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Not much to see here Got some fanfics planned, but its gonna take a while until i really post something. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kronahlot hide bio. Sort: Category.

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You unclasped his war harness and pulled it over his head with a huff of protest from him. He worried you at times, and you knew there was no chance of leaving him alone with your travel companion. That places you in the First Era, Serana.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She hums her acknowledgement and leans back against her bedroll, adjusting the precious package she carries at all times. A foolish question if ever I heard one. A toothy smile spread across her delicate, pale face. My life has become quite a stretch for the imagination. The very one that won you over from the start and only intensified your feelings through the trying journey. At the mention of your feelings, you shift uncomfortably making Bran move from your lap and closer to the fire. That luck is not on your side, however.

Serana is a curious person, questioning everything to understand better. Her voice drops to a whisper.

It would be a risk for them to stay in one place. Lydia is loyal despite… My lifestyle change. They may be in Falkrieth, or Dawnstar, Riften perhaps.

This is done by my own decision. You grasped at the grass that brushed your fingers, almost in a hazed, desperate confusion. The soft bristles whispering over lithe fingertips tickled.

I write stuff & i love rain.

Just soft grass and the cold in your body, even with be of sweat sticking your robes to your skin and running down frozen temples. An armored shoulder dug into your ribcage with each foot step and careless trip over the rocks that littered the Rift. It must be beautifulyou thought and realized suddenly your mind, though fuzzy, was clearer. You could think again.

But Skyrim fanfic serana crinkle of the petals in your hand as the flower lost color and what life remained in it was leached away till it turned to ash and blew off your skin…it sent a pang of guilt through your chest. I killed something beautiful. Not even a Vigilant of Stendarr though an amulet dangled from around your neck, tapping your chin with each step the brute took. The silver band on your finger was the only warmth offered to your chilled body, the restoration magic stored within seemed like a far off dream now.

Celann wore one identical which he twisted over his knuckle anxiously all through the night, each one you spent missing. It offered him no power, no magika. Only comfort in a promise they made. If he knew what had happened to you… He would soon enough. They turned you into something ugly and horrid. The taste of blood filled your mouth as red droplets fell through your lips and splattered on the stones, though it felt like mud lodged down your throat. The lack of movement was abrupt and caused you to swing into his back.

A sudden plummet wrenched the air from your lungs again when stones dug into your body from every angle, and your head was lifted by now tangled hair. The woman, what sounded like a dark elf, looked through the curtain of night surrounding them at your blood streaked face.

Hmph, childs play.

Confronting the tyrant

A black shape darted towards you in your peripheral. It reeked of death, flesh torn and degrading. But you could see it, through all the horror that shook your body a rage settled in your chest, boiling inside you and you ground your teeth together. It wailed, an eerie sound echoing and weaving itself between the yellow trees.

The silver band that lay there was stained with death now. What you are? Withdrawing from the DeathHound left webs of blood between your fingers but when your eyes caught the glimpse of silver through red blurred vision… You knew you were dead. Will he kill me? Your mind danced over every memory of Celann returning from a hunt, covered in blood like you were now. The word caused him to growl while you struggled to stand. Your brows drew together and the rage that felt so unfamiliar returned.

Celann was amung them and divines did he find every spell and every scroll both enticing and threatening in the same stride. He fell fast, faster than you had by leaps and bounds. It took a week for him to find you, to all but demand you not risk your life so foolishly again by running off. He pledged himself to you in the middle of the wilderness, in life and in death.

In death. You scoffed and looked up at the vampires before you. Your head snapped up quickly to the tree line but saw nothing. Whispering a spell quietly your eyes darted to Skyrim fanfic serana life force of twenty men in search of you.

The light emanating from the torches they carried blinded you and you yelled in pain, stumbling backwards into a knife. If only the disease numbed pain.

The seering ache slipped out from between your ribs that broke on entry and the monsters vanished into the dark, leaving nothing to hold you up. Your name was shouted again as you crumpled to your knees. You knew the voice this time, you knew it so well.

The tears spilled over washing away the blood from your colorless cheeks. Your eyes closed tighter when he knelt by your side, hands hovering over your cheeks too afraid to touch you. Panic rises in his stomach and his face turns back to ths trees knowing the others will catch up soon.

Please, love.

Love & loss

Look at me. You turn your face down only for a small wave to wash over it. You inhale water by accident, your body moving of its own accord and you cough. Your lips curl back flashing a sharp toothed grimace from the tension in your diaphragm. His thumb brushes up your top lip, torch dropping from his hand into the water at the animalistic sound that leaves your throat.

And instinctively his hand jumps for it but it stops, suspended for a moment in time. The glittering silver band on his finger gives away how his hand shakes. A stronger waves crashes against your back, hitting the wound directly and you let it push you forward and pull you back with a sob. Celann wraps his arms around you quickly and pulls you to safety below an under hang.

♆ yandere (serana) stay with me

The shouts are now for him as they worry for his safety. They finally reach the shore but pass over you both, he sighs and leans back against the rock. Her eyes roamed freely over you, checking for injury. It came with the price of bruises, scrapes and sore muscles. But you were alive, more than can be said of those who challenged you, rivaled you, and many who fought by your side.

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Cautiously you approached the table, seeing the red flags stretch across the map. Why is she dancing around the subject? You allowed your mind to question the outcome.

The bricks of that lie- that they were staunch protectors- toppled over when you were sent behind the tall walls, witnessing the racism and discrimination those soldiers placed upon the dark elves and argonians that called it home. Under the eyes of her superior, she was quick to continue. You stepped back hastily with wide eyes. To kill our own men. Men who trust me. Get close to Ulfric, learn everything you can and report back at any cost.