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Quite a few of us can relate to growing up in this era and viewers remember some of the best and worst times of their lives. She begins with the two teens sitting on the couch in a friendly conversation that goes south quickly. Beverly asks her what her intentions towards Adam are but it gets better. When Beverly realizes that Murray has no real hobbies, she attempts to find a few suitable hobbies for him to pursue with hilarious. As all of this is going on, Barry comes up with a scheme for stealing golf carts.

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She's in a medically induced coma. But I'm staying here to make sure you don't lay your mitts on my man. I get what he sees in you. The olive skin, chestnut auburn hair, easy smile.

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Erica: Thank you? Evelyn Silver: You had your chance with my Geoff last year. But you blew it. Blew it.

Erica: Oh, Evy. Sure, you're smart and confident. But it won't be enough. Evelyn Silver: [laughs nervously] Don't you drag the back of your hand down my cheek in a soft but threatening manner. Only I do that. Erica: Well, it seems like I'm doing it right now. Evelyn Silver: Only the woman with the upper hand does that. Erica: Shh! We both know who that is. Evelyn Silver: Shh! Don't you shush my lips with your finger! I am the one who shushes!

Erica: Shhhh! Evelyn Silver: Shhhh! This is a fight you can't win, missy, 'cause I already won. Quote from Family Takes Care of Beverly. Barry: I just saved your life.

Erica: What? Barry: According to the way of the Samurai, you're my servant until the debt is repaid. Erica: That's not a thing.

Barry: Oh, it is. It's the Bushido code.

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Erica: Well, that sounds like complete Bushido. Erica: Look, it's Barry's baby helmet.

Barry: No! I thought we gave that back to the institute. Erica: You were so cute with your little flat head. I used to rest my Kool-Aid on you.

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Oh my gosh, it's a picture of you all helmeted up. This is gonna look great in the year book.

Quote from The Hooters. Beverly: At least let me buy you girls dessert. Oh, there's a new "wudder-ice" place. Geoff: Oh, man! Their "wudder ice" is amazing! Other Erica: Okay. What are you people talking about? Beverly: "Wudder ice. Erica: They're trying to say "water ice. Other Erica: Ew. Your food and words are gross. I say we drive straight until we find some culture. Quote from Adam.

Beverly: I just don't understand how you could do this.

Why would you hide something so amazing from your mother? Adam: You actually liked it? Beverly: Liked it? This is as good, if not better, than Stefan King himself.

Adam: Stephen King. And you've read his stuff? Beverly: Not a word.

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But I'll tell you something. He'd better look out for Adam F. Love the middle initial, very authorly. Adam: It's only there 'cause there's another Adam Goldberg in school. He's in 11th grade and has a beard. Quote from Pops.

Elaine: Beverly, we usually do classics or award winners. The point of book club is to enrich our minds.

Beverly: Put a sock in it, Elaine. Last week, you picked that suck-ass "Joy Luck Club. Beverly: Okay, what are you even doing here? This is a book club for ladies.

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Pops: That's exactly why I'm here. Albert Solomon, book lover. Quote from Murray. Beverly: Can you believe they think Adam's short story is about me?


Murray: Here, let me take a look. Beverly: That could be anybody. Murray: "The colorful sweaters and neon leggings hid the darkness in her heart. I've got shrimp Parm to make for dinner. Murray: "She lured her victims with promises of cheesy seafood casserole.

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Clearly, it's me. TV Quotes. Whole Site.

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