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I gave my first blowjob tonight, and I wanted to hear other peoples stories as well as share mine. I asked him if I could, because I guess I'm really bad at giving hand jobs, I'm not surprised tbh. He said "More tongue" about 3 times and I would use more but it takes so much effort and I was already tired and bored.

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His normal al to be sucked is to tickle me in the center of my palm. I get the message and always oblige. I am an ardent cock sucker and would not deny him.

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Without thinking twice I would release his cock through his zipper, but I prefer if he dropped his pants. To me, having a hard piece of meat in my mouth gives me total control. The deeper I go and the more I stiffen my lips over his cock, the more precum I get out of him.

This, mixed with some saliva, smooths the motion. And when I bob my head up and down while fondling his balls, it drives him crazy. I love that I have control over his body and mind this way. As I move up and down, he shivers all over. I love that! No cock suck would be complete without me rolling my tongue below the perineum area.

I follow that with long strokes of my tongue on either side. That causes the semen to build up and fill him completely. I then move back up to the head. With a lot of force, I tighten my lips and feel him swell to bursting. I grip hard and, at the same time, give the head some hard sucks.

Stream after stream of cum fills my mouth. I hold on for dear life. What I can swallow immediately, I do.

Then, as my mouth is full of his juice, I release and slowly gulp more down. Finally, I clear out the penis with my lips and mouth. Ladies, I highly recommend blessing your man in this way. Giving my hubby head is always the most fun! Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:.

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I don't think there is a man alive who doesn't enjoy a good blowjob. I love sucking dick and the taste of my husband's cum. I still gag occasionally as my husband has a larger than average cock. But with years of practice, I have pretty much mastered the technique.

Keep the stories cumming darlin. For the sheer erotic sensation of her pussy right above my face, her swinging breasts brushing my front, the exquisite sensations of her tongue and lips on my hard penis and the slow build up to orgasm it takes some beating.

Highly recommended. Love giving blowjobs!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Sounds like the way I give my hubby head. I basically make love to his cock. Great story and keep giving good blowjobs!!

Beautiful, arousing description! It is such a submissive sexual act. I love feeling his dick get hard in my mouth and then having him hold my head as he pumps in and out.

Oh, and when he drags his balls across my face or gently dips them into my mouth. Thanks to everybody. I learned the technic after many experiments and instead of a facialjust grip his head up to where his shaft begins with my small lips closed tight and grip it firm.

I am very much into swallowing so there is virtually no cleaning up and it can be done in any place of privacy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jump to your favorite category. Help us understand why. Submit Feedback.

Log in to Reply. You Go Girl! That sounds like one wonderful wife and one very blessed husband. Great Story.

I love to receive head. I am very much into swallowing so there is virtually no cleaning up and it can be done in any place of privacy Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Want to the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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