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It was around p. One typical summer Saturday night. My sister had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asleep and the house party I went to was a flop. I figured that the best thing to do was to go home, head to the basement that I had converted to my personal abode, take a shower, slip one of my porno videos in the machine and beat my meat before I went to bed. There were about 20 individual tapes in my little library that included movies such as the Godfather Trilogy, the Star Wars collection, the Lethal Weapon movies and the Batman set along with a host of others of this sort.

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Posted Nov 30, by anonymous views 24 comments. When I was a teenager, my Mom and I would talk openly about sex. When I was about 15, I told ask her if it was normal for a boy my age to think about spanking a woman. I told her I didn't always think about it, but sometimes the thought of spanking a unwilling older woman was a turn on for me.

She said it was normal, and probably had something to do with always being told what to do by adult women. She asked me who I thought about spanking.

Spanking mom.

I told her my teacher. She pushed for more. I told her my Aunt Shelly, her sister. She asked, Anyone else? I told her "You Mom. She said I'll never get to spank my Aunt, and certainly not my teacher, but she would have to think about letting me spank her. She added, "Your father isn't in to that kind of thing, but I've always secretly thought about being spanked in a playful way. A couple of months later she said, " I've been thinking about your spanking fantasy, but I have some rules for you.

Giving my mother-in-law a good spanking!! - sex stories

If I let you spank me, your Father could never, ever know about it. So we have to wait till he is out of town. I was so excited, I told her it was going to be so much fun. She said it was going to be our special date night, and that it was only for her and I to ever know about.

The build up over the following six weeks was like her and I were planning a vacation. More to follow I know it sounds unlikely, but it's a true story. This story doesn't end with me and my Mom in bed together. But it was very sexual. Something that only happened one time. Let me describe my Mom for you.

My Mom was 40 years old, and I was The year was My Mom was a very sexy full figured women.

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Big boobs, and a big round bubble butt. Beautiful long brunette hair. It was my Mom's butt that always got me looking at every chance I got. The thought of spanking her was all I could think about. My Mom was a stay Spanking my mom stories home Mom. We had a very comfortable life. My Dad and I had a good relationship, but my Mom and I were very close. One night we were watching that show, and I said "Remember when you ask me who I think about spanking? She said "Maybe I'll pretend to be Rhoda for you. So my Dad finally leave's for his week long fishing trip.

It was early summer, so I was out of school. My Dad left on a Friday, not to return till the following weekend. My Dad wasn't 10 minutes out the door and I asked my Mom when I could spank her. I remember her laughing, and telling me "Tonight seems like a good time, but I want to go to the mall for a few things. Tonight for sure? She talked again about how this had to be our secret, and that no one could ever know I spanked my own Mother. I was starting to think this was going to be more that me smacking my Mom's butt, while we stood in the kitchen.

It sounded more like she was planning on something much more private.

Spanking my mother

I really didn't know what was in store for me. That night was the first time I fully understood who my Mom was. Oh well I get the impression no one's reading this confession.

So I won't waste anyone's time telling it anymore. Oh HELL no Please continue.

If I had the chance to spank my mother, I'd enjoy each and every slap on her beautiful white ass. Then, after both cheeks are a rosey red, I'd finger that wet, hairy Mommy Pussy until she enjoyed a nice big orgasm. I'll continue.

Spanking mom stories

I remember my Mom leaving for the mall. I was hanging out with my friends down the street when she finally came home. She drove past us, and waved. I got on my bike and rode home. When I got home my Mom was upstairs in her bedroom.

She called down to me. She didn't turn around, with her back to me she said " I'm going to take a bath and get ready for our private moment together.

I want you to go downstairs and lock up the house. I'll call you to my bedroom when I'm ready. Before I left her room, she turned around to face me.

With the most serious face I have ever seen on my Mom, she said " Honey, do you know what blackmailing means? I told her I did. She said " I think it would be fun if you act like your blackmailing me tonight. She told me to look in her top dresser drawer. I opened the drawer, and laying on top of her panties was a large dildo.

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I looked at her. She said " I thought it would be fun if you ask me if Dad knows I have a naughty sex toy.

When I tell you no, you tell me you won't tell if I let you spank me. I went downstairs to lock up. After about an hour I heard my Mom call my name. I ran upstairs and went into my Mom's bedroom.

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She was standing in front of her dresser. Her hair was down. She had on a short black satin robe. She had on nude colored stockings and black high heels. When she turned around I was surprised to see that she had on makeup like she was going out. She was showing a lot of cleavage, but her robe was closed. Peaking out from the bottom of her robe were garters attached to her stockings. She smiled. Did you lock up?