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My age: I am 34
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Eye tone: Cold blue eyes
Sex: My gender is female
Smoker: No

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My bondage fantasies. The fact that I loved being tied up wearing a shirt and tie. My work and school schedule. That I chose to work at a local bank in college due to the strict dress code.

‘tape gag’ stories

My garage code that allowed entrance into my Townhome. A little backstory, by this time I had grown out of my goth phase mostly, just not my two biggest fetishes; bondage and dressing up. I had cut my hair and got a job as a teller at a local bank, in part due to being able to wear a shirt and tie without too many questions and the fantasy of one day being robbed and tied up with my co-workers never happened.

By this point Brent and I had enough bondage conversations Tape gagged stories experiences for him to know these things and that's where out story begins. It had been a long day at work, even with the added perk of the strict dress code it was exhausting due to the bank tellers constantly being pushed to be sales men. I got into my car and sent a text to my friend Brent asking if he wanted to see a movie. The phone vibrated and I looked at the message; "Call me when you get home, we can plan. I was wearing a white dress shirt, a black and grey striped tie, black dress pants and dress shoes.

I entered my Townhome and started to head for the fridge when someone grabbed me from behind. Started I began to panic! Someone was robbing me!

Gagged girls stories: gagged bondage games: tape gagged

Teller, afraid you won't be making it to the movie tonight! He had my garage code for when I was out of town and had him house-sit. I continued to struggle but only slightly.

Brent had really gone all out wearing black jeans, a long sleeved black shirt, black gloves, and a black ski mask. We kept the same rules for our tie up games with a few twists, I decided after a long day this was exactly what I needed so I played along. I slowly slumped over and he sat me on a kitchen chair.

He started wrapping my hands to the armrests and ankles with duct tape. He grabbed a white rag and jammed it in my mouth and sealed it in with a strip of tape. I "pretended" to come to my senses. I need to interrogate you for your bank codes! He had really thought this one through, and I was loving it.

He got the message. And that means I need you to stay out of my way! Let's get you more comfortable. Brent left my legs as they were, tied only at the ankles, "be warned banker boy, if you try to escape you will be tied even tighter! I'm going upstairs to do some homework I mean get the codes. I better not catch you trying to escape. With that Brent headed upstairs as I started to struggle in my bonds.

After so many games with him he had learned to tie me much better and I couldn't just squeeze out anymore. One of our rules to escape was to make it outside but we added a new one that he seemed to forget about. I also won if I managed to call him from my cell phone, which was in my pocket The dummy forgot to search me!

Gagged girls stories: tape gag therapy: tables turned

I twisted and spun in the chair trying to get my phone pulled out. I was able to grab a corner with my fingertips and pull it out, unfortunately I wasn't able to keep hold of the blocky thing and it fell to the floor. I was in trouble now Brent looked at me deviously as he picked up my phone.

Well no one is coming to save you Mr. Brent played a really good captor being a big, well built guy. When you don't show up for work tomorrow this will be the first place they will look! He had to be joking. As much fun as this was I couldn't just not show up for work I knew I needed to escape so I could tell Brent I couldn't miss a day of work, if he was serious.

I began to struggle in my tight bonds. Soon Brent came back and opened the door to the closet.

He pulled out a small pocket knife and cut a piece of rope to use later and the tape securing me to the back of the chair as well as my wrist bindings and resecured them behind my back. But my hideout of course! Guess there would be no stopping him now might as well just play along.

I pretended to be KO'd again and Brent picked me up and threw my still bound body over his shoulders and carried me into my garage.

Danger in deep woods

He can Clean and Press over lbs and I was only so this wasn't a problem He opened up the back door and threw me in the back seat of his car he apparently moved his car into my garage to avoid people seeing me on my stomach, he then hogtied me again with the same piece of rope he cut. It was shorter due to being cut so that made this hogtie even tighter.

This was awesome. I was half nervous and half ecstatic over this new turn to our game.

Brent locked up my place and got into the drivers seat I could tell we were moving. I enjoyed our trip to Brent's "hideout" for what it's worth but I kinda wished I got to ride in the trunk The funniest part of the ride was when Brent stopped to get food at a semi-fast food t.

‘tape gagged’ stories

Going through the drive-thru would have been fun but he actually went in to sit down and eat. I knew this was just to taunt me. So I sat in his car, all bound up and hoping no one would be more inquisitive about the strange lump in the back seat of Blue Stratus. After about Brent came back and mocked me; "Oooops I forgot to get you something Oh yeah, the gag!

Haha" I remembered that quote vividly. I could feel the car come to a stop. He opened up the back door and pulled the blankets off me. Brent cut away the rope connecting the hogtie and rope around my ankles. I sat out of the car and reassessed my current bindings. My hands still tied with tight rope behind my back and a rag shoved in my mouth with multiple layers Tape gagged stories duct tape wrapped around my mouth.

I took a step out of the car and could see Brent's house. He grabbed me by the arm and quickly walked me inside the front door. Brent still lived with his parents I was immediately mortified, I didn't know his mom would be home!

Just then Brent's mom, a short brunette woman, came around the corner. Looks like you are having fun! You look so professional and handsome! Brent told me all about your Houdini challenges and how you will be spending the night with us. Supper is in the oven dears.