashes were on the soundboard for every show.