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Seems you need to ask straight people if it would tip them off. But Endelphia is not so sure:. As is this nugget of wisdom from rainbowgeoff :. Jockstraps are treated like lingerie in the gay world, but straight men just look at them as workout clothes.

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Real men and athletes wear jockstraps to pull up their cock and nut sack. My dad bought me my first strap when I ed the football team and said, "Your're a man now, son. I guess people besides porn stars still wear them recreationally. I hear r3 about the sweat so I wear the strap and then briefs over it.

Do millennials wear jockstraps?

And they have to coordinate color wise of course Oh, and I'm a bottom. When I started junior high, back in the stone age,we were instructedto go the local department store and buy our gym uniforms and a jock strap. Thankfully my mother gave me the money and I went on my own. I was mortified that the saleswoman was this well-upholstered grandmotherly type, but I went ahead and made the purchase.

There was nobody home when I got back so I got naked, put on just my jockstrap and blew two lo in a matter of minutes. And, this, my young friends, was using nothing but my imagination; no phones, VCRs, or even porn mags available. For whatever reason, at school the preferred method of changing into gym clothes seemed to be go get completely naked and then put on the jockstrap, followed by shorts, and shirt.

Being deeply in the closet I tried my best to check out my classmates surreptitiously and it was difficult for this horny 12 year old not to get a hard-on, but somehow I managed. Agree, R7. Definitely Bike. Make sure you wear one too. Because he wants to keep fantasizing that the locker room is full of guys in jock straps even though it ain't true. They make compression shorts with plastic cup pockets too.

Jock straps have been relegated to old men and gay fetish wear. My urologist suggested that I wear one due to constantly sitting on my lowhangers. Makes a big difference and the hubby loves it. There is an older dude in the gym who wears jockstraps.

He looks like a sex freak sashaying Around the lockerroom in that thing.

Guys hurry up and get out of there when he is in the lockerroom. I hate those stupid looking compression pants.

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Besides, they make the calves look like tooth picks and if you have small feet the proportions look really silly Went to high school in the 80s. I remember there was a bin of jockstraps that you could take from. School laundered them.

R31, thats an opinion not a fact that can be judged right or wrong. I think the guy in the that photo looks great and his legs are very well developed. That is a fact.

Straight men in jockstraps gay i know my s..

And incidentally, I'm not defending s style jockstraps. I just think the compression gear looks ridiculous and dated in it's own way. My gym Equinox at Rockefeller Center offers t shirts, shorts and jocks free to members. You wear them once and they are laundered for use by anyone who wants them. They're presented on shelves in the lockerroom.

We do not wear jock straps to the gym or to workout.

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Maybe for a fetish or sex, but not for practical purposes. We wear compression shorts or boxer briefs or just normal underwear. Also, we did not wear them in gym class either. There were no coach lead tutorials or mandates on wearing jock straps in gym class.

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As a swimmer, we did have to wear speedos for practice and meets which we were really embarrassed about in middle school. I do see them in porn uite a bit these days - have you noticed in some films the bottom does not even take them off so you never even see the bottom's penis. Is that some alpha-sub thing?

They may not wear them but they line up around the block to spread their lovely buns for this daddy. I go to Equinox and yes they do launder your gym clothes if you are an executive member or member of one the executive clubs but they do not dole out jock straps.

They don't even sell them in the gym shop. Nice fantasy though. I could see that more at the Chesea David Barton.

Hi! welcome to rough straight men!

Jockstraps used to hide everything by smoothing it out. Compression garments allow for the free flow of ideas. My father had a huge cock and was very modest.

I only saw him nude a few times. At the country club he would shower in his jockstrap. I thought it was weird. I was at LA Fitness in Chicago on Tuesday and a cute guy in his twenties was taking off his gym shorts and underneath he had on a black jock strap. The way that black jock framed his sexy bubble butt was just amazing, so amazing that the only thing I could think about was chowing down on his hole, even started to get hard just thinking about it.

Watch: red sox get wet & wild in the locker room to this queer dance staple

Never got to see the front, because he got out a towel and did the towel dance as he wiggled out of his jock to make his way to the showers. It was worth going to the gym that day just to see that! Millennials rarely go to the lockerroom at ny gym. They come dressed to work out.

Also, more guys carry gym bags with them so they can quickly do minimal changing on the floor without going to the lockerroom. R72 - I was eating while I scrolled down to that image and also spit me food out you had me laughing so hard. That was funny! I liked it then and I like it now. It was pretty heady stuff for a 10 year old cockhound back in the day. Saw a 40 something year old guy in a jock strap at the gym today, and he was filling it out nicely.

Older than millennial here.

Why wear a jockstrap?

Even under compression shorts, I like to have on underwear. So I wear a jockstrap.

Seems you need to ask straight people if it would tip them off. Jockstraps are treated like lingerie in the gay world, but straight men just look at them as workout clothes. This all confuses me.

When I was a kid you could buy a jock at Sears or any department store. But now I never see them except online or in gay apparel stores. As a teenager my mother made my wear one to gym class or playing sports I suppose to keep my jewels from popping out unexpectedly. When I told her that, she said then those boys are pigs. Equinox Rockefeller Center absolutely does offer jocks along with shorts and t shirts to any guy who wants one. They also wear towels in my gym.