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Years: 35
Hobby: Horny Housewife Wants Parent Dating Lonely Local Women Searching Blow Job
Ethnic: Swedish
Meeting with: Guy
Tone of my iris: Lustrous brown eyes
My gender: I am female
Hair: I have short curly gray hair
What I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
I like to listen: Blues
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

Okay, so I got two requests for the same thing literally seconds apart from one another. Sorry if they all seem similar, but these are my opinions and how I see something like this going down. Note: If this seems similar to other headcanons, I apologize. Also, this is my opinion blah blah, and not a reflection of their real experiences.

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Originally posted by ghostofmashton. You grin happily as you look around your living room, seeing all of your friends talking with one another. A hand slips around your waist and a chin rests on your shoulder. You nod your head and sip the drink you have. The black-haired man nods his head in agreement before wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You take another sip of your drink before humming.

Ashton walks away from you, his hand slowly sliding off of your body as he walks into the crowd of people. You bite your lip softly and let out a sigh, tearing your eyes away from the man. You finish the liquid remnants in your cup and head towards the kitchen to refill it.

Your eyes widen at the guy. You begin to pour the liquor into your cup when the guy speaks up again. He lets out a laugh and runs his fingers through his hair. You feel your throat close up a bit and swallow the lump in your throat. You let out an awkward laugh, playing it off as you top your drink off.

Hours later into the party and the majority of the people left, leaving the guys and their ificant others. You sit by Ashton and his hand immediately finds a place on your thigh.

Your hand strokes his large thigh, thinking about what that guy mentioned earlier. He sits down on the edge of your bed as you shut the door. You nod your head, your fingers running through his soft hair. I trust you so much. Your best friend lets out a heavy breath, his hands moving down your thighs.

Just another stressed writer — taking your virginity - headcanon

You watch as his eyes follow his hands, fingers gripping your skin before meeting your gaze. Ashton leans up and gently presses his lips to yours, a throaty groan leaving your throat as you kiss him back. You rest your hands on his shoulders while his hands begin to roam. He pushes your shirt up and you help him pull it off before he chucks it to the floor. The black-haired man pulls away from you, admiring how you look as a tint of pink covers your cheeks. Your heart flutters at his words, continuing your grinding as Ash cups one of your breasts. He quickly picks you up and you let out a squeal.

His hands grab a hold of your leggings, slowly pulling them down your legs. You maintain eye contact with him the whole time, your chest heaving while running your hands along the sheets. Ashton slides his hands up the back of your thighs, growling a bit as he drags his lips across your inner thigh.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your pussy clenches at the sight, a moan escaping your lips as he moves closer and closer to your core. You swallow thickly, sitting up on your elbows as one of his hands moves to the front of your panties. He smirks and presses his thumb onto your clit before drawing circles.

He continues moving his thumb in a circular motion as he slides up your body to give you a rough kiss. One of your hands moves to his hair, running your fingers through it as his movements become quicker.

Lo$er=lo♡er — sypnosis: you lose your virginity to the biggest

Your breathing becomes quicker, your hips bucking into his touch as his free hand tugs on your hair. You shudder at his words and actions as Ash moves his way back down your body. He tugs your panties to the side, exposing yourself to him. Your heart beats a million times per minute as the black-haired man drags his fingers up and down your slit. Hazel eyes meet yours as he closes the distance between his mouth and your pussy. Your head dips back as he strokes your bundle of nerves, your fingers gripping the sheets.

A hum leaves his lips while his hands spread your legs apart, digging his fingers into your thighs. You hiss quietly, sitting up on your elbows and your best friend glances up Take my virginity tumblr you, a look of concern on his face. Ashton brings his tongue back to your clit, licking vigorously while starting to pump his finger in and out of you. You become a moaning mess and Ashton begins to speed up his fingering.

His eyes flick up to yours to see your chest high in the air, head tilted back as you become closer and closer to cumming. A ragged moan leaves your lips and you cum on his fingers, your hand gripping his wrist as he continues his thrusting. You run your fingers through your hair, your clit becoming a bit sensitive as Ash is gently stroking the bundle of nerves.

He stands up before stripping his clothes off. You blush at the sight of his naked body, gulping slightly at how big he is. He kneels on the bed, his hand stroking his cock slowly. His cock slides through your folds and you bite your lip, glancing down between your bodies as the black-haired man starts to push into you.

Ashton rests his hand beside your head, your hand wrapping around his forearm. He looks at you through your lashes, looking a bit concerned. He slowly pushes in and you hiss, feeling yourself stretch around him. Your nails dig into his arm and his lips press against your forehead as he bottoms out inside you. You take a couple of minutes to adjust to his size before leaning back on the bed.

His hazel eyes meet yours and he nods, moving his hands to your thighs. Ashton begins to slowly thrust his hips, sliding in and out of you and you end up letting out a moan. He dips his face into your neck, pressing sloppy kisses to your warm skin as he continues thrusting into you. Your best friend gradually moves faster causing you to moan almost every three seconds. He lifts his head from your neck, staring at your face as your eyes are screwed shut.

You let out a loud moan and arch your back up before cumming on his cock.

Ashton lets out a moan himself, feeling you squeeze on his dick as he fucks you through your orgasm. One of his hands slides up the mattress, finding yours before lacing your fingers together. He abruptly pulls out of you, jacking himself off, and moans as he cums onto your stomach. Both of you are breathing heavily, coming down from your orgasms, hands still entwined. You press your lips together, not believing that just happened. Ashton places a kiss on your forehead before getting up and he into the bathroom. He comes back out with a wet washcloth, cleaning the mess he made on your stomach.

You watch him silently as he walks back into the bathroom quickly. Ashton walks back over to your bed, laying down beside you.

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And literally, everyone began to laugh. Your best friend frowns and laces your fingers once again, gently squeezing. Look at you. Ashton lets out a chuckle and nods his head. You snort in response, looking up at him through your lashes. Ashton smiles down at you, his thumb pulling your bottom lip from your teeth before sliding the digit across the skin.

His eyes search yours for a minute before dipping down to capture your lips with his. Your hand rests on his face, a hum coming from your throat. He pulls away after a few seconds and you rest your head in his neck. Originally posted by 5sospicturesque.

And yes. I think this is cute af. As usual.