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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Batman fanfics, all of which have to be ed to stay on the. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main though; that goes in the discussion. Reconfiguration in Progress : Fanfic Recommendations is being split into s for each individual series, so help is needed to classify each entry into the appropiate category, and to format it according to the template.

Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts by Unpretty link.

Hanging Work Lucy Gillam. The Joker Blogs Fan Film. Cat Tales by Chris Dee. Bruce Has a Problem link.

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Batman Kink Meme. The Batman Complexby themanbatman. Silver Spider. Batman: Life Story by AzureSpider. Error In Judgment by Adrian Tullberg [specific continuity unclear]. Crazy Cat Lady by aishuu [specific continuity unclear]. Broken Code by Phillipe Bat Tales by The Storyteller [set in the Burton movies continuity]. Fear and Malice by E. Young [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]. Nerd by Night of the Living Monkey.

Rewrite by Silver Pard. Strange Behavior by Rick Peterson. Necessary Force by paxwolf. Broken Glass by Panamint. The Salem Protocol by Esther-Channah.

Supergirl fanfiction kara captured

Knock, Knock by Night of the Living Monkey. Crisis of Infinite Batgirls by bookwormwithanattitude. Cassandra Cain, the Batgirl by Dan Ingram. A Gotham Christmas Carol by bradp Brazilian Batman by Goldfield Link. The Survivor by Gladrial The Changeling by Silver Spider.

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Living in the Red Light by E Kelly. No Dawn No Day by quipquipquip link. Snapshots by meyari. Macushla by Hinn-Raven. Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair by gypsydancergirl.

Veridical Unreality by Hane no Zaia. Nightmares and Regrets by Nightmare1. The Tainted Crane by Nightmare1.

Shared by Two by zombieboyband. Riddler's Filing Cabinet by rockemsockem. Batman by Stewart M link. Snapshots by Blissaster.

Dance with the Demons by DarkMark. Batman - The Tailor by TerminAitor. Shock the Monkey by TheResurrectionist. Stubborn by audreycritter.

Inbox by audreycritter. Minimum Height Requirement by Drag0nst0rm. In Spite of a Crime by Drag0nst0rm. Verdant by Cerusee.

Dc universe • supergirl • 38 stories • updated 12 oct

Net link here. The Good Moments by Final Arc. The Rule Stands by Engineerd. Who Can't Lie? Ghost Story by Insane Troll Logic. Mutual Understanding by lowflyingfruit. Code Bat series by Listentothelittlebird. The Bat's Crest by livierambles.

Batman one piece fanfiction

Oil and Watercolor by dedicatedfollower Iron-Clad Secret Identity by cattyk8. Gotham Banksy by Lanani A 3 O. Security Breach by Beathas. Office Meeting by Unpretty. Elseworlds: Legend of the Batwoman by Darth Yoshi.

Robin Wants a Snack by Zetta. Persistence of Memory by E. Oleander [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]. Fixing the Batman 50 Wedding Comic by Phillipe An Unusual Mission In Darkest Light by Meljean Brook. So, Harv walks into a bar by ChanceORiley Sovenance by shobogan. Nascent by Marshmellowtime. What's in a Name? Water by Beabaseball beabaseball.

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The Bat Way by Sunny Blue. Tim is injured while fighting Two-Face and, because of circumstances that may or may not involve the kid's lack of spleen and a low stock of Bat-Antibiotics, his siblings are forced to take him to Mount Justice instead of the Batcave for medical care.

Which is fine. The only problem is that the Team is unaware that Jason is alive. Also, they're unaware of Damian and Cass's existences, and of the fact that the Robins are all siblings, and of the fact that the Bats aren't actually harboring a dangerous villain in the Red Hood, but rather a dangerous-but-friendly anti-hero in the Red Hood. Big difference. Fine, so maybe they have some explaining to do.

But dammit if they're not gonna do it the Bat way. Egg ing 'em on by Captain Ozone.

Colony of Gotham by Crzy Fun. Not everything is black and white, especially in Gotham by cantorahagedoorn. A Dark Knight over Sin City by capyle. Ace of Spades by LeontinaStardust. Vigilante by Zanganito. The Wizard of Gotham by Skysaber. Change is the Only Constant by Mara Greengrass. Innocence And Experience by redgrass-and-silvertrees link.

The Least by AnimeWolfGirl Seven Years Running