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Soap opera catfight


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I do miss having any real catfights on soaps, though I never did think it was a misogynist thing I love a good catfight but it's only truly exciting for me if it comes out of very well written characters, dynamics and stories.

Soap opera catfight

I need it to be the result of months if not years of story and hatred. When Sheila and Lauren fought in the lab, you could sense the heavy history behind it and it wasn't done lightly. Krystle and Alexis' studio catfight in season 2 came after a whole year of nastiness and the fact that Alexis caused Krystle's miscarriage.

Great characters, sizzling dynamics, awesome stories. Two bitches saying "I cannot" after some half written, two week story and pulling each other's hair are just two trashy bitches fighting. Which is why I agree with Katie's post about catfights becoming old after the 90s: Writing quality fell and they weren't exciting anymore. Of course, I'm sure there are exceptions.

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I forget -- didn't GH have "Connie" and "Kate" in a cat-fight at one point? Or did I halluc-imagine that scenario?

LOL You're in my head! I was thinking of this as an example of how not to do it and the way Horsey Corinthos headbangs truly is atrocious.

Funny soap opera catfight

I'm not sure I can agree because back when Krystle wasn't an automaton and Linda Evans' acting was still alive, soulful and fun, the two actresses and characters were the perfect opposites that complimented each other. However, the worse the show became, the worse Linda became, and it truly wasn't a good match after season 3. But, up until then, Linda was more than a great partner for Collins. Carroll could have been dynamite in better-written seasons, especially if she had more to her character than just Black Bitch.

I can imagine her being truly awesome under different circumstances but, much like GH currently, the show crushed its actors at that point.

Exactly, and the writing didn't even live up to that concept. Dominique was hardly a bitch. She could match Alexis with the bitchy repartee, but she never said or did anything truly vile.

Ultimately, she was a fabulously dressed, sympathetic, friendly diva who didn't take no stuff off of nobody. She was like Felicia Gallant.

Dominique had those boring B-story romances, and the show didn't get this particular type of female rivalry with Alexis right until season 9 with Sable. Too funny.

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Jesus Christ.

Throwback thursday y&r poll: nikki and diane pull hair at gina’s

Excited for flashbacks though. And how many years?

I want Lexie flashbacks that cheatin ho. I still miss her. They have the show airing every day in July and August so far.

I wonder if they are not posting the actual airdates but the planned airdates from ths scripts. That would mean they might jump ahead and have a bunch of "missing days" in September to catch up. In. I accept.