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L ove LAP? Perhaps the fact that Chakotay and Janeway never kissed broke your heart. Of course, fanfiction goes beyond just romances, but romance is nothing to look down our noses at.

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Start Today. Summary: A story about regrets and second chances. I have been meaning to read some Star Trek Fanfiction novels leading up to the Star Trek: Picard series release, which I have heard set the foreground for the series. Beverly Crusher 6. You keep to yourself. Found insideBut her death is only the beginning of the adventure for Commander Riker, an adventure that will take him across time, pit him against one of his closest friends, and force him to choose between Starfleet's strictest rule and the one he Home: All Star Trek Stories posted in December of are backlogged stories that I didn't post back during the period Three For All was updated on 1st Jul Picard is French.

Stranded on an alien planet, Picard, Crusher and Troi are rescued by a mysterious woman. Since its founding in earlythe Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive strives to bring you quality fanfics without any of the headaches. There have been depictions of bisexual relationships, but always with Star trek tng fanfic twist e.

She is one of the smartest students at the academy - well, almost as smart as Spock. Featured Romance Fanfiction. What started as a simple summer romance becomes much more, very quickly. Star Trek: The Next Generation. I decided to make this a Christmas romance story.

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It's gonna be a lot of fluff and the length of them will vary greatly. A retelling of the Q episodes, but with Captain! Q and Q! Movies, Neverending Story, Kyo kara Maoh! Writing for televisio Complete. Book Captain James T. Kirk is nearly infamous for his numerous romantic relationships which earned him a well-deserved reputation as an intergalactic ladies man.

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His search le him into some very dangerous waters. Brent Spiner pens an explosive and hilarious novel, Fan Fiction, a personal look at the slightly askew view of the relationship between a celebrity and his fans. If the Coen Brothers were to make a Star Trek movie, involving the complexity of fan obsession and sci-fi, this noir comedy might just be the one. Our community of authors offer a welcoming environment to read or contribute, by providing a friendly enclave in which to discuss, publish, and collaborate. Danny Phantom Includes James T.

Medical and Xenolinguistics smart, seemed more like it. Annexed half a century ago and subjugated under a brutal regime. After taking command of the Enterprise, he encounters an omnipotent being with an interest in humanity. With not enough information about a new potential trading partner, Picard and Crusher attend an away mission that goes very wrong. I go to his quarters to tell him, and I Star trek tng fanfic something This is the world that Alina Solis and seven werewolves live in.

Genre: romantic comedy But what if they accidentally revived the sleeping occupant? Starship Enterprise. Bajor, a planet on the border of Cardassian space. Data has emotions in season 1.

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He's a Vulcan, or half-Vulcan anyway. Its primary purpose is to preserve fan fiction from classic ST fanzines of the last thirty years, to encourage the creation of new fan fiction set in the TOS timeframe, and to serve as a contact point for fans of the entire Star Trekuniverse. Welcome to Federation space! Subspace Communications the Trek Tales mailing list.

These fanfic stories have attracted some of their own fanfics, including some that are very dark indeed such as Dark Marrissa 1: The Master Builders and Marrissa Pays Off Karma. On their way back to Earth for the birth of their first child, Picard and Crusher are marooned on a hot planet. His wife has been missing, pd dead for two years. Found insideA series of vicious attacks by the enigmatic M'Dok Empire has devastated the planet Tenara -- bringing the U. This site is dedicated to Star Trek: The Original Series and the seven movies featuring the original cast. See how they like that! Here are the Top 10 Riker Romances, Ranked.

Looking for good Star Trek fanfic?. Star Trek TNG Summary Q has a little talk with his professor of humanity, Data, about how to befriend humans and the importance of not being a total asshole if you want someone to fall in love with you.

Crusher admits to some interesting sexual tastes. Even his teenage children believe it, but Picard doesn't. Voyager, for all its quirks, is infused with passion.

At last! The long awaited novel featuring both famous crews of the Starship Enterprisein an epic adventure that spans time and space. Voyager 40 Most Recent: Asment:Exodus, Voyagerfor all its quirks, is infused with passion. Picard rescues a young alien who bonds with him.

When Dr. McCoy and Carol Marcus opened the torpedo, the last thing they expected was a person inside, much less a woman. Felder and Feel free to request anything! But who wouldn't? Parting after an argument, Crusher finds herself abducted by terrorists and used as a bargaining chip.

In between the fisticuffs, space battles and technobabble, Star Trek is noted for its dalliances in romances. S Enterprise. One hundred years ago, four crewmembers of the "U.

We're kicking off valentine's day week with a fanfic deep dive.

S EnterpriseTM crossed the dimensional barrier and found a mirror image of their own universe, populated by nightmare duplicates of their shipmates. Since I started to publish during the holidays.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Star Trek: The Original Series fanfics, all of which have to be ed to stay on the. Investigating some suspicious deaths, Picard is injured and Crusher kidnapped. And will waking her be the biggest mistake Kirk could have made with Khan aboard… or will it Captain Kathryn Janeway has never been so angry at Harry Kim in her life as he asks her a simple question.

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The main members of the TNG crew were: 1. Kira Nerys was a major, later colonel, in the Bajoran Militia, following years in the Bajoran Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation and a Starfleet commander for a brief period during After a tense situation with both Crusher and the Romulans, Picard faces the daunting task of rescuing the love of his life and some dear friends from the clutches of an unknown alien species. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the StarTrek: The Original Series universe.

Net : Next Generation Net : Other Star Trek Fiction www.

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The Game: Directed by Corey Allen. Venom 1. We can help. Spock, and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship.

A terrible accident on an away mission leaves Picard paralysed. July 05, Crusher must hurry back to help. Preferences and imagines for Star Trek characters.

She is serving under her childhood friend in whom she has not seen since the academy. Built in Dr. Soong's own image, Lore was the fourth android they constructed and embodied the first successful example of a fully functional positronic brain. Proof that the remaining ten percent is worth boldly going where no one has gone before.