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When Captain Valon launched his initial raids against the Rift Alliance's shipping lanes, no one had any idea who he was. Initially just a grunt in the ranks of the White Maw, Valon was indistinguishable from the other pirates who flocked to Hoth in search of easy pickings.

His sudden rise and his gathering of so many followers is a mystery to the Rift Alliance's tacticians. Not surprisingly, many wild stories have since sprung up about Captain Valon--most notably the claim that he is invulnerable. Captain Valon has certainly survived several attempts on his life, including onslaughts from the Rift Alliance coalition forces and failed coups from overambitious lieutenants, but this only proves that Valon is an adversary who must not be underestimated.

A Kaleesh Jedi Master, Cin Swtor first son expert survival skills allow him to thrive in the deadliest and most dangerous environments. Master Tykan has put his unique talents to use throughout the galaxy, exploring and studying dozens of ravaged worlds and finding ways to reverse the catastrophic damage to their ecosystems.

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Devoted to his work, Master Tykan waited many years before taking on a Padawan. Unwilling to pass on his knowledge to one who didn't share his deep-felt compassion for nature and life in all its forms, he finally found a worthy student in the eager and earnest Aris Vauranelle.

Together, they have been tackling one of the galaxy's greatest environmental challenges: the restoration of Taris. A powerful Sith Lord with a despotic temperament, Darth Lachris has never failed in war. Her successes in the Empire's battles have brought her to Balmorra, where she faces the challenge of putting down a resistance that has remained one step ahead of the military since the fight for the planet began.

Darth Lachris is sharp and wary, expecting a scheme behind every action her enemies take.

Trained by Dark Council member Darth Marr, she is a warrior at heart with an embittered understanding of political necessity--and a lust for all the galaxy's bloody pleasures. The son of refugees made homeless during the Great War, Lieutenant Felix Iresso has been a career soldier for many years. His file shows participation in several notable battles, including the so-called Eight-Hour Invasion of Dubrillion where Republic forces repelled an Imperial invasion force with minimal reinforcements.

Since then, Lieutenant Iresso has earned excellent technical scores and commendations for exemplary service.

Syo bakarn

However, his file also contains some discrepancies. Lieutenant Iresso has one of the highest transfer rates in the Republic military, serving under almost a dozen commanders across the galaxy in two years. The lieutenant has also been overlooked for promotion several times. The only explanation from his superiors is a reference to an incident on Althir where Lieutenant Iresso was captured by the Empire, but no details are given.

Gaden-Ko is the son of a sculptor and a former Voss commando who was maimed by the Gormak when Gaden-Ko was small. As is Voss custom, he was raised by his grandfather--Dajan-Ko--who soon noticed the young Gaden-Ko's uncanny intuition. This insight allowed him to aid Voss commandos by predicting where Gormak patrols would be. Thus marked as a potential Mystic visionary, he has spent years at the Tower of Prophecy studying and preparing to go on his pilgrimage.

Gaden-Ko's generation is the first to grow up in a Voss-Ka where alien outsiders are a common sight. He has always had an interest in these foreigners, even developing a friendship with the Republic ambassador. Perhaps because of these outside influences, Gaden-Ko is seen to be rather impulsive and impatient compared to other Voss.


The Esh-kha patriarch Hallow Voice is an enigma among his own people. He was born while the Esh-kha patriarch was still strong and healthy--an unprecedented event. Later, he earned his name by eloquently expressing strange new ideas. Hallow Voice claimed the Esh-kha should find a way to coexist with other species instead of wiping them out. The other Esh-kha were flummoxed by this. Eventually, it was agreed by everyone--Hallow Voice included--that he should take a small group away from the main Esh-kha force to try out his theories.

Soon after, the Rakata Infinite Empire attacked the Esh-kha to stop their marauding, which had claimed many of the Rakata slave worlds.

Hallow Voice appealed to the Rakata to spare his people. The Rakata strung out negotiations until they were confident they had the Esh-kha contained, then captured Hallow Voice.

Millennia of imprisonment on Belsavis have not made him bitter; rather, Hallow Voice is more devoted than ever to a spirit of cooperation and to calming the murderous instincts of his cousin Esh-kha. Kutri O'a is no stranger to war. He assisted in defending the Minos Cluster and raided Sith warships in the First Battle of Bothawui, though you wouldn't know it from his warm and friendly demeanor. Rather than reflect on past hardships, the Bothan Jedi Master prefers to engage in scholarly pursuits and maintain a positive outlook. As one of the true masters of the holocron craft, Master O'a has been in great demand throughout Republic space and beyond, but he does not act on behest of the whims of others.

