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The constant theme in femdom seems to be seeing submissive males as somehow an inferior type of human being compared to other men.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

My wife, my mistress, my keyholder and I have just gotten back from the most erotic vacation. A nice little three night getaway. I asked her before we left if she intended on bringing my chastity key? It had been about four weeks since it had been used.

She said you have given me no reason to. Which was still true but I was hoping to change that on this trip. I had bought her a new necklace to hang it from. So I have it to her the night before we left. I explained what it was for, and how this way nobody we knew would ever see it. She liked the idea! She pulled the necklace and key out of her purse. I watched as she dropped the key in her cleavage and fastened the necklace behind her neck.

I instantly filled my cage. I am not a self proclaimed boob man. But in this moment her breasts with my chastity key resting between them were the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Maybe it was the four plus weeks I had gone without getting unlocked, but I had never admired her breasts more. She noticed me squirming and asked if I was trying to get hard. Of course I am. That is one hell of a tease I told her. To be continued…. So my wife, my mistress, my keyholder and I are sitting by the pool the afternoon after landing in our vacation spot.

So I ask, what can I do that will convince you to use that key? Once again I was told I needed to come up with something to please her that would convince her. Then I started to beg. Just name it. Now chastity started out as my fetish, and I love being locked by her. But her wearing my key in public had me a whole new kind of worked up and horny. So I got in the pool to cool off.

I’ll be making all new posts from there so follow me there from now on.

I was starting to kind of panic. I started to think she was just leaving me locked because she was upset with me over staring at her friends ass. I dismissed that thought because she has already unlocked me for sex since then. Then I saw another couple talking to her.

I wondered what they were saying. My wife, my mistress, my keyholder was nervously playing with her necklace the whole time. Were they asking about it? The couple had walked off before I got back to her. When I asked what they wanted, she said the woman liked her bikini and wanted to know where her husband could buy one for her.

I was skeptical. I told her I thought they were asking about the key, and how I thought it was drawing a lot of attention. So I apologized and explained how I have been so locked in on the key since she started wearing it. I know she said. Then I sort of started begging again. Come on!

Please tell me what I can do? I begged.

Do you want me to find someone to ask about the key? With that question her eyes lit up. I asked. If I get someone to ask you what the key is for, will you use it? Then she said. Then yes, we will go back to the room and I will use it. And if nobody asks? The rest of that afternoon and all night I was sure everyone was looking at it and everyone was going to ask about it. I knew my wife, my mistress, my keyholder was as horny as I was. I crawled right up between her legs and started licking the pussy I had never desired to have my dick sunk into more than right then!

The constant theme Submissive men tumblr femdom seems to be seeing submissive males as somehow an inferior type of human being compared to other men. Now, I do understand why this can turn people on. The sad part about it is, this portrayal of female dominance is often seen as the only version that can exist.

Many submissive males try to approach women by throwing themselves at their feet saying how worthless they are, and all it does is come off as desperate and creepy. As a result we have submissive males living as lost souls having no idea how to be accepted in this world. If we can get around this view of femdom, and take a look it from another perspective, we can perhaps, start to see another version of female dominance that can work for both partners, without the negative mental health effects. Because there is a way of having a beautiful relationship, when you take the qualities a submissive male is offering, and put them to good use, rather than beat them down.

Lets take a look at what a submissive male is offering. First of all, the most important thing to realize about submissive males, is that they realize they are not like conventional men. Submissive men tumblr is normal depending upon the perspective.

Conventional men have their own agenda and do their down thing. But submissive males, go the opposite way. Rather than wanting to conquer women, they want to honor women without conquering. Submissive men tumblr means, submissive males want to not only understand their partner, but they also want to participate in everything to do with their partner.

Which is completely foreign to most relationships. Most conventional relationships have power struggles and decision making arguments. He wants what she wants. Let me say that again, because conventional relationships never see this kind of devotion. He wants to bring as much value to her life as he possibly can. He will bring more value the more she allows him into her feminine world. It can truly be a lifestyle where a woman can truly let a man into her life, and trust him with the utmost integrity and feel completely safe knowing he is dedicated and devoted to her forever.

How many conventional relationships have that? This is why submissive males have value. Utilize that value in the right way, and submissive males will only fall deeper into loving submission. Respect the value they bring to the relationship by using that value and appreciating that value, while she always maintains and happily remains his dominant leader.

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Submissive males want to feel just as safe as women do. The feeling of being safe with another is something that should be treasured and not degraded. Thank you for your support.

As a lifelong submissive, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your very down-to-earth writing. I have been alone for a long time because of an inability to find a truly dominant woman. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I get this question a lot. Well, more than a lot. Now First of all, yes, this type of relationship is definitely not the social norm.

It does not mean there is a lack of dominant women in the world.

They are too upfront about their submissive side, and push it onto every woman they meet, who gets completely turned off the idea, even if she might be dominant curious and not know it. This obligation is a turn off, and typically ends the relationship before it even starts.

Male chastity disagreement

This le to a submissive always being in limbo, and aloof. Always indecisive and lacking in confidence. Which tends to lead to vanilla relationships, if she can get past your lack of confidence in the first place. So… we have, too shy, and too upfront. The biggest roadblocks for a submissive.

Being submissive, is not the only thing you are. But it is a part of you, and you need to find a way to offer it, when the time is right.