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A lot of women show up to my office saying there is a strong odor when they pull their pants down to go pee, or that their partners noticed that it smells different. Our vaginas are home to billions of bacteria and the balance of this bacteria changes constantly, creating different aromas varying from musty and fermented to coppery or sweet smelling. These smell variations are likely a result of your menstrual cycle, your hygiene habits, or just you. The feminine hygiene industry has convinced us that vaginas should smell breezy fresh and flowery; anything else is unclean. Or you can find hundreds of videos on YouTube about vaginal hygiene routines and see things like steaming or inserting different foods and essential oils.

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The irony was that my vagina never smelled foul. I actually always thought it smelled quite sweet.

And yet, embarrassment and a lack of quality information created a serious aversion. This often resulted in over washing, which, ironically, led to yeast infections that made it actually smell a bit off. Extra time allotted in the bathroom for huffing my own perfume, grew to be a favourite ritual and sweet way to spend time with myself.

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A s I began to open to myself in this way, something else began to open up as well. My sensitivity during sex began to increase, and I actually started to enjoy sex more.

The answer may not be quite what you would think. In fact, it was thinking that was the answer, or rather the problem.

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Most times during sex, I spent so much time in my head worrying about how I looked, smelled or if I was doing a good enough job. Image: My Little Yoni. As I began to fall in love with the way my yoni smelled I began to relax, and actually open to more pleasure and enjoyment.

That anxiety eventually turned into authentic enjoyment when I smelled my own juices. As you might imagine, this made sex more pleasurable. T he quick reasons behind how this works in the brain is that neurons that fire together wire together.

Many women are sensitive to their own scent. but i am among the minority of women who actually enjoy their own scent.

When two things occur within the same context Sniff my cunt form an association to one another in our brains. When we eat watermelon outside on summer days, the smell of fresh cut grass makes us crave watermelon. Our brains are flexibleand while this association process mostly occurs beyond the level of our noticing, we can actually use it to our advantage.

We can use it, for example, to associate the smell of our own vaginas with enjoyment, and thus make sex more pleasurable. If I wanted to up the ante on this even more, I could actually masturbate while consciously smelling my vagina. The more we consciously associate ourselves — parts of our body, our personality, our work — with pleasure, the more pleasure we will begin to feel naturally in our bodies and in our lives. Believe it or not, this works regardless of what our partners may or may not be doing.

Arin Amsler is an entrepreneur and pleasure advocate tackling taboos surrounding topics like periods, consent, and female pleasure through products and education company My Little Yoni.

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She also coaches individuals and couples to experience more pleasure in the bedroom and in life. I want women to smell their underwear everyday. I overcame shame and learned to love myself by getting high off my own supply. Many women recoil at the smell of their vagina, I know, I was one of them for many years. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it.

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I began to sniff my own panties as an act of defiance every time I found myself on the toilet. Over time, I began to give into the intoxicating fragrance. stories about: bodiessexshame. Fernando 10 months ago Reply.

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