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About me

Not much is known about the early history of Peter, but during high school, Peter was a high grade nerd who was always picked on by his classmates, his only friend being Gwen Stacy.

The only person he had was his Uncle Bruce. Your IP: Work Search: Everything this Peter Parker does, he does so that he never shirks his responsibilities again. Another picture that had been knocked down showed Percy with a guy with longish black hair and a death glare, no smile.

And to put a cherry on top of all of that he lost his home. Fanfic Addict Where ever the music takes me and whatever I feel in the mood for. This just always cracks me up. No real tensions between team members because civil war made me petty.

We're here to talk about important events that are happening or going to happen. If I get anything wrong, tell me in the comments! Completed February 21, EmberMoon. Steve snapped.

The nephew of Benjamin Parker couldn't handle the responsibility of his powers, and the ward of the stark family was failing. Oneshots are not related to each other unless otherwise specified.

Peter Parker, famous singer, omega, and unknown to others, Spiderman. They were always uninterested with him, and never bothered to make time for him. Peter Parker is faced with everyday superhero challenges.

Senior year had been stressful. I guess you could call me a liar.

But when you added Parker Luck to the mix… Peter ran through all that in his mind while skidding to a halt in front of the main entrance of the Tower, and shuffling into the rotating doors with six special-ops-gear wearing buff guys. While they might not be his biological parents, they raised Peter Parker as their own son and taught him invaluable lessons about power and responsibility. But Harry was here, he was nuzzling Peter's neck, and his hands were rubbing Peter's sides soothingly.

But the Avengers are there to safe the day! When the other Avengers go on another mission and leave the teen's behind, the Add to library Discussion There's no exception. This is a One-Shot. Simultaneously, he also has to deal with a network of new friends and enemies.

Peter sings at his talent show without Tony or the avengers knowing until Aunt May calls Tony about it. He considered himself lucky.

Tony doesn't like that, and tries to confront him about it, but Peter is having nothing of it. Rose Knox, a seemingly emotionless girl who many kept their distance from.

Or was that a lie? GIF by cosytom. They all looked worn out but smiled a genuine smile.