He can sense through the Force when and where he'll be needed and Swtor first son his travel accordingly--even if those plans take him straight into the heart of danger. FQN: cdx. In contrast to many Trandoshans, Qyzen Fess rejected the path of a mercenary to become a hunter of the galaxy's most dangerous beasts.

Earning "Jagannath points" with every honorable kill, Qyzen has traveled for years, seeking worthy prey and honoring his goddess, the Scorekeeper. Although his travels have brought him to Tython several times, he is never seen by the Jedi if Yuon Par is not at the temple. Despite his disdain of fame and fortune, Qyzen has attracted some notoriety. He often slips through apparently watertight Imperial borders to follow his prey, much to the consternation of the Empire's officials. Qyzen is also the only living hunter to have killed a greater crested gundark, thought extinct for centuries.

His simple habits and devotion to the Scorekeeper give him common ground with the Jedi, though many disapprove of the attitudes and instincts that come naturally to a Trandoshan. Likes: Killing powerful enemies, encouraging others to defend themselves, danger, honor Dislikes: Killing the weak, mercenary work, sparing powerful enemies Primary Weapon: Techblade.

Rumored to be the descendant of a Corellian noble family, Syo Bakarn distinguished himself as a Padawan by saving his master from a Mandalorian Jedi hunter. Syo was part of the delegation at the original Jedi Temple when the Sacking of Coruscant occurred. Syo has represented the Jedi Council on several diplomatic missions and spoken for the order before the Republic Senate. In addition to his duties for the Council, Syo is also a talented engineer, responsible for the rebuilt Jedi Archives and many of the systems within the Jedi Temple on Tython.

The Sith Emperor seeks to shape all things to his will.

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His Children, individuals infused with part of his being, have been scattered throughout the Republic, knowingly--or unknowingly--manipulating events to the Emperor's advantage over the years. Above them all is the First Son of the Emperor, a master strategist placed within the Jedi Council itself. Cloaked in the identity of Master Syo Bakarn, the First Son has been hiding the Children from the Jedi for decades, playing a long game with the Republic.

His actions suggest a man possessing remarkable patience, ruthlessness and power. However, as Sophia Farash claimed, Master Syo has been unaware of the First Son's existence--suggesting he and the First Son are two separate personas. Although not a household name, Tharan Cedrax is well known in several circles.

In the casinos of Nar Shaddaa, he is cursed as a card-counting mathematical genius. To the eligible women of the galaxy, he is a famous charmer who sees rejection as an intriguing challenge.

Among technologists, he earned accolades for solving a technical paradox that revolutionized computer slicing; despite his achievements, however, Tharan isn't taken seriously by the galaxy's scientific community, which looks down on him as a playboy rather than a serious researcher.

In recent years, Tharan has taken an interest in "exo-technology," an almost unknown field involving esoteric alien sciences, and gone into business making custom gadgets for wealthy clients. Often accompanied by his lovely holographic companion, Holiday, Tharan has spent his credits freely, enjoying the very best Nar Shaddaa has to offer while staying just shy of its dangers.

Likes: Cleverness, logical thinking, aiding scientists and beautiful women, getting something for nothing Dislikes: Mystical Jedi nonsense, Force Persuade, destroying science, heroism that involves danger Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol. A renowned archaeologist and tireless explorer, Jedi Master Yuon Par is one of the order's most respected scholars. She specializes in the pre-history of the Jedi Order and has recovered several major artifacts, including the surviving Gharnus Texts and a holocron compiled by Odan-Urr. Yuon once taught the history of Jedi philosophy at the temple, but in recent years she has returned to working in the field.

Yuon's search for lost Jedi ruins and artifacts has brought her into contact with dozens of different cultures. She has negotiated with warring Gamorrean clans and was even made blood sister to a Kaleesh chieftain. Some Jedi have expressed concern at Yuon's rather unorthodox methods and teaching style, but no one questions her devotion to the Jedi Order. Once a member of a powerful resistance cell broken up by Imperial infiltrators, Zenith has struck out on his own, gathering followers from Balmorra's oppressed population to launch sneak attacks, raids and bombings against the occupying Imperial forces.

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Years spent in hiding and seeing the plight of Balmorran citizens have left Zenith with a deep-seated paranoia and hatred of the Empire--especially Balmorra's Sith governor, Darth Lachris. Nothing enrages him more than those who collaborate with the oppressors; he has been known to refuse aid to Balmorrans who cooperate with Imperial soldiers. The sacrifices he has endured have also nurtured Zenith's ambitions--when Balmorra is finally free, someone will have to ensure her new government is strong enough to prevent another occupation.

One of the founding worlds of the Galactic Republic, Corellia nonetheless prides itself on its independence.